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4,4 von 5 Sternen
The Negotiator: 1 (O'Malley)
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
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am 5. März 2015
I love Kate. Her character is so complex. So if you are not taking into consideration the both prequels 'Danger in Shadows' and 'Jennifer' the O'Malley series starts on a very high level - high level not only with regard to technical determinants of writing skills but also according this entire family network and environment. The book is a real page turner with fast pace and strong Christian convictions. The inner conflicts as well as the struggle between the siblings, in this book especially between Jenifer and Kate are described very believable. I loved this book so much I had to download the next one to follow the events in the O'Malley's lives :-)
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am 9. Februar 2013
Wer nach "Danger in the Shadow" die Familiengeschichte der O'Malleys mit dem Buch 'The Negotiator' begonnen hat zu lesen, der wird hungrig auf mehr und mehr und mehr ......
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am 17. Februar 2000
The O'Malley family is a tight group bound by love for one another. They met as orphans and formed a unity so strong each one changed their surname to O'Malley. Kate was the one who was at the orphanage the longest, having been taken out of a bad environment when she was nine. She serves as a loving, surrogate mother to her brood even as she works as a hostage negotiator for the Chicago police force.

Kate does not readily trust people so her life turns complex when she meets FBI agent Dave Richman during a hostage situation and finds herself attracted to him. He reciprocates her feelings even though both know there is no hope for a relationship to form. He strongly believes in God while she rejects the thought of an omnipotent being. When someone blows up a plane killing two hundred people, the perpetrator links Kate to the vicious crime. Kate and Dave work closely together trying to uncover a nasty felon even as their attraction blossoms into love.

Dee Henderson has written a triumphant inspirational fiction tale that has wider appeal than just to genre fans that will cherish this superb novel. The O'Malley clan is a dynamic family who to the elation of readers will each have their own story told. Kate's exciting tale is a woman's search for faith and love that is so beautifully narrated that the audience will place this on the O'Malley keeper shelf.

Harriet Klausner
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am 7. Juni 2000
Kate O'Malley faces the insanities of the world on a daily bases. As Hostage Negotiator Kate is legendary, her courage, wit and talent in her field has brought her to the top.... but nothing has been able to cure age old wounds. Dave Richman, an FBI special agent has spent his life protecting people, his courage, wit...and belief in God has led him to the top. When these two meet it is under a dangerous and stressful situation, but nothing can disguise the instant attraction they feel for each other. But can Kate open her heart enough to believe? And can Dave love a woman who has shut God out of her life? Soon secrets and old time enemies threaten both parties and both Kate and Dave will learn that God certainly does work in mysterious ways. The Negotiator is a wonderful read. Dee Henderson spins a beautiful love story and a suspenseful thriller. Only moderately predictable, Ms.Henderson sometimes relies on the cliched to pull her out of a rough spot. Such predictability can be overlooked in the wake of strong characters and a moving story line. The "inspirational" aspect is just that, inspirational, never "preachy" or high handed, God is softly intertwined with the characters and emotional plots and subplots. Satisfying to the end The Negotiator will have a place on my library shelf.
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am 7. Juli 2000
I love the combination of mystery and Christian ethics. This book starts out with questions about God and how he fits in with our modern life. A new twist. Usually Christian novels don't deal with doublts. I found this book enthralling. The characters are deep and you are interested in their future as well as faith. Finally a book for the Christian that is aslo a great mystery & action story.
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am 11. Februar 2000
"THE NEGOTIATOR is sterling romantic suspense" - Romantic Times Magazine TOP PICK
"THE NEGOTIATOR is a tense romantic suspense, with an intricate plot and topnotch writing." - Scribesworld, 5 Stars
"Dee Henderson has deftly combined action, suspense, and romance in this first-class inspirational romantic suspense. Kudos to Multnomah for stepping outside the boundaries of traditional inspirational romance to produce this excellent book, and kudos to Ms. Henderson for her obvious talent." - Affaire de Coeur
"Dee Henderson has written a triumphant inspirational fiction tale that has wider appeal than just to genre fans that will cherish this superb novel. ... Kate's exciting tale is a woman's search for faith and love that is so beautifully narrated that the audience will place this on the O'Malley keeper shelf." - Harriet Klausner, BookBrowser
"Dee Henderson again takes us on an intense ride....[The Negotiator] is a book that keeps the reader totally involved from beginning to end, as it clearly portrays-without sugar coating and hyperbole-one person's spiritual journey. I highly recommend THE NEGOTIATOR and I look forward to reading the next book in the O'Malley series." -Connie Ramsdell, Bookbug on the Web
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am 21. April 2000
Within the pages of The Negotiator you'll find a nail biting, well developed suspense, a sweet and equally well developed relationship and some fine secondary characters. The plot is tense, and at times the romance becomes secondary to the suspense, but still I found it nearly impossible to put down. I highly recommend this to fans suspense fans.
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am 25. April 2000
With THE NEGOTIATOR Dee Henderson has again written a riveting story of romantic suspense with an underlying theme of Christian love. The mystery element is at the center of the story -- and what a mystery it is! The relationship between Dave and Kate is very realistically portrayed. I enjoyed this story so much I passed it on to my husband to read.
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am 1. März 2000
Get two copies, one to keep and re-read and one to share with friends! Have read it twice already and enjoyed it both times! Dee Henderson has the wonderful ability to combine friendship, family, caring and crisis in this can't put it down story. Find her web page and read her other stuff also - you won't be disappointed! I may need to start a support group for "fans waiting for the next Dee Henderson book"..........keep up the great work Dee!
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am 24. April 2000
After reading Danger in the Shadows, I could not wait to get my hands on The Negotiator. I was definitely not disappointed! The story kept me on the edge of my seat and the romance kept me smiling... Dee has proved she can write about real people who base their lives in Christ. Great job (again) Dee!
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