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am 26. April 2017
Das Buch hat mir wirklich überrascht, es gibt viel Stoff zum nachdenken.
Die Geschichte ist etwas traurig aber was danach kommt ist wirklich wunderschön.
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am 4. Juni 2012
Ein Buch voller Wahrheit, Weisheit und Liebe, authentisch, klar und
geist-reich. Ich habe es von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite verschlungen,
soweit meine Englischkenntnisse dies zuließen und freue mich schon jetzt auf
die deutsche Übersetzung.
Über den Inhalt sollte sich jeder sein eigenes Bild machen. Wer
Antworten auf die großen Lebensfragen sucht, wird sie hier finden und
spüren können. Ein Buch, das Trost spendet, Hoffnung macht und Freude am Leben
vermittelt. Danke Anita Moorjani, Dein Buch ist für mich ein großes Geschenk
und eines der wenigen, die ich auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen würde...
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am 15. Juni 2014
This Book has had an enormous impact on My life. It is not necessarily a book about cancer, nor is it a just a book about a near death experience. For me it was a book about how to live my everyday life on this planet. Totally free from any dogmas, religion or any special program to follow, she encourage us to find our true happiness and joy in life everyday. She speaks so simple and easy that I felt, this I can do, this I can use in my everyday life. And I have, for months now I have learned to know myself like this. And my life has started to change completely! I given many books away as gifts to friends and family, in 3 different languages! I never written a review before but this time I just had to!
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am 29. Dezember 2012
I really don't know where to start...I am so overwhelmed by this book that I find it difficult to give my heartfelt compliments simply by words.

While it is interesting enough to read about the childhood of the author, the culture in which she grew up and her diverse trials in fighting against her cancer, the recounting of her near-death-experience is more than fascinating. Anita gave us a detailed description about the other realm and how she was feeling the whole time. This is exactly what I expect from a book about NDEs. Her story is just so authentic, so real that I believe every single word of hers. I even felt as though her whole experience had been familiar to me despite the fact that I had not gone through any NDEs before.

Normally I would have been more than satisfied with the book if it had been ended up with her return to the physical world and her fast recovery from the cancer. But to my big surprise, there was a lot more coming after that, which is, to me, the best part of the book at all. Anita elaborated further on this subject by telling us how her life has been completely changed after this experience - the perception to the surroundings, her new priorities in life, her love to nature and every creature, and even her compassion towards criminals and terrorists. She also shared with us her view towards religions, beliefs and the law system of the society and explained why the world has become so as it is, without any reproaches. More importantly to the readers, she told us how everyone of us can "be" in (not "achieve") the heavenly state on earth like her, without the need of going through any NDEs. We only have to be our own self without fears or judgments, to live the very present moment and just to allow things to happen, without pursuing.

An NDE is not simply an experience, but it also brings along heavenly messages which Anita conveyed to us in her book. Thank you, Anita, for this magnificent piece of work. I will definitely recommend this book to those who are looking for an answer about what life is about.
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am 4. Juni 2013
This is a truely remarkable story that she has to share ! For those who already know a lot about this topic, this book however does not really bring much new information. But it very nicely fits without contradiction into the already known picture. What makes it so unique is that it shows us from a first hand experience the incredible power each (human) being has. But since we don't know (or rather believe) this, we unintentionally use it mostly to harm us ourselfs and then blame some 'external circumstances' for the outcome.

This story very well describes her personal background and the death process from a first person perspective. The part about the NDE is rather short and does not reveal what might come next. So to speak she was only 'knocking on heavens door', but even this glimpse she got and shared with us is astonishing ! From the medical point of view however she already passed the point of no return, since the body already was shutting down and noone ever got back to life from such a state.

The sceptics who claim that she hasn't been 'really' dead since if she was, she'd no longer would be amoung us, this book can't convince either. Those of them who had first hand access to the facts and can't deny or dismiss it call it 'remarkable', for those who hadn't, it might be nothing but another tale - the experience at best a malfunction of the brain, the healing a fortune. Since it is not in their experience space, they can not relate to it. Knowing comes by experiencing, believing by faith.

What was most remarkable was the part where she described her perception of the interweavedness of her life with those of others. Those who are still a babe in the woods about this topic may be tempted to simply dismiss this as a kind of personal hallucination. But what makes this so outstanding is the fact that it matches the description of an experience R. Monroe once had in a deep altered state to a T ! In science you'd call this an 'independent replication', which in science is accepted as proof of a theory. When it comes to NDE and the topic of afterlife however, our current established science accepts nothing as a proof.

The subtitle of the book nails it down to the point "I came back when I realized 'heaven' is a state, not a place." - that's the very reason for us being here - even if we sometimes wish we weren't 'cause life is challenging us to hard. Here again her story shows us that we might not be the innocent victim that is vulnerable to uncontrollable external circumstances.
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am 10. August 2012
Inwiefern die geschilderten Ereignisse tatsächlich wahr sind kann ich nicht beurteilen; unabhängig davon ist das Buch an sich schon interessant zu lesen.
Aber: Im Grunde dreht sich die Autorin im Kreis. Das, was sie schreiben wollte, hätte sie auch in 1/4 der Seiten schreiben können. Irgendwann wiederholt sich alles, es kommt nichts neues mehr hinzu, man hat alles bereits mehr als einmal in vorherigen Kapiteln gelesen.
Zum Schluss dachte ich, wenn ich nochmal das Wort "magnificient" lese, drehe ich durch. Kommt auf jeder Seite gefühlte 100-mal vor...
Dennoch ganz interessant zu lesen, aber für den gebotenen Inhalt eigentlich zu teuer.
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am 23. April 2012
Man sollte gut Englisch können, um den ganzen, besonderen Gehalt dieses Buches zu erfassen. Wer Mut schöpfen will für sein Leben, für seinen Alltag, in besonderen und normalen, sowie auch schwierigen Lebenslagen, dem kann ich das Buch wärmstens empfehlen.
Anita Moorjani hatte in Ihrer Biographie eine sehr spezielle Erfahrung und eine sehr außergewöhnliche Lebensentscheidung zu treffen. Das lässt sich sicher nicht nachahmen, noch lernen, noch imitieren. Aber die Lebensqualität-zu lernen angstfrei zu leben-diese kann man in jeglicher Lebenssituation anstreben zu erreichen. Diese scheint mir ist zu erlernen und dafür zeugt Anita Moorjani durch ihr Leben seither und hört nicht auf dafür zu werben und Menschen dazu zu ermutigen.
Lesen sie selbst. Die ersten zwei drittel des Buches sind so geschrieben, dass sie das Buch nur ungern aus der Hand legen.
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am 25. Mai 2012
This is one of those books that touch your BEING!! Anita has experienced something beyond words and she came back to share her experience so that all of us may learn, know and realise our true inner SELF. She writes with such simplicity and clarity and I felt absolutely no doubt in my mind (or heart for that matter) that her words were coming from a source of LOVE and TRUTH. I urge everyone to read this and feel the loving message she has brought back. For some, it may change their view on life on this plane of existence.

Thank you Anita.........and remain blessed as you already are!!

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am 16. Juni 2016
Es war eine lehrvolle Erfahrung, den Autor durch das Buch zu begleiten. Ich glaube wirklich daran, was dort beschrieben wurde, weshalb mir ihr Prozess der Krebsheilung noch bis heute in Erinnerung bleibt. Sollte es auch für mich einmal so kommen, werde ich daran denken.

(Edit 15.12.16): Heute erkenne ich im Buch bestimmte Sätze über den Genuss und die Dankbarkeit für das eigene Leben, die ich mittlerweile genau so verspüre. Diese Sätze stützen mich. Absolut empfehlenswert, selbst wenn man es zwei Jahre später wieder anrührt: Es hat mir in letzter Zeit extremst weitergeholfen, und wird es vermutlich weiterhin.
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am 3. November 2013
It's a book that opens your eyes. For me, it made the "meanimg" of life clearer than ever before. The story of Anita is really captivating and one can find herself in many passages, in many details of her life. Even if you grow up in a different culture, as you read the book, you understand that there are always the same worries, that are eating us up, disrupting us from the joy of life. As you read the book, you understand how unnecessary these worries are, how superfluous. An you understand that all you need to do in this life is just truly be yourself and live your life fearlessly!
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