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5,0 von 5 Sternen

am 1. November 2011
This is a powerful book, written by an exceptional author, which utilises the historical records of the future to tell of humanity's decline into chaos as our planet is suddenly pummelled into extinction by both natural disaster and the alien forces that converge to harvest, and battle over, what can be salvaged from a dying civilisation. A gentle, but excellent narrative tells of the death and destruction with superb elegance, skill and remarkable descriptive, which leaves the reader in little doubt as to what the darker side of humans can truly be.

In the safety of a new, peaceful, idyllic world, the `story' of the end of the Earth, is told in graphic excellence with a flowing storyline and beautifully written characters. The narrative is one of the best I have read, and the author leaves out none of our 'flaws' as she uses human weakness to bring the 'good guys' to the brink of self-destruction and, ultimately, their knees.

The story is told by an old woman, once a young teacher who is thrust into having to survive when the first of many `natural disasters' intervenes in her predetermined path in life, and through the interviews of a reporter who witnessed those final days and now, many years on, is interviewing the `criminals' who sought to conquer and survive at any cost. In contrast to the old woman, who tells her story in front of a willing and captive audience, the reporter finds himself facing the hatred and bigotry of 'Old Earth', as he seeks to recover the first-hand accounts from the now aged and dying prisoners and those who followed them, both willingly and through necessity.

The alien forces provide an unnerving backdrop of threat to the characters throughout, not just the ones you would like to see finished off, making this a nice twist to the normal sci-fi epic read that I would normally go for but the alien presence is far from the domineering element ofthe story, which is dominated by the human struggle against itself and the dying planet.

I loved this book, and found it was impossible for me not to continue reading, as the story would keep pulling me back in a need to know more. I must recommend Story Time to all sci-fi lovers, as well as those looking for an Action/Adventure. Even if sci-fi is something you haven't considered, if you look past the aliens and into the story beyond, you will find a powerful piece of writing you are certain to enjoy.

Whatever your preferred genre, you should read this. You won't regret it!
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