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am 7. März 2017
Well, the book is interesting, somehow, there is a good bunch of good informations in it. I found a lot of mistakes in the spelling, so are the italian Fae not the fada but the fata. There are also a lot of descriptions of italian names for the fae, but (I am italian btw) I never heard about them. They seem to be regional idioms and not general kind of faery.
It is also interesting (in a lesser positive point of view), how on one hand we should develop the "sight" or the ability to perceive the faery world, but on the other hand, one have to banish the faery folk from home and property. It is a little odd and by the huge amount of unfriendly and evil spirited faeries, a little frightening....
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am 15. Juli 1999
I used to own a metaphysical bookstore, and was duly excited when this book came out. However, upon reading it, I sent every copy back to the distributor, with the exception of one copy I kept as an example of a badly researched book for neophyte witches.
The author did not do her homework on the subject very well. In her view, the Good Folk are little, friendly creatures who are glad to be contacted and in some cases, ordered about by neopagans and witches. The bulk of extant folklore does not bear out these white-light, fluffy-bunny cutsie-wootsie beliefs.
In the traditions of the British Isles, and among the Native American tribes, the Little People were considered to sometimes be allied with humanity, but were more likely to be at odds with humans or at the least, uncaring of humanity. Rituals were developed, and a complex set of rules were followed on how to propitiate these beings and to keep human relations with them on a safe level. The powers that these beings were said to wield were considerable, and not to be trifled with.
As a witch for over 17 years, and as someone who has studied the folklore of the Good Folk for around 20 years, I refuse to believe that someone who has obviously not bothered do her homework on a subject could be qualified as an authority on it. No, thank you, I will stick to the tried and true methods developed by people over hundreds of years when dealing with unknown entities such as the Good Folk, and ignore the advice of someone who likely hasn't seen one in her life, and who probably only wrote the book for the money it would bring her.
If anyone wants to learn more about the Little People, I would suggest that they read Katherine Brigg's work, "The Encyclopedia of Fairies," which is a far more interesting book, written by someone who has made the study of the folklore and beliefs about the Good Folk her life's work.
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am 4. November 1997
This book provides listings for faerie folk around the world, including entries under each being on what sort of ritual work or help one might gain from working with them, as well as corresponding herbs, stones, numbers, etc. that might draw the being to you. For those interested in working with the fae or the rest of the Little Folk, this book provides guidance and sample rituals and spells to demonstrate how one can fully utilize a relationship with them that will benefit both. For those who are not practitioners of an earth religion, it also provides wonderful descriptions and historical background on the beings in the book for those searching for everyday knowledge of them. Also, Edain McCoy has once again included an outline of ritual and spell setup for the forgetful to aid in your attempts to work with them. I highly recommend this book.
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am 20. März 2000
The reading in this book was interesting enough, but it was hardly a decent work on the subject! It was more like fantasy, and McCoy should have marketed it as the fiction it is!
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am 22. November 1997
I have been a practicing wiccan for quite a while, but I had always felt that something was lacking in my majik practice. When I found this book, I knew that working with the Wee Folk would add a new and amazing side to Wicca. This book gives all the important details one needs to know when working with the Faeries: everything from how to identify malevolent faeries to finding signs of the Faeries' rades. A triumph!
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am 25. März 1998
This book was very well informative, and extremely well written. I found it to be useful on some levels, however, the lower points are attributed to the absolutes that are taught. I also thought that it went to far on some levels. It was an absolutely great history though with very down to earth writing. All in All I recommend it, and loved it even though it was a little 'fluffy bunny' about some issues.
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am 25. März 1999
my first book on witchcraft. I have always been interested in faeries, and that's what drew me to this book. Included in this book are spells and rituals for you and the faery folk, how and where to find faeries, a dictionary of various faeries from around the world, and other invaluable information about faeries no practicing witch should go without.
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am 6. Januar 2000
There is a review that says it better than me, but take our word for it as scholars - this book is FICTION. Poorly researched and filled with trite dribble you find in her other books, this book proves once again that Edain McCoy is only out for money and cares nothing for REAL Celtic tradition. I would give this book FIVE BOO's!
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am 8. September 1998
This was my first book on witchcraft because I was interested in faeries, and it is wonderful! Very informative! Fascinating! Well-researched! Includes A TON OF INFORMATION! It truly is an incredible book for all who love faeries and those who are just interested in Wicca and faeries.
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am 28. Juli 1999
This is an excellent book. I have always believed in fairies and now I believe in them even more. I am looking forward to adding them to my rituals and exploring a whole new world. The dictionary in the back of the book was a must it was my favorite part.
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