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am 4. April 2001
I first read this book by accident. I was staying at a friend's house for some time and it was on their book shelf, and without any particular interest in the topic I just started reading it.
Well, it wasn't difficult. I raced through the 600+ pages in record time; totally absorbed by the history, love stories and tragedies. No fiction writer could have ever dreamed up so much and been taken seriously.
Massie presents the epic in a totally unbiased, but sensitive manner. An absolute credit to him.
Read it! You won't be dissapointed. Learn all about not only the Russian monarchy, but also the interplay with the other monarchies throughout Europe. The young haemophiliatic heir, the totally mysterious Rasputin, World War I, the love story of Nicholas and Alexandra, the collapse of the Russian monarchy... you won't be able to put it down - I promise.
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am 5. Dezember 2014
Das ist nun mein drittes Buch, das ich vom Autor Robert K. Massie lese. (Zuerst Peter, der Große, dann Katharina, die Große). Mich hat von Anfang an die Art des Schreibens des Autors gefangen genommen. Er schreibt mit viel Empathie und Wärme. Neben den privaten Einblicken ind das Leben zeigt er aber auch die gesamte historische Entwicklung, das Weltgeschehen in dieser Ära.

Ein rundum gelungenes Buch, dass die Besonderheiten dieser Ära mit zeigt.
Es hat - historisch bedingt - ein etwas anderes Flair als die vorhergehenden Bücher.

Ich finde dieses Buch rundum gelungen - historisch korrekt, interessant. Ich empfehle es zu 100%.
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am 7. Dezember 1999
The story of the last of the Romanovs is one that still keeps audiences interested, whether the focus is the revolution or the Mad Monk. This is the last gasp of old style royalty that the 20th Century was to experience and despite Massie's tendency to somewhat romanticize his subjects, the domestic tribulations of Nicholas and Alexandra make an interesting and illustrative foil for the civil strife that was going on outside the palace. It is fascinating to read some of the anecdotes recounted in this book that show the Tsar and his family to be, in many ways, an ordinary family, yet at the same time probably the wealththiest family in the world at the time. The dispair and extreme poverty of Russian peasantry is very lightly treated here, but then, this is the Romanov's story and like royalty everywhere and at all times, they were isolated from direct confrontation with unpleasant sights and sounds.
Whatever else, this is a great story - of love, family tragedy, political blundering, inepept military decisions, court intrigue, conspicuous consumption, religious meddling, hypocracy, self deception, and hope - all part of the opening act of the new century. The old world of Tsarist glitter passes and the new world of Bolshevik drabness begins - and Nicholas and Alexandra are, with their family, caught in the middle.
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am 8. September 1998
...that this, in fact, a meticulously researched book. I had the privilege of reading this book many times; while it is definitely a scholarly classic, it is so delightful and unbelievably easy to read that; a person of any educational background,, would be able to comprehend this book The style of writing is descriptive yet precise; and provides an accurate and poignant account of the lives of NIcholas and his family. The words flow so smoothly thougout the book that one forgets that it is, indeed, entirely factual; it reads like a novel. It is so enjoyable to read that, both my daughters read this book when they were 9; they both loved it. (I have to laugh, recalling how my younger daughter thought the word "dowager" was "dogwagger" and asked me what on earth that word meant.) Two years later, in this same daugher'sr history class, the last Romanov family was mentioned by the teacher. My daughter was able to provide so much accurate information that her teacher asked her if she cared to teach the remainder of the class. She also utilized the information in this book to refute information being taught by her Russian history professor during her first year at college. this book. Mr. Massie will grab your heart with his prose and pulll you through a gamut of emotions, the final one guaranteed to be a genuine affection for NIcholas II and his beautiful family.
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am 7. April 2013
This must be the definitive the definitive history of the last years of Tsarist Russia for the general reader. Robert K Massie's analysis of a complicated historical situation is sensitive,unbiassed and scholarly, and his gifts as a writer make this book very compelling reading. His handling and sifting of the vast amount of available material on the collapse of the Romanov family and the roots of the revolution is exemplary.
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Most book lovers have a little list of super-favorites that they turn to year after year, and this classic by Robert Massie has been on my list for more than two decades. Massie brings the last years of the Russian Imperial court to astounding life, turning meticulously researched detail into a tapestry more compelling than fiction. You feel you've been there and met the Romanovs and the people around them, walked their halls, ridden in their trains, even faced their final terrors. Its as good as stepping into a time machine. How many times have I looked up from this paperback (I've gone through several copies over the years) and found that I've lost track of time. Recently, several lavishly illustrated books have come out with long-hidden photos of what NICHOLAS & ALEXANDRA describes -- gorgeous though those photo books are, they do not give you as powerful a sense of time and place as Massie's exceptionally readable prose. Details of Russian history, which could be ponderous for most readers, become lively and engrossing here. I love history, and no book in the genre pulls me back as often (or with as much satisfaction) as Massie's NICHOLAS & ALEXANDRA.
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am 19. Oktober 1999
Robert K. Massie's account of the last days of tsarist Russia is intelligently written. Even if one is not historically inclined, one will automatically find onself drawn to this tragic tale. The book is so desciptive that one is almost lead to believe that Massie himself witnessed every event. If I must add any criticism of the book, it would be that Massie overestimates the the influence that Rasputin had on the fall of the Imperial government. It is true that Rasputin helped hasten the government's downfall , but it would have fell nonetheless due its subjection to a weak ruler and his neurotic wife. In all fairness, I must say that this minor point is not enough to dissuade me from giving it five stars. It is a must read for all those who love history, especially Russian history!
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am 28. Januar 1999
My Soviet upbringing and education have never provided any in-depth analysis of the last Emperial family, thus reading this book was very educational. I wish I knew these facts when I was still in the USSR. For the first time I have clearly realized the complexity and charm of my motherland, thanks to the author. There is a feeling of love and affection to Russia and its people throughout the book.
I only disagree with the main underlying theme of the book that Alexis' desease brought Russia to its collapse - this would be naive to believe - however I understand the author's personal bias.
Solid read and thorough analysis on the author's part. Thank you for a good historical overview!
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am 28. Januar 1998
This book is an incredible, non-fictional acount of the end of Russia's monarchy. Although this is not a novelization, it reads like one. The author's own personal insights are fascinating (eg: what if such and such happened?). My only negative comment is that sometimes the author describes events that happen up to a certain point,then backtracks in the next chapter or even paragraph. Therefore, there is some repetition (especially about Rasputin's death). The book is fast paced, entertaining, and very humane. The quotes selected are fascinating, and funny. They bring a lot to the book. Well done, Mr. Massie!
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am 28. Februar 1998
This is the latest paperback reprinting of the 1967 classic history of the last Tsar of the Russian Empire, by Robert and Suzanne Massie. The book has been a very popular seller over the years. This popularity is well-deserved. It is an extremely readable and fast-moving book.
The book reads like a novel and still adheres to a strict standard of all good histories. It does not travel off into the sensational speculation nor does the book engage in stereotyping to an unsual degree. Rather the book tries to remain confined to the events as they actually happened in the reign of Tsar Nicholas II.
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