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am 20. Januar 2013
Close to You the second Laurel Height novel, is all about Eve who leaves her fathers company to start up a coffee shop. A coffee shop that I would love to have near the place where I live. Its a coffee shop where you can read books, bye them and have a cup of coffee with a cookie or more. Very good idea. The only problem is that Eves running out of money, and her dream is slowly going down the drain. Not to worry her best freind comes up with a super idea to save the shop. Then there is the tea shop across the road, the owner there is not at all happy and believes that Eve is stealing her customers. Oh but she does have this good looking son Treat who falls head over heals in love the Eve and tries to hide this from mummy.
The story line is good but too short. I would have loved to have read more about the singles evening that Eve held in her shop. The shop itself wasnt really brought to life, if this was Eves biggest dream then I would have loved to have had a better picture of the busy shop owners life. Her longest best friend only comes into her shop once, this wouldnt happen in real life, even with baby. A new mother needs her friends and Eve needs her too. Only somethings, which from my point of view came up short. Having said all this the book was an enjoyable read.
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am 15. März 2013
After finishing the first book of the Laurel Heights series in the blink of an eye, I couldn't wait to start the second one.
I have to say that I was not only NOT disappointed but even mesmerized by the fact that things could still get better. Eve is a friend of Freya (the main character o the first book) and she owns a café that is spiraling towards bankruptcy when she meets a guy whose name suits him incredibly well: Treat. They feel an instant attraction but things get a little shaky when he is not entirely honest with her. But before that happens there are tons of sparks flying and hot and steamy scenes to read and reread over and over again ;-)
Also you will get to know all the lovely girls that will be in the center of attention in the following books.

Another book of Kate Perry where you instantly fall in love with the characters and can not put the book away until you finished and at least reread the good scenes two more times.
The story is as fast developing as the first one which I totally love and I highly recommend reading it (best prepare tons of hot chocolate and whipped cream to go with it).
Thanks to Ms Perry for making my afternoons so much more interesting!
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Eve Alexander quit the job with her dad and openend her own coffee shop. So far it is a success but she is still struggeling financially. So when she heard the famous pastry chef Daniela Rossi is looking for the perfect location to introduce her new book, she knows this is it. If she scores this event, her money troubles were over. Then Treat Byrnes walks into her café and has her all hot. But everything went downhill when somebody starts to sabotage her shop and she discovers that her neighbor, the owner of a tea shop is behind all her troubles and stops at nothing to ruin her. Little does she know it's her new beau's mother..

I loved Eve in the first book and now she got her own story. However, I did not like the crazy mother of Treat who stoops really low to eliminate competion. I thought she might totally lose it any minute. What a lunatic! The end was a little hasty and I had loved to read a bit more about Margaret and Grant and how they got together. You just get a short glimpse in the epilogue. Never mind, the story was great anyway and I can't hardly wait to read Olivia's story.
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am 5. Juni 2014
If you like coffee, tasty croissant and a good romance than try this book. I did and really liked the characters, the setting in a cozy café and the entrepreneurial touch to it. Only the last part of the book contained too many sexy scenes for my taste. It lacked the spirit and the good story between the characters it had developed before. But still it was in a fun book to read for free.
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am 31. August 2012 wimmelt im Buch von Rechtschreibfehlern. Sowas stört total,deshalb einen Stern Abzug.
Trotzdem hat mir das Buch sehr gut gefallen. Ich hoffe ,dass der Verlag die
Ausgabe noch einmal überarbeitet.
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am 9. März 2013
Love with the first letter - laughing out laud-story, please, please more of it. It's unbelievable that this book is for free.
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am 8. Juni 2014
I only read a few pages,though, as I immediately knew this book is not for me.It seemed to have this kind of superficial characters I do not appreciate and who seem unrealistic to me.
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