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am 25. Juli 2014
I really enjoyed it, even though I'm not particularly into romances nor erotica novels. It is a funny, charming and exciting book which is really worth recommending.
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am 1. Februar 2017
Lured by the synopsis, I downloaded this months ago, but have recently read it and it is certainly deserving of a positive review.
When I read contemporary romance, I like it to be amusing. This certainly was. Kept me up (too) late on a work night. The characters are believable, not overdrawn, except perhaps for supporting character and Jillan's friend, Victoria, who was outrageous. Jillian's son, Rob, was mostly absent, except when he should have been, leaving the Brian and Jillian with their mutual attraction mostly to themselves. There was a lot of frankness between the main characters, none of this incorrectly assuming what the other is thinking/wanting.
I really liked the style of writing and the dialogs; there are too many amateurishly written ebooks out there.
This is definitely re-read worthy and has wet my appetite for more of this series.
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am 1. April 2015
Es war umsonst, aber ich hätte mir mehr davon erwartet. Leider fehlt mir etwas Witz, zudem springt die Geschichte und ist wenig anregend. Es war nicht schlecht, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich nochmals etwas aus dieser Reihe lesen möchte. Ich glaube eher nicht.
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