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4,0 von 5 Sternen
4,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 9. Dezember 2005
Chris McCandless, a young intelligent college graduate, abandons his family and all his belongings and tries to escape from wealth and comfort. He wants to leave civilisation with all its rules. To put in a nutshell he is seeking for something he doesn't know, probably his way back to nature.
Jon Krakauer wants to find out why McCandless, who could have led a modern life in civilisation, turned his back on society and disappeared into the wild without proper gear and finally lost his way.
The author travels through the country to find the stations where Chris McCandless lived, worked or prepared his journey to Alaska, and interviews the people Chris had met.
He shows the reader McCandless thoughts through his diary entries on the journey and gives an idea about Chirs feelings and intentions during the journey. It's an outlook on the psychology of a sensitive, spiritual, idealistic and seeking young man who affected the live of all people he met on his way.
The book is a step by step retrospective on what had happened.
There is a lack of action and you have to be an adventurous person like the author to be interested in that book.
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am 4. April 1999
My impression of this young man was that he was selfish and egotistical. As he traveled from the east coast to the west coast, he met up with people who came to think a lot of him and liked him. He left them, and in some instances and didn't look back, and he didn't keep in touch with them. He had such a impact on their lives- it left them saddened and thinking about him, they thought more about him than he though about them.
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am 7. Januar 1999
I feel that Into the Wild was not a very good book. It was written as a magazine article with dialogue written very poorly. After Krakauer ran out of ideas on McCandless's death, he rambled on about other people who died in the Alaskan wilderness. Overall, this book was not a page turner and I do not like Krakauer's style.
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am 26. Juli 1999
I could never understand why Chris was making this journey. You have a kid who died trying to make a point about what? Humans can survive without necessary evils? Pointless! People starve everyday in America, what makes "Supertramp" so different?
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am 19. August 1999
I had to read this book for class and i read the first couple chapters and they were good(Chis in Alaska). But after he dies the book is just horrible. I'm keep asking myself how could such a dull book be rated 5 stars let a lone be a bestseller.
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am 16. März 1999
Seemed that there was not enough of a story to have a book written about this young man's death.
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am 18. Februar 2000
It appeared rather quickly that Mr. Krakauer knew very little about the young man Chris in this true story, and you get the impression he was trying to continue to ride the wave of his very successful book, Into Thin Air. The story flip flops between historical treks into the wilderness by other men and Chris' journey into the Alaskan wilderness, and eventual death. It is confusing (and rather boring) at times when Mr. Krakauer goes off on these tangents and loses the momentum of what he set out to investigate; Chris' self imposed seclusion. Mr. Krakauer makes a hero out of Chris for acting impulsively and deeply hurting his family. I found Chris to be self centered and self righteous, judgemental and juvenile. This book was a waste of time on all parts, and I couldn't wait for the end.
Unfortunately we will never know much about Chris, and can only guess at what drove him to enter the wild. But from the little background Mr. Krakauer uncovers, it appears he had a chemical and/or mental imbalance of some kind. I think his story and his family should be left alone. Shame on Mr. Krakauer for attempting to profit from their intense loss.
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am 4. April 2000
I was horrified all the way through this book. The man described was clearly suffering from a mental illness. The book was written as if to glorify an irresponsible way of life. This was not an adventure, it was about a man who could not cope with life, and tried to escape into a fantasy land of no people. And, his feeble and naive attempt killed him.
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am 16. Oktober 1999
This book was terrible and never should have gone beyond the confines of the originally written magazine article which spawned it. In a weak attempt to reach a semi-respectable length, the author includes quotes that are too lengthy and a rather dull account of his own adventures, which for all intents and purposes was a self-serving and forgettable intermission to the reading. This author also strikes me as the type to keep a thesaurus by his side so as to use ten million dollar words where ten dollar ones would suffice. Nothing wrong with great vocabulary, of course, but in a book that is otherwise on a 4th grade reading level, it isn't really warranted.
As for the book's protagonist, I thought he was a boring jerk. I felt terrible for the family he neglected for his own selfish reasons, as there was no apparent need for him to totally divorce himself from those that loved him. McCandless' wish to be one with nature and to "rough it" isn't a lifestyle that necessarily precluded calling home every once and a while, especially since he'd occasionally return to civilization to work. His adventure was more foolish and dangerous than brave (he perished only a few miles from civilization), and his journal accounts are scant and don't have much to say. The author was obviously very interested in Chris McCandless' story, and seems to have done his homework, but there just isn't much there for an interesting read. In fact, because there was so little by way of journal entries, the best the author can come up with instead is relating passages of books McCandless was reading that he underlined or highlighted (!). Sorry folks- this guy just wasn't as deep as everyone wants to believe he was.
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am 28. April 2000
This book is nothing but a sloppy, unorganized string of quotes, journal entries, and other meaningless crap. Chris McCandless's life is uninteresting, and his "wild adventure" to Alaska is nothing but a feeble suicide mission. He was ill-prepared, and I believe he suffered from a mental illness. He is not a "hero", or a "soul-seeker", but more of a dopey kid who decided to plunge into the wild with not much more than a ten lb bag of rice. What a moron....
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