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am 12. Dezember 2011
The book is a very well written and rich introduction to scientific programming with Python.
To be honest, the book could have been a bit more concise. But better too much than too less.
It has to be mentioned that this book is not a introduction to Python!
Even though the main concepts get a short review I would recommend it only to those you are familiar to the concepts of
this programming language. If thats the case I can only recommend buying this book.
And by the way: It really proofs much easier to do all the programming and computong on Linux since it is somewhat cumbersome to install all the required components on Windows, besides some features wont work on Windows!
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am 17. Mai 2010
There are several well written textbooks on how to start with Python.

Unlike other introductions this one is focussing on the elements of the language, that are important to write programs in a scientific or engineering environment.

H.P. Langtangen did his job very well and professional.
This book is structured, descriptive, full of examples and exercises.

The student receives a considerable amount of knowledge how to cope with even some complex math and engineering tasks in Python and how to visualize results.

... that's what I expected from the book's title and that's what I got.

The quality of cover and paper of this book are also excellent.

If I would not own this book already, I'd order it without hesitation.

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am 6. November 2009
This book illustrates basic concepts of programming with Python in a very clear and concise way. Great introduction to object oriented programming using mathematical examples.

I would recommend it to scientists who are looking for an introduction to Python.
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