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am 8. Juli 2014
I'm not usually a reader of detective novels but this book was part of a deal and the synopsis sounded intriguing. Unfortunately, this book will not make me reading more of this genre. There is your standard has-seen-it-all, laconic inspector who actually does very little investigating, a ton of side characters - many of them without any significance to the main story, a number of sub-plots that are distracting and don't help the plot to advance. It is unsatisfactory that some of the most significant twists are simply delivered by a "ghost in the machine". Not to mention a number of spelling mistakes... There is one strong scene, a flashback into 1973's Chile, that is powerful by means of the extreme violence and hopelessness described there. However, in this book it feels out of place and adds nothing help the story. I'm afraid, I won't be following Inspector Carlyle's next case anymore.
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am 5. Januar 2014
After reading "London Calling" I was quite enthusiastic. There is a lot of "atmosphere" in that book. The atmosphere of London and its people as well as of the political system in the UK. It was a slow read, but I like it that way. So far, so good.

But this one? There's a lot of talk about "loose ends" in the book - connected to the "core case". However, the book itself has a lot of loose ends somehow knotted together at the very end.

This book is a nice try to follow up the good "London Calling", but the try failed. I won't give it another try with a third book. Sorry.
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am 6. Januar 2014
I picked up the book because it sounded interesting and was cheap. It was better than I had feared, and was less predictable than I feared. The hints towards the actual solution were there, so at some point one could "see" it - but could also see why the inspector and police were not convinced so easily...
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am 25. Januar 2014
the story does not realy get going. there is no suspense, just a day that seems to get worse without any real consequence. from the title; an inspector Carlyle novel, I assume this is a series however I will go out of my way not to read another one.
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am 3. Dezember 2013
Right from the first book ( London Calling) I was hooked and bought all the other Carlyle mysteries, can hardly wait for the next one which is expected in February next year.
Erika B
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