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2,7 von 5 Sternen
2,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 29. Dezember 2012
Wer nur auf der Suche nach einem Buch ist mit vielen Sexszenen und einem perfekten Mann ohne viel Drama, der wird hiermit ein gutes Los ziehen, garantiertes Happy End vorhergesagt.

Die Inhaltsangabe war ja auch vielversprechend, mir hat aber die Tiefe des Buches gefehlt. Die Hauptprotagonisten verlieben sich sofort, sind eigentlich das ganze Buch durch zusammen und die paar wenigen Dramen waren so vorhersehbar und kurz abgehandelt, dass es schon zu gewollt geschrieben wirkte, nur dass mal etwas passiert. Nimmt man also die Sexszenen mal weg würde das Buch sehr dünn ausfallen, was ich ein wenig schade fand.
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am 16. Januar 2013
I was so relieved and happy to finish this book, I couldn't believe it. Sadly the reason is not that it was so unbelievably good but rather the contrary.

"Come away with me" is a pure love story/ romance/ erotic novel. Period. Not more not less.
The plot is simple: Nathalie Conner is a photographer enjoying the beauty of the beach and taking pictures until a man accuses her of taking his pictures. Luke Williams is astonished to meet a woman who does not know who he is. This intrigues him and he shows a lot of interest. So they fall in love and have sex.

Every time they have a misunderstanding or something which could lead to a drama the idea is:
Are you mad?
No go away!
Later: Oh I missed you!
Me too!
I want you.... And they make love.

Both characters would have potential especially d/t their past scars, but Kristen Proben just doesn't develop them.
What also annoyed me a lot was that the main character (former actor in Vampire movies and super star, whose middle name is Edward) simply reminds me too much of Robert Pattinson and this is something personal, I just couldn't imagine him in this book.

As a conclusion: for me this book lacked developed characters, rhythm and content, the events were unsurprising and sometimes even annoying and I did not even enjoy the sex scenes. I would also have enjoyed a bit of information about the film business, but other than reading famous names and huge sums of money there wasn't much about this either.

If however you are looking for a Love story without any complication, where two people simply enjoy each other this book might be the right one for you.

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am 3. Juni 2013
I really enjoy good encounters like the next girl but about a dozen or more? Pleeease! After a while you just skip the pages and hope to find something substancial being told about all those incredibly rich, good looking, perfect people. Which you won t. Sorry....
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am 11. August 2015
My love and obsession with books merely just began after reading this. This was one breathtaking romance novel by Kristen Proby. We find Natalie Connor taking pictures on the beach one early morning and her unexpected activities seems to have cause a stir, the hunky, incredibly sexy Luke Williams approaches her, expressing his discomfort. He is appalled when he finds that Natalie does not know who he truly is, so its mere coincidence they are in the same location together and this intrigues him.

Luke is stirred further by the very thought of his anonymity to this girl and wonders what its like to be with her, without revealing who he truly is.

The two embarks on an extremely passionate physical affair that sets the pages on fire but when secrets are revealed, will it throw our sexy new couple out of balance?

Kristen Proby has gripped us from the opening scene and I am under her spell. . . STILL.

Al-Khemet Book Club AUG 2015
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am 12. Mai 2013
I enjoy having some hot make up Szene but here it was a bit to much, it got extremly bored so i kept skipping pages to finish the Book. With was pity cause the Idea was a really nice one. This could have been a realy nice read but unfortunately it's not!
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am 19. April 2016
War schön für zwischendurch, aber ich hätte mir mehr Entwicklung in dem Buch gewünscht. Luke war einfach zu perfekt, Natalies Charakter zu flach. Ansonsten eine romantische zuckersüße sexy Story ohne viel Tiefgang oder Drama.
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am 3. Juli 2014
Ich habe ja nichts gegen harmlose Liebesromane, aber Handlung sollte es trotzdem geben. Also ein bisschen mehr als Mann trifft Frau und sie haben jede Menge Sex und sagen sich dann bei jeder passenden und unpassenden Gelegenheit, dass sie sich lieben. Zumal am Anfang ja Dinge angesprochen werden, die man ruhig in die weitere Handlung einbauen können. Darüber hinaus weist das Buch Fehler im Text auf, die einfach beweisen, dass ein Lektor keine schlechte Erfindung ist.

Weitere Teile dieser Serie werde ich mir guten Gewissens schenken.
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am 20. März 2016
1.5 stars

Come Away With Me was not a very good read for me. At first I was entertained by the writing, found much of it quite humorous when it wasn't supposed to be. Really I found it humorous because I didn't think it was very good. But that was fine as at least it was entertaining me. Then I quickly lost interest as it was just sexy time every two seconds, and not good sexy time. Plus some character issues and it was just not the best read.

This is the story of Natalie and Luke. Natalie who is rich from money her deceased parents left her. She takes photos for a living and loves living on Alki beach. And Luke, the famous guy who falls for her. Luke who Natalie doesn't recognize when he first approached her on the beach angry since he thinks she is taking photos of him. That whole first scene was so ridiculous and Natalie is a bit dense. She cannot figure out that Luke might be famous or something, might be rich or famous or something so that people would recognize him while out and about. I mean why would he always be trying to disguise himself if he was not a public figure of some sort? Plus she forgives Luke right away for being a jerk about the camera because he is oh so hot! Easy as that. Then they start hanging out and it just was not realistic. The way they talked throughout the book did not read like normal people speak. It was too...too something. Too stiff and it just didn't read right for me.

Then they start having sexy times and at first that really entertained me. The descriptions of the sexy time made me laugh. I read a few scenes out loud to my husband and he enjoyed it. I know, not what you usually want in those kind of scenes. They were just described in a way that was just ridiculous for me. It was like while reading it I had this monotone voiced guy reading it for some reason. Strange, but then the book turned into pretty much just sexy time and I grew bored of it. It was every two seconds they were having sex or talking about having sex. Dinner with the parents is not even a deterrent! On the way home Luke says how he wanted to have sexy time with her right there at the dinner table, he didn't care who was there. Is that supposed to be hot or swoony or something? Cause it just creeped me out. No sexy time in front of the family! Yuck! Thank goodness it didn't really happen...

Anyways, I skimmed the last half of the book as I said above it was pretty much just sexy time with small breaks. If you don't mind the writing then it might be a good read for you. Oh one other thing that bothered me? Luke's anger. It was never really addressed, but he would get super angry for no reason way too often. Like when they are first hanging out Natalie's guy friend texts her asking if she has plans and Natalie is instantly like oh no! Luke saw this! He will be pissed! And he was...it just read as Natalie has to be careful what she does/who she speaks to so Luke doesn't get angry. Another example? The Brad situation. She has to change the way she works, who she can work for and such, because Luke gets super angry? I'm sorry but no. That would have been screw you and your irrational jealous anger. That is not cool. And sometimes I didn't even understand why he was angry, he just would be. Not cool man. Not cool. But it was never brought up as a problem which bugged me. Apparently being easy to anger and having to placate him are just normal things you have to deal with in a relationship. It didn't happen all the time, but enough that it raised red flags for me. Like it could go somewhere bad in the future. It definitely didn't make me happy for the happily ever after...Oh well. Not the book for me.

This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland
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am 31. Dezember 2012
Produkt ist genau das was ich mir vorgestellt habe. Vergleiche mit anderen gleichen Produkten sind sehr positiv verlaufen. Danke alles in Ordnung
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