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am 9. Februar 2013
According to Michael Nielsen, online tools could help to bring about a revolution of science that would speed up the process of scientific discovery tremendously, provided that the open sharing of scientific papers, ideas, data and programming code evolves from being the exception to being the norm within the global scientific community. Nielsen not only describes the impact this transformation would have on the pace of scientific progress but also explains how scientists, grant agents, public policy makers and members of the general public can contribute to making it happen.
To me, a university graduate who is not a scientist, his claim, that this new era of networked science would mean the greatest change in how science is done since the establishment of the scientific method in the 17th century, appears justified after I've read his book which is well written, very well argued and accessible to the scientific layperson.
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am 5. Dezember 2015
Nielsen provides a very cohesive and well structured argument about the future of science, being grounded in collaboration. While the book is a good read, its practical application cases are rather limited.
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am 12. Mai 2013
This book helped me a lot to get arguments and examples for sharing openness and collaboration. It is very well written with examples that everyone can understand. Personally i believe we can do (and must do) more to make networked science happen, so i would have wished a more elaborate last chapter.
Still, a great read for anybody interested or involved in science.
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