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TOP 1000 REZENSENTam 1. Mai 2011
In "Tribbles and Tribulations" we first had met the two agents Lucsly and Dulmur of the Department of Temporal Investigation (DTI). After this they mostly made appearances in several short stories and novels whenever time-travel had become a real problem.

In this novel we learn a bit more about the two agents and the agency they work for. In a time when a number of assaults from the future hit the Federation just after the Borg are vanquished and the Typhon Pact is forming the DTi gets a lot to do and has to coordinate with agencies from several futures - which is really not easy because all try to avoid "spoilers" as River Song in "Dr. Who" calls it. The Cold Time War, that has already troubled Cpt. Archer so much seems not really finished and endangers the whole of several realities.

A lot of story and history and a lot of quite hard science and philosophy to time and its nature which is luckily a bit annotated in the end makes this a quite complex novel that is not always easy to read - but fun if one likes to bend someone's own mind.
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am 17. April 2012
Just finished reading this GREAT time-adventure book (couldn't put it aside)! Clearly a MUST-HAVE for every dedicated Star-Trek fan, although it contains 'heavy stuff' someTIMES at someplace in time...
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am 15. August 2011
I had a really good time reading WTC. Bennett manages to include all Star Trek Universe time-anomaly incidents in one compelling story and even creates a bigger picture by elaborating on the Temporal Cold War story. Being based on state-of-the-art temporal science, for me WTC was at times challenging to read, but never over-taxing and always still on the entertaining side.
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