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am 2. Januar 2014
I understand that the language and style employed here take some getting used to, but the actual contents makes a lot of sense, and I am happy to have found that a few adjustments to my breakfast would dramatically improve the conditions I suffered from every morning between 9 and 12: icy feet and hands, lack of energy, constant bathroom visits, shivering. This is what this guide is all about: adjustments. No deprivation, no elimination of entire food groups, just some simple adjustments, which can be as tiny as a few extra sprinkles of salt or an extra dash of butter. You need to make use of your own common sense. Many people have taken Stone's advice as a carte blanche for bingeing. This is not Stone's intent! The intent is to adjust your diet, i.e. get rid of your fear of starches, salt and fat to improve your metabolism. It does not mean grazing on processed foods all day long, but rather making additions such as butter and sea salt to your regular breakfast with amazing outcomes.
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am 15. Juli 2016
...hard to "go against" years of low carbing dogma in my head but the little bit I've tried from this book already seems helpful. Would love to pick Matt Stone's brain on different personal nuances I've noticed in my case but all-in-all good book!
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am 8. August 2015
Got to try it before I can really say. Interesting though. It is a different thought compared to all the other books you read out there. Definitely worth looking into it.
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