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Format: Audio CD|Ändern

am 4. November 2011
I guess most of the people who buy this album know already what Tsuyoshi does and supposedly also most of hte songs and are (such as myself) mainly happy about the fact that there is a release for fans in Europe. So I guess there's little to say about the songs - although I can never point out enough what an outstanding artist Tsuyoshi is. His voice and music are... touching, yes, but it's even more than that, because he doesn't do the cheesy pseudo-meditation-like kind of stuff that you often get to buy when people talk about spiritual music. And he's not only about the spiritual thing either. He sings of love, of lust even, of fear and shame, of the many different faces society can have... his range is huge and that is what makes him huge too.

Okay, now I did babble quite some on the music. But what I really want to say is that I was very curious about how they would present Tsuyoshi in the "Western" market and I was very pleasantly surprised. Instead of a simple, single-layered inlet, I found two booklets that were beautifully designed and covered at least two European languages. Big compliments for the detailed work there. The overall design is... well, Tsuyoshi. It fits him perfectly, most probably he chose, or even created it himself - not that I'd know. Just, when I look at it, I can totally see his face in it. The choice of songs is brilliant. Everything from up-beat, over blues into his spiritual work is displayed beautifully. My personal favourite is "Blue Berry", I just love that song. I missed "Saturday" or "Rainbow wing", which would have been songs to appeal to people who are not "in the scene", but well... I am very much hoping for a next time. :) I have to admit I was very surprised at the selling numbers in my country and I hope that Japanese industry is going to react accordingly. Do you hear me, Johnny-san? Please, give us more European releases!!!!! - Sorry, that was uncalled for. ^^" It's just wonderful to have such a wonderful piece available at a reasonable price. I haven't bought an album cd for 11€ (or 14€ it is now? Doesn't matter) in at least 4 years.

To wrap things up, a wonderful piece of art, but you had better not expect the wind-in-bamboo-tiddling kind of music that you'll put on while doing Yoga. It's strong, intense, beautiful and masterfully done. Get it an enjoy. :)
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am 28. Oktober 2011
Tsuyoshifs@voice and music are really beautiful@and@sacred.

I want many persons to listen to his music.

I want you to feel his heart expressing fusion of ancient times
and modern times of Japan.

It is a wonderful work which Japan is proud of.
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