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5,0 von 5 Sternen
5,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 24. Juli 2014
For some strange reason, I was compelled to eventually purchase Toxicity by System Of A Down after randomly hearing it in my head last Thursday (I then unexpectedly heard it on the radio the next day). Additionally, I saved the music video to this song in my youtube history last week after also viewing and hearing their B.Y.O. B song. I was wondering why this song randomly popped in my head and confided to my husband about it. It turns out that he was listening to Toxicity on his itunes account a couple of days before when I was away working my overnight shift. We both listen to various types of music, with rock being one of them. The only difference is that I usually listen to rock music blended with other music genres (such as with electronica, indie rock, a type of rock rap etc) while my husband sometimes prefers harder versions of rock (such as Ramstein). I know that this may sound strange and even crazy to others, but this made sense to me (my husband listening to Toxicity while I was at work and me picking up this song in my head two days later) because I feel that both my husband and I have a strong and powerful connection due to being kindred spirits and getting to know each other the longer we have been married (I’m happy and thankful to report that we have been married for 10. 5 years now). I do not fully understand the lyrics, but I admit to enjoying this song due to the compelling singing and the way that the music instruments complement the timing of the song. As for my husband, he enjoys Toxicity by System Of A Down because he sees it as a hard rock motivational type of track.
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am 16. Februar 2017
Meine absolute Hymne seit vielen Jahren!!!
Ich liebe es und höre es noch immer voller Freude =)
Unbedingt mal reinhören...
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