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5,0 von 5 Sternen
5,0 von 5 Sternen

am 29. September 2017
By reading your book, I have learned a lot about waves in a very short time. I can't thank you enough. I will have to re-read this material in order to categorize it in another format for my understanding. Again, thanks so much for making it not so costly.
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am 13. Oktober 2011
When I started FX Trading some 20 Years ago, he was allready there at SCXE and later at CHMB!
He was a well known FX expert these days, but for me he was like a wizard of the markets. It took
some years of learning for me to see, that a deep undestanding of elliott wave theory and practice
has brought him where he was at that time.
Today I'm the proud publisher of some smal elliott wave update's on FX as well, under the name of Don Claude
one could get them, every morning, but what ist best: RAMKY is one of my readers, something I'm very proud of!!
I just have read his book, and I must say, well old friend, why haven't you done this good job years ago. Lets say
15 years ago?? It's that perfect the point, (german expression), I think the best one can say about this book is:
If you have a short time to read and to learn: THESE ARE THE PAGES YOUR HAVE TO READ, JUST TO UNDERSTAND MARKETS!!

It's not just for traders or investors, but for anybody who whants a quick but evident insight in the behavior of
any financial market. And, I must say that, looking around me, there are not may people who deserve this compliment.
Thank's a lot RAMKI not just for this book....Don Claude
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