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am 25. September 2012
I REALLY enjoyed reading this book. It's written in a light-hearted, often self-deprecating way, but it's full of humour and useful information about child rearing! My daughter is 15 months old but I've picked up a lot of tips that I can still try to implement with her, and will definitely try "The Pause" with the next baby. Coming from NZ, having lived in different countries and now living in Germany, I feel like I don't really have one set view on how to raise my children - except that they should be well-behaved! I therefore found a lot of how the French raise their kids to be in line with what I believe, and found it useful to read practical information about how certain behaviours are instilled in their children.

I think as with any book, you can take away what you will. Noone's forcing you to agree with everything the author's saying, and at the end you can choose whether you'd like to try and adopt some of the tips that she suggests or not (although I liked and agreed with a lot of what I read, there were definitely some things that I didn't agree with). One thing that I really identified with is letting babies and children just be children, and learning and exploring the world for themselves (this French belief in "awakening"). I'm not so familiar with this whole "Einstein Baby" DVD - but just the name makes me laugh. I mean, Einstein grew up without all of these programs, learning and developmental games, and DVDs - and he turned out just fine! I believe that each child inherently has certain skills and talents, and yes, it's up to the parents to recognise and help develop these skills further. But I'm also wary of engendering any sort of panic in parents if they're not shoving these sorts of gimmicks down their kids' throats from an early age.

I also really liked (and admire!) how the French educate their children about food. I'm not only concerned about my daughter's health, but strongly believe that she can eat and enjoy basically the same foods as we adults do (and she does!). I have tended not to repeatedly give her certain foods that she refuses, but after having read about how our tastes evolve and our dislike for certain tastes can actually change if our palate is introduced to that food often enough, I will definitely keep on introducing those foods over and over again (not forcing them on her, but letting her experience the taste and texture again) - until she accepts and even likes them (let's see if I can do the same for myself with mushrooms!).

Becoming a parent is definitely the biggest commitment anyone can make, it totally changes your life overnight, and is the hardest job in the world! I think every parent is just struggling to do their best, and is constantly questioning their decisions from day to day (and hopes they're doing the right thing!). Pamela Druckerman (the author) is no different. One thing that definitely helps set the tone of the book is how the author looks at her own life and habits and deplores the mistakes that she believes she's made along the way (raising 3 kids). She isn't preaching, forcing you to see things her way, or to be a devotee to the French style of parenting. This is a book that is simply sharing some newfound wisdom, and I would highly recommend you to give it a try! At the very least it should provide for some entertaining reading - but hopefully, like me, you'll also take away a tip or two and benefit from her learning experiences.
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am 24. Oktober 2016
Ich lebe als deutsche nun schon seit mehr als 6 Jahren in Frankreich und habe selber ein Baby hier bekommen. Was die Autorin hier beschreibt mag ja auf einige privilegierte Pariser High Society Mamis zutreffen aber genauso auf privilegierte Mütter überall sonst auf der Welt. Im "wirklichen Leben" ist es hier so das die Kinder um einiges unerzogener sind als ich es von Deutschland her kenne und die meisten am liebsten pommes, hackfleischsteak und Süßigkeiten essen. Die Autorin hätte sich mal besser infoformieren solchen was wirklich das Bild in ganz Frankreich ist (Mittelwert aus allen Bevölkerungsschichten) als solche Unwahrheiten zu verbreiten - aber die Realität würde nunmal keinen Stoff für ein Buch bieten!
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am 3. März 2014
Alle Artikel kamen pünktlich an und zu unserer größten Zufriedenheit.
Die Ware war so, wie wir sie erwartet und uns vorgestellt hatten.
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am 10. August 2014
The books arrived quickly. I couldn't get the paperback at Amazon USA so was happy to get it through Amazon DE.
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am 27. Juli 2013
Habe mir ärgerlicherweise beide Bücher bestellt und erst nach der Rücksendefrist festgestellt, dass der Inhalt identisch ist.Bei zwei unterschiedlichen englischen Titeln hatte ich das nicht erwartet.
Lesenswert, wenngleich kein wissenschaftliches Werk, aber diesen Anspruch erhebt es ja auch nicht.
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am 25. Dezember 2012
As a French person I am pleased to see that the education I received and am also giving my daughter seems to make sense. But I am also married to an American and I can guarantee that not all Americans raise their kids as is described in this book. My husband doesn't. He must have some French genes!
The book is written with a mix of naive observation and scientific references. A strange style at first but very accessible. A relaxing read, with some good ideas to implement in everyday life, a few funny scenes and above all some really sharp language observations... Enjoy!
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am 1. September 2012
Even if you are neither American nor French, I think the book is good fun to read and contains a couple of valuable hints. It is not a "do this and you will get a perfect child" kind of books. Since the author used to be a journalist, the book reads more like a very long newspaper article than a parenting book. If you have a problem with your child and you are looking for advice on a specific topic (sleeping, eating etc.), it is probably not the best choice. It is too generic for that. If you are looking for something that may make you see certain things from a different perspective and that is fun to read, here you go. For me, the book once again confirmed my view that bringing up children can be done in many different ways, and what is considered totally unacceptable in one country can be perfectly normal in another.
The only thing I did not like about the book was that the author is a bit too "pro French" and never seriously questions anything about the French parenting style - it is only when she talks about breastfeeding that one can feel that she does not really agree. Apart from that, it always sounds like the French have found the perfect solution, so if you do like them, you will be happy and so will your children. Of course, in reality, it is not as easy as that. French women pay a high price for being mothers, full time businesswomen, sexy wives and household managers at the same time. The fact that the women the author met are not complaining about this does not make it less challenging.
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am 5. August 2013
In Deutschland ist French Parenting jetzt auch nicht der allzu bekannte Begriff, darum wollte ich dieses Buch mal lesen. Interessante Denkanstöße sind dabei, ich habe bei vielem bemerkt, das ich selbst auch oft zu strikt und versessen bin mit manchen themen, ich denke die deutschen mamas entsprechen in vielerlei Hinsicht den Amerikanern.

In manchen Punkten allerdings schien mir dann die französische Lässigkeit zu sehr glorifiziert zu werden. Beim Thema schreien lassen hörts bei mir dann doch auf, auch wenn ich auch oft unter Schlafentzug leide!
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am 23. September 2013
Dieses Buch ist sehr kurzweilig und spannend mit einem tollen Schreibstil. Der Unterschied zwischen französischer und deutscher Erziehung ist sicher nicht so groß wie zwischen französischer und amerikanischer, aber man kann dennoch eine Vielzahl interessanter Aspekte mitnehmen und seinen eigenen Erziehungsstil damit bereichern.
Das Buch ist aber weniger ein Erziehungsratgeber als vielmehr eine unterhaltsame Lektüre, gerade wenn man ebenfalls kleine Kinder hat. Dennoch werden alle Informationen und Fakten mit Quellen belegt und man hat das Gefühl hier ein gut recherchiertes Buch über Erziehung zu lesen und nicht einfach nur die gefühlte Meinung eines Einzelnen. Ich habe schon lange kein Buch mehr gelesen, welches mich so gefesselt hat und so viel Spaß beim Lesen machte.
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am 8. August 2013
I love the book!
Firstly it is well written - it is funny and very real at the same time.
Secondly this is more of a reflection over a culture where things are done differently rather than a child rearing manual. Considering that most of parents have to go back to work this book is specially good for those who are looking for a different approach to parenting.
I have worked over 5 years as a nanny in London,UK during my university studies and now my husband and i are expecting the birth of our first child. We live in Berlin and not in Paris or New York, however I find author's experience very relevant and useful in our situation.
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