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am 16. März 2014
Fand die erste Story bereits sehr langweilig und dann begann die zweite Story ähnlich.

Da es mich nicht wirklich interessierte, habe ich das Buch beendet.
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am 29. Juni 2013
I had to continue reading back and forth, but for free was good reading which i do very slowly anyway.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 4. November 2012
And it is a Freebie, too!

First read the sinoxis above.
So You have yet a perfect sample of what our good Stephen is able to write.
He is a hard bone, this Mr Leather, and so are his stories and his books - without compromises.

Read those stories and make an opinion of Your own.
Don't forget: Take a look at the list of books he has written and You will find out that there is something for every taste!!!

Stephen Leather is THE great Britisch contemporary thriller writer! Before he began to write full-time in 1992, he was for over 10 Years a journalist who wrote for 'The Times, 'The Daily Mail' and the 'South China Morning Post' in Hongkong. He is also valued one of the most acclaimed connaisseurs of the Far East and the author of numerous bestsellers.
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