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am 22. August 2014
Thus series is an absolutely good read, even though some scenes in the book are dragged out or shortened so much that it's a bit irritating, leaving the reader to wish for a better elaboration. Nevertheless an interesting and new story for young adults to read.
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am 21. Dezember 2012
This Book first attracted me because of the amazing cover! I love the cover! BUT I'm not someone who buys books based on pretty covers, so I read the synopsis and I fell in love with it even more!
I ordered the book online even though I'm on a book-buying-ban xD (I already have to much books that wait to be read). I just couldn't resist!!!

Whispers in Autumn is amazing! I really loved how you start out not knowing anything about this invaded future earth, much like Althea herself didn't know what's going on!
I don't wanna spoil anything.... so I just want to say that I think this book deserves way more attention!!! It's really really good!!!
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