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4,2 von 5 Sternen
4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 12. Juli 2000
I once saw a very ordinary, unassuming,seemingly meek fellow appear as a guest on David Letterman. I stopped to listen to this mild-mannered gentleman for a few minutes only to find myself laughing harder and louder than I can remember in recent history. I predict I will own a copy of every book this man ever writes. In this troubled world, we all need to laugh as much as we need to eat, and Sedaris provides a banquet. He is truly gifted beyond words.
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am 8. Juli 2000
This is the book that put David Sedaris on the map, along with the broadcast of the brilliant, hilarious 'SantaLand Diaries,' the autobiographical retelling of Sedaris' stint as an elf at Macy's that is a cornerstone of this collection of twisted stories. Many more treasures can be found here also. In 'Parade' Sedaris sets the absurd tone with a kiss-and-tell that reveals past relationships with the unlikeliest of lovers...a notorious former heavyweight champion and a Hollywood icon/NRA-spokesman among them. The satirical 'Glen's Homophobia Newsletter, Vol.3, No. 2,' a catty tirade spurred by misdirected affection, unrequited love, and paranoia, is a standout. Another is 'Season's Greeting's...' a brilliant account of the disintegration of a deliciously dysfunctional family upon the arrival of a half-Vietnamese bastard child. I could go on and on...
The inability of people to understand each other due to differences in culture, class, or education is a theme that recurs throughout these stories, as well as later stories in 'Naked' and 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'. I highly recommend all of these collections, but be forewarned - they are not for the timid.
I have read and reread 'Barrel Fever' many times over the years, and it is still fresh. What really makes this book a must-read is Sedaris' original voice and pitch-perfect delivery. Audio versions of these stories are also worth exploring. ... END
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am 6. März 1998
I thought "Barrel Fever" was just about the funniest book I've ever read. The story by the same name kills me just to think about it... jeeezus, I'm at work and I can't laugh out loud right now but it's impossible to shut out a couple of chuckles just thinking about that guy's writing. His use of the comma in his literature is utterly hilarious! The game "Find Mom, find Mom's cigarettes," or (and I know I'll mess this up) the Wind-Blown Reporter saying, "I bet it really hurts to lose a home like that, a nice home like yours," just lends this kind of flow to people's sentences that sounds so damn realistic and by-the-wayish that I have to start laughing again. I was at a really boring lecture in medical school and one of my friends turned to me and asked me if I had anything interesting to read-- I turned around and gave "Barrel Fever" to her, and the rest of the hour was punctuated with loud sobs and brays of poorly-restrained laughter that disturbed all the serious little pre-doctors trying to learn about crudded-up kidneys.
At the risk of sounding snotty, I'll say this book isn't for everybody-- some people will find it bizarre or even dark, pessimistic, and perverted, but who always wants vapid happy-happy joy-joy humor anyway? David Sedaris tends to make fun of pretentious people who take themselves too seriously-- angry homosexuals (Glen), over-macho heterosexuals (Brude Springsteen, Mike Tyson), sickly-sweet bitchy housewives ("Season's Greetings..."), angry women types (Dolph's sisters in "Barrel Fever", the story), self-righteous anti-smokers ("Diary of a Smoker"), literary pseudo-intellectuals ("After Malison"), and I could go on, but I'm sure you've got the idea-- if you take yourself too seriously, or if the term "not normal" connotes something undesirable or bad to you, then don't waste your time. Go read a burningly affected, beautifully written book like "Cold Mountain," by James Frazier instead.
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am 28. Mai 2003
Das Gefühl, das beim Lesen dieses Buches entsteht ist komisch. einerseits sind die Geschichten packend, unheimlich lustig, irre und ja (das ist ja das Groteske) teils autobiographisch. Andererseits kommt, hat man Naked gelesen das wahre Sedaris Gefühl nicht mehr raus. Doch das ist schwer zu beschreiben. Wer dieses Buch als seinen ersten Sedaris liest wird begeistert sein - oder schockiert. Ich bin der Meinung vorher sollte man Naked lesen, das doch um eine Klasse besser ist.
Die Geschichten sind durchgehend komplett verschieden. Sedaris schreibt sogar aus der Sicht eienr Frau, was man auf den ersten Blick allerdigns nicht merkt, manchmal ist das Ende sehr aprupt und man denkt sich nur "Hä?", doch wer Sedaris kennt, wird vermutlich gerade das an ihm schätzen. Er ist schon eine Klasse für sich und auch dieses Buch, zählt es auch nicht zu seinen Meisterwerken hat es doch 4 Sterne verdient.
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am 29. Mai 1998
Sedaris grabbed my attention with his radio pieces. His humor is so original I keep this book by my bed- so if I've had a hard day I can reread "The Last you'll hear from me" or " Diary of a Smoker" and laugh at the world and its quirks. Sedaris certainly has a penchant for seeing the absurdities of the world- he's sort of like both the Coen brother of print. This book proves he is one of the weirdest and funniest writers around .
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am 12. Dezember 2014
Ach, ich mag seinen Humor einfach sehr gern. Auch über dieses Buch hier freue ich mich. Die Papierqualität ist jetzt nicht so umwerfend, aber so ist das ja öfters bei englischen Ausgaben.
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am 21. März 2000
If you liked NAKED, you'll like BARREL FEVER. David Sedaris succeeds at fiction almost as well as he does at non-fiction. All the stories in this book prove that Sedaris is funny as hell and that he can write pretty darned good too. Just thinking about the story "The Last You'll Hear from Me" still makes me laugh just thinking about it. I want "The Bible says that it's all right to cast the first stone if someone dead is telling you to do it" engraved on my headstone.
If you haven't read NAKED, pick it up first. If you have read NAKED and liked it, you must buy this one too.
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am 20. Juni 2000
I don't remember why I ended up buying BARREL FEVER, but it was one of the more fortuitous discoveries I've made in the desolate wasteland of "important" modern American literature. I never got to hear Sedaris on NPR, but judging from these stories, he must have been something. Three stand out: "Season's Greetings...", which takes a sympathetic look at that nearly dead straw man, the American bourgeois family, and gives it a good kick in the head anyway (most people from "middle-class" backgrounds probably knew or grew up with a family like the Dunbars), "Malison," mercilessly skewering the whole pretentious "literary" mindset (thank heaven I wasn't an English major!), and, of course, the crowning masterpiece, "SantaLand Diaries," which stands as one of the major literary monuments to the enslavement of vast swathes of the American populace in the service industries and retail (and kicks the ol' bourgeois family some more). Even though some of the stories were a lot better than others, the humor was consistently and howlingly funny without being pretentious; in fact, I was rather disappointed with NAKED since, while "better," it didn't make me laugh as hard. David Sedaris is one of the finest writers in America today and possibly the funniest.
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am 22. Juni 2000
I'd enjoyed David Sedaris's commentaries ("This American Life") on NPR from time to time, and friends kept telling me I'd like his writing, so I finally checked this slim book out. Belatedly I realized that the bulk (2/3) of it is taken up by 12 short stories and there are only 4 essays. Sad to say, the stories are pretty lacking, each is built around a single conceit which is well worn by the end. All are written from a first-person perspective which at times becomes indistinguishable from story to story. Persistent themes of homosexuality grow tired from repetition as well. Although there are a few bon mots scattered about, the stories' attempt at sardonic, satirical wit fall well short on the whole. For better results, check out Mark Jude Porier's "Naked Pueblo" or Ethan Coen's "Gates of Eden." The first three of Sedaris's essays are pretty basic riffs, entertaining, and well done, but nothing to write home about. However, the last, and longest--"Santaland Diaries"--is a classic, the kind of essay you'll take to the office photocopier to send to friends and family.
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am 17. Juni 1997
I read this book on a commuter train and I'm almost frightened at how hard I laughed.

It was uncomfortable, like being covered by hundreds of ants or falling into a silo of feathers.

The other people on the CalTrain, who were cursed to share a car with me, looked over warily, but I never stopped laughing.

I put the book down and I would laugh with the memory of the pages, I opened the book and new images caused me to giggle and chuckle and eventually erupt again in laughter.

This book needs a warning label.

I emphatically implore all those with heart conditions to not read this book without nitroglycerin tablets handy.

Everyone else should read it, and freak people out by laughing hysterically in the parks and on the buses.

Pages of this book should be pasted in bathroom stalls and the din that would emerge from the john would be so seditious and delicious, people would line up whether they had to pee or not.

Or people would run away, but that would be just fine for those of us who know.
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