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am 30. August 2014
I bought the book in the hope I get some detailed information about some general topics with game development in unity.
But the whole book is made more like a lab instruction for students, working with unity for the first time. Also scripting is not a big part of the book.
So if you start with unity by zero and are interested in the topics of the book (check the index of contents!) the book may be exactly right for you.
If you are a coder/scripter or have some basics with unity I recommend to stick with the documentation and the forum (since there are not to many new ideas someone asked your question already).
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am 26. November 2013
Beschreibt schön die Entwicklung eines Spieles und erklärt dabei alle erforderlichen Techniken zur Entwicklung eigener Spiele!
Durch passende Abbildungen wird das beschriebene verdeutlicht.
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