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am 28. April 2014
The book gave me some good starting points from which to examine various issues I was running into as I navigate living and working in Southern Germany. It seems to be a bit outdated as it refers to some cultural key points and trends which are now "old news", but seems to be solidly researched and thought out.
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am 23. Januar 2001
You think due to globalization there are only slightly differences between US and german people? Then you are stepping right ahead into the "similarity trap". Greg Nees describes in an easy to read way special backgrounds of german work and private life and how that impacts business between both cultures. The author lived in both countries and is therefore able to provide his readers with lots of eye openers and real life stories that enables you to better understand the other culture. Written for US readers this book is fun and valueable input for germans as well.
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am 13. Juli 2007
Greg Nees provides you with an analytical, elaborate, thoughtful and coherent insight into the German psyche, way of thinking, etiquette and doing business.

What distinguishes this book from others is that it doesn't merely give descriptions, but also explanations. Nees achieves this by both looking back in the long and changeful history of Germany and by looking into a multitude of recent developments in education, economy and politics. It's apparent that Nees has actually lived and worked in Germany.

This book is no-nonsense, but easy to digest, even entertaining in places, rather than academic. It's not a textbook on history, psychology, economics or linguistics, but Nees seems to be familiar enough with each of these disciplines to make his book serve its title well.

If you want to successfully communicate, live or do business with Germans or if you just seek to gain a better understanding of a nation prone to be (sometimes wrongly) stereotyped, this book should prove very useful to you.

Maybe the best compliment that I can pay this book is that I, as a German, find my compatriots quite well portrayed.
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