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1,0 von 5 Sternen
1,0 von 5 Sternen

am 19. Dezember 2012
This book was on the list of "top 100 free books" and since on amazon.com it got good reviews on amazon.com I decided it couldn't hurt to "buy" and read it.
Finished the book yesterday, but only because I hate not finishing books.
The story could've been nice, funny and entertaining. The idea was not bad (though I suspect that it isn't anything new at all) BUT anyone should've done some editing before publishing this story.
I'm not a native but even I noticed the tons of typos in this book (e.g. the author constantly wrote "then" instead of "than" which confused me to no end), sometimes half of a sentence was missing etc. I often caught myself correcting the sentences in my mind.
Plus for pages it read like the wall on a facebook page - or a twitter account. Which by the way, irritated me anyway - there were huge junks of the book where the author got on and on about the heroine and her friends checking facebook. Or NOT checking it. I never understood why any of that was interesting to the story and concerning my reading flow it was like an emergency brake.
Without all that useless stuff, it would've made a nice short story. With it: sorry. Waste of time. At least I got it for free ;-)
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