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am 8. Juli 1998
The Star Trek Encyclopedia is an exellent source of information for Star Trek fans, especially those who are die-hard. I liked the book because it has very good information on ships, characters, and more. The book also has information on bloopers and other parts that actors played. For example, the book pointed out that In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Khan said he remembered Chekov from "Space Seed", unfortunatly this is impossible because Chekov's character was not yet created.
The is book is also good to get information on broad subjects, like ship classes and planets etc. For example, the book has lists of all the named ships, their classes, and what they did in relevance to Star Trek.
The book doesn't tell info on the books, but it is good in all other areas, episodes included. I would recommend this book to all Trek fans who ever wanted a place to look something up.
This book is much better than any other Star Trek info book I've ever seen, it also comes with free blueprints of the USS Enterprise D, so its a must.
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am 12. Juli 1998
This book is one of the best I've ever read on Star Trek. While I use it to look up specific things once in a while, I mainly use it as a good book to browse through at any time. Whenever I open it, I find out something that new that I didn't know before, or something old that is just as informative to read a second or even a third time. It gives a detailed biography of all the different main characters, from Captain Picard to Commander Riker, Lt. Cmdr. Data, Lt. Cmdr. Worf, Counselor Deanna Troi, Geordi LaForge, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Ensign Wesley Crusher, Chief Miles O'Brian, Captain Sisko, Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax, Major Kyra Narys, Security Chief Odo, Dr. Julian Bashir, Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, Seven of Nine, and much more! Besides this, it lists detailed descriptions and diagrams of the main ships, and gives at least mention of almost every kind of ship that is mentioned on Star Trek at any time. There are several charts and tables that make up detailed lists of all known kinds of races/life forms that exist, all known planets, all known names of Starships, all known planet names, and more. Basically, if it was mentioned in any episode of any of the Star Trek series, you will probably find it somewhere in this book, and the best part is that it's all in alphabetical order, organized just like an Encyclopedia of the 20th century! I definately recommend it to any Trekkie, die-hard or not! This book deserves a 6-star rating, it is unlucky that 5 is the maximum!
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am 3. Juni 1999
All Hail STAR TREK!!!!!! This book is a must have for all "Trekkies." This book has enough information to entertain for hours. It'll make you become an expert in the Star Trek Universe. It covers all 35 years of Star Trek. And in October, when the paperback vrsion comes out, the encylopedia will probably feature information from the last movie: Star Trek: Insurrection. THIS IS A MUST HAVE BOOK. When reading this book and absorbing the knoweldge, it's as if your a part of the Star Trek staff. If you ever wanted to write a Star Trek episode, well with this book, now you have your chance.
This book will really take you to worlds where no man has gone before because with the Star Trek: Encylopedia, it's like a never ending rollar coaster ride.
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am 2. September 1999
First, excuse me for my bad english, i prefer do this review in my native language spanish. Aquí en sudamerica es muy dificil conseguir algun material acerca de Startrek, por lo que conseguir cualquier libro sería ya, fantástico. Sin embargo realmente este libro es FASCINANTE, ESPECTACULAR, algo que cualquier fanatico deberia comprar. Quieres saber que es un Phaser, buscalo aqui,quien era el Teniente Edward, buscalo aqui, conocer todas las naves de las serie? etc.etc. Buscalo en este libro. Simplemente y para terminar, es un gran, gran libro, solo resta agradecer a las personas que hicieron el esfuerzo para conseguir toda la informacion y diagramar este libro y a Amazon por permitirnos a toda la gente de este lado del mundo acceder a este magnifico material.
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am 12. Dezember 1998
Considering the constraints on time needed for research, art development, publishing and distribution, this is simply the most up-to-date reference available. Not intended solely for the hard-core trekkie/trekker, but a volume that the casual watcher will find illuminating and humorous. From the un-aired pilot film to the early years of Voyager, this is not simply a reference tome, but a most comprehensive book to be enjoyed. Settle long-standing trivia questions, find out other interesting facts about your favorite bridge-crew member, whatever you want, it's here! I heartily endorse this book, and look forward to the next one!!
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am 24. Juni 1998
I am a Trekker. This reference guide the future is substantial to the Star Trek franchise. The color pictures add a feature, which are great. The new information helps with ever changing Star Trek universe. The chart of the Defiant on p.109 is magnificent. My cousin's friend gave it to me and I always look at it before I go to sleep at night. The biographies on the characters are great as well. This is a complete comprehensive book on Star Trek Star, Trek the Next Generations, Star Trek DS9, and Star Trek: Voyager.
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am 19. März 1999
This book is the Star Trek bible. All must bow down to it's glory. I bummed a copy from my friend, and boy, did I fall in love. After "borrowing" it for 2 months, he came over to my house and reposessed it, forcing me to buy my own copy. This book is full of more useless knowledge than you'll ever need, and for any well rounded Trekkie, there is never enough! I can't wait untill the next edition comes out, with information completing Voyager and DS9. If you have the money, but this book!
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am 2. Mai 1998
Owning the first and now second version of the encyclopedia I can only say good things. It is an encyclopedia, unlike it's older brother. High quality pages mixed with full colour photos and tons of infomation. Even after owning it for a few months I still find it capturing me with it's tractor beam and bringing me in. I always find something new in the book and even the entries that I've already read once or twice always take me in, as if I was reading for the first time.
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am 19. Februar 1999
This book is the best I have ever read, it has so much trek information that I didn't even know existed, it has the smallest of details in it, for example, they tell you about the background characters and the redshirts (From TOS)that always die, this book is defiently the best ever written, and I don't just mean Star Trek books or Sci-Fi books I mean this is "The One to Buy".
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am 7. Januar 1999
I recently recieved the book as a gift and am amazed at the amount of info in the book. The full color photographs and drawing are spectacular. I also own the original Encyclopedia published is '94 and you can tell the difference. If you liked the first one, you will definetly like the second. A definate must have in your Star Trek collection.
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