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am 28. Oktober 2013
Das Buch ist spannend bis zum Schluss und gerade hinsichtlich der NSA-Affären auch hochaktuell. Warum ein anderer Rezensent das Buch dermaßen verreißt, verstehe ich nicht. Vielleicht hat er ein anderes Buch gelesen;-)
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VINE-PRODUKTTESTERam 10. Dezember 2012
A British General is found dead in a Cambridge university room. Everything looks like a natural death but when Lady Nevinson, the National Security Advisor, sends Daniel Jacot to investigate the matter, a story unfolds which leads him to the Falklands and back and into a rather dangerous game of international proportions.

Do not be fooled: This is not a fast-moving, breath-taking secret agent thriller with one-dimensional figures, nor a Whodunnit Agatha Christie Murder Mystery. It is a thriller, no doubt, but of an unsual kind. In fact, for a thriller, the author allocates surprisingly much time to descriptions of the past and he lets people talk intensely over a glass of whiskey. This makes for a slowly unfolding story and generates a very special epic-like feeling.

Not everyone may like this - if you need a shoot-out at every second page, this is probably not the book for you. Anyhow I believe that unusual as it is, this is in fact a major advantage of Black's novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters get very colourful and there is more than one you can sympathize with. Given the fact that with Lady Nevinson and Colonel Jacot we have s similar relationship as that between M and James Bond, it is funny how different this novel and the Bond movies (with Judy Dench) are.

And, fair enough, there are some nice action scenes, too. It must however be said the story would not have suffered if the heavy use of alcohol in its numerous varieties would have been cut down a little ;-)
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am 3. Dezember 2012
In diesem Buch wird eigentlich nur geschwafelt, und zwar vom Autor über die an der mageren Geschichte
beteiligten Figuren und die Welt an sich. Die Personen schütten dafür Champagner, Whisky, Sherry (oder war es Port?)
und Calvados bis an die Oberkante der Unterlippe.
Zu mehr Kritik kann ich mich, trotz bis zum Schluss durchgehalten (bezahlt ist schliesslich bezahlt!) und völlig ermattet,
nicht mehr aufraffen.
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