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am 13. März 2000
This book (widely known as K&R, after the authors' initials) has for over twenty years been the best way to learn C. When I got this book in 1980, I had access to a Unix system and worked through much of the tutorial material in it. On the way I learnt a great deal, not just about C, but about good programming style, code reuse, the value of clear comments--in short, I was introduced to the skill set of an experienced computer professional.
The book was a trendsetter in several ways. For example, the very first exercise given is to print "hello, world"; this is now seen as the first exercise in innumerable other, more recent books, many of which may not realize that they are borrowing from K&R. The rest of chapter 1 (there's a chapter 0, an introduction; another geek-cool change which has been widely copied) is a tutorial that takes you through assignment statements, data types, if/else, for, while, printf, function definitions, arrays, and variable scoping, in less than 30 pages. If you work your way through the embedded exercises you'll have written utilities to strip tabs, reverse input by lines, strip trailing whitespace from input, and several others. This is much more challenging than most tutorials, but the effect on the student is that you feel you are being treated as an equal. The book doesn't talk down to you; it gives you accurate and concise answers. It's written for programmers, in other words.
The next few chapters go back over the elements of C in more detail, and should also be treated as a tutorial. Going through this material religiously will be far more valuable than any college class could possibly be.
There is a reference section at the back, which is good to have. But the real value of this book is in the tutorial approach: it is a rare pleasure in the computing field to find a book that is simultaneously clear, stimulating and informative.
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am 12. Juli 2000
I've first bought this book when I started my academic studies,and 5 years of work with Fortran 77 and three years of work withPascal.
This small book (270 pages, including the index) served me well through my degree, and I still keep the dog-eared, yellowing, aged book with me at work.
The book focuses on the language itself - this is no hands-on book (no explanations on how to use this compiler or that debugger, though it is a little biased toward Unix) in a clear, concise, and thorough way covering all of the language and it's standard libraries.
I especially liked the excercises (the solutions come in a seperate volume) and the C source code examples of how some of the library routines are (or may be) implemented.
With this book I had no problem understanding the more difficult subjects (e.g. many people have problems with pointers, and this book makes the subject easy to understand) and avoiding pitfalls.
I've read it in a week, and keeping it in hand's reach smoothly started programming in C.
The only drawback I see in this book is it's price, it's a small book which sells *very* well, and I'd expect it's price to be lower. This book is *not* for people who study C as their first programming language (those would be better served with a pair of books - a first course in programming and compiler guide).
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am 15. Juli 2000
As many of the other reviews, I praise this book. This book claim it is not intended for novices, something many other reviewers have confirmed. But I think that is underestimating novices. From knowing very little about programming (read .bat files), I became quite fluent in C by just reading this book. It give a complete picture of the C language, ande the code examples are (imho) clear, concise and the style is good. One thing I like is that many of the examples are complete prgrams, something I found useful when trying to understand the code. This is THE resource for learning C programming. Plus, with it's good index and refernce manual, It is allso a convenient book to keep on the desk for reference. After all this bragging, here's the downside: This book is not meant for "idiots", as C programming language is not for "idiots". You need some ability to think structured and logical. Anyone who have trouble writing simple shell-scripts etc. should opt for a "for dummies" type of book. At last, please remember that this is a subjetive review, based on MY needs and MY experiences, and you may not agree with me.
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am 5. November 1997
I find this book to be excellently suited for programmers with a reasonably good experience in programming. I feel that this book would not be the one that I would recommend for beginners. A simple familiarity with basic programming concepts I feel, would NOT be adequate for a thorough utilization of this book. On the other hand, important concepts like pointers, structures, memory addressing have been dealt with very well in this book, and from a different direction than what I have seen in other C books. I also feel that the book teaches good programming methodology in an indirect way, through numerous examples, which have been written very concisely. For example, a program for string comparison, has been written so concisely in just a few lines that it does cause wonder at how neatly a program can be written. There are numerous such other examples throughout the book. To sum up, I feel that this book would be best approached to, AFTER gaining some initial feel in programming. I also find this book to be a good place for a quick and concise reference in programming situations.
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am 26. Oktober 2016
..,weil unsere Erwartung entspricht und damit sind wir zu Frieden.

und das ist alles, dass ich sagen kann.

Beste Grüße

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am 3. August 1999
It is short. It is comprehensive. It is good.
Come with effective examples (most being short implementation of famous UNIX commands), exercises (solutions in an other book by different authors) and a reference manual.
The only one book to have for C programming, by its authors.
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am 3. Mai 2000
This book, while not for beginners, is a clearly written, excellent reference for programmers. It is either for programmers who are familiar with other languages or who already know C and need a place to look to answer specific questions.
I've been programming in C for 10 years and have kept this book nearby on any C project that I've been on since then. I just finished a project recently and found that I reference the book at least on a daily basis.
This book is the definition of C and the exact behaviour of the language. There is no substitute for this book, although there are many suppliments that are platform specific. If you want to write C programs, buy this book.
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am 29. September 1998
The book is concise and at times a little short on examples. But it is a reference more than a "teach yourself" guide (although an excellent teaching reference when you have real teacher or guide to "fill in the blanks of real use"). The "function library" sections at the end are indispensible when you want to quickly (well under minute, usually, for me) find the return codes and argument types for a function (and what functions exist!) without being forced to read through 20 pages of textual description of the functions just to get to the scattered pieces of required knowledge.
Well worth the money!
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am 14. April 1999
I just finished reading this book, and I look at the C class I am currently enrolled in and am amazed: In the several weeks it took to go through this book, not only did i learn far more than i have in my class (and it's almost over) but the topics were easier to understand. For example: pointers had been pretty shaky for me, but a quick dose of this book fixed that in a few minutes, whereas my teacher managed to convey the same or less information over a space of 2 and 1/2 hours yet was more confusing than the book's description. If you want to program in C, you must get this book.
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am 9. November 1997
This book is not "for Dummies". It assumes that you already have some knowledge of structured programming languages (i.e. Pascal). For example, this book spends four well-written pages explaining everything you need to know about functions. If you don't know what a function is, this will clearly not be enough. However, if you do know about functions, this book will not drone on and on for an entire chapter or two on the subject like some of the foot-crunching tomes the size of an encyclopdia.
The book is expensive ($40) for its size (approx. 250pgs.), but it is worth every penny. To quote the authors: "C is not a big language, and it is not served well by a big book."
As a bonus, almost anything you need to know about C can be found in seconds using the excellent index. It should be noted that this is a language reference and will NOT tell you how to use your editing environment or compiler.
In summary, intermediate or advanced programmers should be able to learn C with reasonable proficiency in a short amount of time.
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