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am 7. April 2012
This is a book that developers will like! But developers means developers. Some knowledge about coding in C/C++ and developing for Windows Applications might be helpfull. The provided homepage with the well documented library HIEROGLYPH3 shows an interresting approach how to handle the D3D11 APIs in a professional manner. For me it's not the beginning in Parallel Computing or some kind of "low level graphics coding" but the Authors of the book are giving more than just "a hand" to anybody who is interested in understanding and mastering the D3D11 APIs in detail.
Many lacks in the known online documentation from MS are filled with informations and SOLUTIONS that can help You fast to dive deep into the possibillities that are provided with that D3D11 stuff (and more) covered in the book. A lot of well known samples, that any developer (or ongoing developer) can find about ATL/MFC dealing with D3D (for free at e.g. msdn) are provided at the homepage too. This helps to bring all the mass of given informations into the context of realistic development scenarios and practical (=professional) rendering and 3D coding.

I'm happy 'couse it would have taken me several months(maybe years) to bring all that informations and "how to knowledge" - especially provided inside HIEROGLYPH3 - together.

It means NOT a warning when I'm writing here: This is NOT a "hands on book!". If You've passed the tutorials and the typically "hands on time" that is needed to understand the basic concepts of 2D/3D programming and last but not least the very basics of D3D (no matter if D3D9/10 or OpenGL was Ya home) THIS book should lay on the table, next to Your keyboard, if You want to save (a lot of) time during the hard way climbing up the high mountain where the "Professionals" reside.

A few thoughts at the end:

I like the book. It saved a lot of my time making myself familiar with the new concepts DirectX 11 provides.
I'm used to code in different environments (IDEs) on several hardware (e.g. NVIDIA or AMD). What a good book
about the use of a library will never tell You is how to set up Your hardware and software. Both is under a
permament change. It's up to anybody to solve this problems on his own, isnt't it?

Stefan Reimann
from Bavaria - Germany 4/7/2012
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am 10. September 2012
Also wer sich mal durch alle Abzeigungen und Löcher der vollständigen DX11 Render-Pipeline spühlen lassen will und dabei neben allen Buffertypen etc. auch noch ganz praktische Anwendungsthemen erlernen möchte, der kaufe dieses Buch. Anbei gibt es die Hieroglyph 3 Engine [...], die eine gute Startbasis für eigene Projekte bietet.
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