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3,7 von 5 Sternen
3,7 von 5 Sternen
Starting From Scratch (English Edition)
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:8,33 €

am 1. Januar 2011
Avery King is a graphic designer. She is pretty much settled in her life: cute dog, nice house, close circle of friends and colleagues. She is a rather introvert person and not into disorder of any kind. She has a dislike of children and a passion for baking. Avery's only secret desire is fantasizing about this extremely attractive bank manager that makes all money formalities so much more attractive.

Emotional turmoil unfolds when Avery has to take over the tee-ball training of five-year-olds. As the story is told in the first person we get a lot of insight into Avery's state of mind as she does so. I had lots of good laughs over this. And of course getting to deal with the kids starts a whole chain of events in whose turn Avery will have to do a lot of baking to calm her mind ...

I am giving this book a full five stars because it manages to be a bit better than the average lesbian romance novel. It is great fun to read and it sparkles with liveliness and witty dialogues more so than other books of that genre.
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am 2. Juni 2012
Georgia Beers writes wonderful, down to earth characters that could be everyone's neighbour. And so it came as no surprise for me that I cared for Avery and Elena right from the beginning.

Avery is a graphic-designer who loves to bake, has good friends she visits regularly and is very close to her grandmother who raised her. She has a crush on Elena who's a manager at a local bank. Elena has a little boy, Max, with her former girlfriend and moves into a house down the street.

I really liked that Georgia Beer's portrayed all characters realistically. None of them is a model or the president of a huge company or super rich. They are just like everyone else, they have strengths and weaknesses and not even the secondary characters are divided into good guys and bad guys.

I didn't care for the ending all too much since it seemed a bit detached. Things that seemed a constant factor in Avery's life are all of a sudden not important anymore and friends that had been there for years, have disappeared completely. Apart from this, I can recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a nice read with realistic protagonists and a believable story.
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am 3. September 2011
Georgia Beers is probably one of the most successful writers of contemporary lesbian fiction. The writing in Starting From Scratch is good, and it's a solid novel, but for some reason, I thought it was missing a certain 'spark' to keep me captivated. For me, the novel had too little conflict and suspense. Maybe that's just me.

But what I really liked about this book is that it portrayed complex and realistic relationships between the main characters and minor characters. Avery's grandmother, for example, is not the (stereo-)typical grandmother. She's not the 'huggy' type, and she's not all-accepting about her granddaughter's sexual orientation, but she loves Avery.
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am 20. Februar 2011
This book is written in 1st person point of view - something I usually don't like to read. I still believe that this story could have been even better if Georgia Beers would have allowed Elena to show us more of herself. I really would have liked to get to know her better. Anyhow, it is a good story that I thoroughly enjoyed. It's a fun read and something I desperately needed on a day when everything had been going down the drain. I think I'm even going to re-read this one sometime in the future. This story is the equivalent to soul food - in the best possible way.
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am 19. Oktober 2013
Ganz klar, es ist KEIN Action-Roman o.ä. ;) sondern eine handfeste Liebesgeschichte. Das sollte jeder klar sein, die zu diesem Buch greift. Die Geschichte an sich ist sehr schön geschrieben und ich habe es auch zügig durchgelesen, weil ich einfach wissen wollte, wie es weiter geht. Ich habe es auch gerne ein weiteres Mal gelesen.
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am 17. Dezember 2014
Ein bisschen Drama hier, eine lästige Ex da, alles was man sich von einem netten Lesbenroman so erwartet. Ein Buch das man an einem verregneten Sonntag gut lesen kann.
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am 9. April 2010
Well, this was worth the loooong wait for a new Georgia Beers novel. They always leave me with a small ball of happy inside and are really engaging while reading them.

I'm not sure how she does it, but she always makes up characters I really find myself caring about. It was no different in this latest one. It is written in first person, a style I often have problems with, but it really worked for this main character, Avery. Her commentary on her life is often funny, but not annoyingly so. Beers finds the balance between funny and serious in a way that I found myself emotionally engaged and laughed and cried right along with Avery. She had me right from the first page

Firmly settled in the romance genre this novel follows Avery through the ups and downs of an emotional year that has her question some of the things she always thought she knew about herself. I found myself relating to her on different levels, mainly her introversion and her baking.

Delightful novel, romance done right and well. A wee bit predictable, but that's really down to the genre and in no way inhibited my joy while reading it. Beers' style is distinct in the lesfic world, and I'm already looking forward to her next one.

Two things I noticed that I don't usually notice: The back blurb is funny and sets the tone for the novel, it's perfect (usually I don't even read back blurbs). The acknowledgments are heartfelt and touching. They do make me curious about what the heck went on behind the scenes. Whatever it was, I'm glad Beers came out still standing and not quitting.

It looks like Beers found a new home at Bywater, it's really great that Susan X Meagher gave this novel a home at Brisk Press. I hope for all of them it sells like nobody's business.
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am 23. März 2013
I was sad as it ended. It was as sweet as the cookies which Avery did bake all the time.
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am 25. Mai 2013
Die Personen, das Setting, die Handlung ist absoluter Durschnitt und völlig vorhersehbar. So vorhersehbar, daß dieses Buch es nicht verdient hat, fertig gelesen zu werden.
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