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am 17. April 2012
I tried the Central Series because I liked Justin Shear's "Zero Sight" so much. ...and Amazon was right. Both books have some similarities (students in an academy with people with special powers) but are by no way IMHO similar. I enjoyed both, Zachary Rawlins' hero Alex, a loner (not a loser) who has to orient himself in the new environment of the "academy" in the location "central". Event though that structure may target a typical highschool reader (and I think they might have fun reading it), it is perfectly okay for adults too. The story is complex, the motives of the other students and the teachers well hidden, so there is a strong incentive to turn page after page. It took me only 20-30 pages to realize that the author knows what he is doing, the start is fast paced (maybe because it is focused on getting the readers attention) and it takes only a couple of more pages to show Rawlins' talent in full.

I enjoyed it and recommend it if you enjoy being (intelligently) entertained.
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am 13. Januar 2013
but starts getting quite boring and also a little strange after a while. (Why do the good guys have to be psychos?) Also a little bit too reminiscent of Harry Potter for me.
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