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am 25. Oktober 2013
This book is all about looking at most things from a different standpoint, revealing some valuable truth. Even so most of the content was not totally new for me, it is still very good to read it in such a condensed way and to remember what I sometimes already forgot to care about.

If you love to reflect about common knowledge and question it, this book is for you, providing nice new insights. Grab a copy!
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am 9. Oktober 2012
First - The author
Scott Berkun is a smart former Microsoft employee. Being asked about his most treasured possession he says “My mind - it's the only thing that will always be only mine”. This answer isn’t surprising when you are aware that (before he participated on the development of the Internet Explorer at Microsoft) he studied Logic at the University of … . And his answer is quite credible; who would consider leaving the biggest software company in the world? A company which produced the most number of millionaires a company have ever had? Leaving this company in order to earn money as a freelance author and speaker in the future? So obviously he is not money centered but mind focused and that makes his books outstanding. There is a young writer who wants to contribute a remarkable bunch of recipes, brain hacks, or just thoughts mainly not to create revenue in publishing, not to evangelize anybody, not to publish the next uncountable guidebooks of life advices, but only with the origin intention of sharing. Sharing elaborate thoughts about questions coming up to the modern enlightened citizen day by day.

Second - The content
The book is a collection of loosely coupled essays structured in 3 “mindfire” parts called Gasoline (combustible material), Sparks (needed for Flammability), Fire (result of Gasoline which meets Sparks). In these essays he proves things like the very well-known secret “Why busy doesn’t mean important?” or he gives advices like “Why you must decide if you want to lead or to follow?” and even with a wink “How to convince anyone of anything?”.

In summary there are 30 essays like these. Some of them are original and were new to me, others are very well known but not less valuable to read. Scott Berkuns motto is “An idea is just a combination of other ideas”. In this kind of sense everything was already invented but needs to be compiled only.

Third - The verdict
Ok, you probably catched me. I already gave a verdict by mixing up facts about the author and the content with my opinion. That’s exactly the way Scott Berkun was doing and he did it intentionally and in a brilliant manner. His opinions are strictly logical and more importantly; he argues in a crystal clear language which makes it fast to read, understand, and memorize. By the way; the book I read after “Mindfire” was called “Made to stick”, and it seems to me that Berkun followed some principles which make it easy for the reader that his stories will remain on their minds.
So, if you as a modern citizen, a busy manager or just as an ordinary reader wants to be challenged not by reading and not by understanding but by thinking about this “Mindfire”, I highly recommend this book for you. I wear it with me in my iPhone as an eBook and sometimes I get a smile on my face while I’m on my way home and when I just take a glance into “The Busy Myth”.
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am 1. Januar 2012
I bought this book as I have been reading Mr. Berkun's work online for quite some time. It is a collection of essays which you may also find on the web, but still in that traditional form it presents a better tool for you as you may (without much ado) get back to its better parts whenever you want. Ideas touched in those essays are, for some, obvious, for some groundbreaking. I find them refreshing and I am grateful for a list of further reading contained there. I liked it and I bet you will to - it is simply written and concise. I have finished it in a day, but I will think about ideas it touched for much longer.
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