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am 5. Oktober 2016
This is an amazing book, giving you insight of the incredible self protection mechanisms of our brain. Kathryn Schulz has done a lot of thorough research. Not only will you learn a lot of useful facts about our brain, but you also will end up better understanding other people, get comprehension of "how they tick". In my 70 years of lifetime, this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT BOOKS I ever read!
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am 27. März 2013
Beeing wrong is an eye opening book about the qualities of errors. Why they are happening to everyone and why they still feel humiliating and mortifiying every time. Its not a book about a "righter me in 30 days" rather it tries to convey to its reader that sometimes more errors are better as they bring you closer to the truth that is otherwise unperceiveable. Read this book and you will learn something about the qualities as well as the illusions of beeing right and most likely lose the fear of beeing wrong.
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am 15. August 2013
I found this after seeing Kathryn Schulz's TED Talk on the same matter. The book is a bit less funny but no less charming and interesting. Schulz manages to weave scientific and anecdotal "knowledge" together seamlessly and to tell her own tale with a fresh voice! Highly recommendable!
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am 7. April 2013
The unsatiable desire to be right and an equally strong desire not to be (or at least appear) wrong, explained in very insightful and uplifting way.
I wii never look at myself or the world around me the same way.
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