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am 8. Mai 2000
Ravenwolf has a problem...being a saleout, but that is not the scope of this reveiw. I would not recommend this book to a beginner, because she has a thing about solemnly stating that her was is the correct way of doing things. She has also remarked something along the lines of "if you correctly cast the circle, you WILL see a blue fuzzy circle around you". Such a statement could be harmful to the beginner, because (this is especially true for a beginner) you will not always see a blue circle. A remark like that may throw off the beginner, and destroy their interest in the book, because they will assume they could never cast a circle if there is not a blue light around them. That is foolish to write such a thing. She also implies that her way will always work. She has created her own tradition, and has thousands of teenagers worshipping her. That is why she puts out a new book every month (seemingly)- which is not enough time to well research a book. The only reason I am giving any of her books (after Cauldron) a Three, is because her book makes for a good laugh, at times, and at other times, may actually give out some good information.
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am 9. April 2000
Having studied/experienced a wide variety of spiritual and religious paths in depth, I am most impressed with Silver Ravenwolf's additions to the field. I find myself amazed at the reviews which claim "this is not Paganism/Witchcraft" -- excuse me, perhaps it's not YOUR system, but I find it arrogant for one to assume they "know" the be-all and end-all of any system of belief. The more I study, the more I know how little I truly know...and I have been actively studying for over 25 years now. I believe Ravenwolf offers a lot of valuable and interesting information, as well as amusing anecdotes. I am impressed with her attention to what I believe is the foundation of ALL practice - the experience of the Self. Invariably I find self-awareness at the core of every major group into which I have delved. Silver offers several valuable techniques and guidelines to assist in experienceing the inner silence. Nice effort, I look forward to her next book!
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am 7. Januar 2000
I am not new to Paganism and I have not bought any of this author's books before. The blurred naked woman and mentioning the millenium (Christian dating system) on the cover are tacky, but that doesn't damage the rest of the book. Ravenwolf's "Barbie Wicca" covers have been problematic before, after all.
In this book, Silver Ravenwolf explains some things about the Pagan/Wiccan religion clearly, and without the political baggage that some people these days find hard to deal with in some of the older Pagan books. She avoids unlikely claims about her own qualifications, and even manages a gentle and charming sense of humor. It's an easy and pleasant read, in a conversational style, full of interesting things to think about. A teenager would also be able to understand it.
Is this book fiction? I think the author believes what she writes. This text should be understood as religion, not engineering. Not everything here will work all the time or for everyone. If you don't believe in the religion, you won't believe this, and the book doesn't spend much space trying to persuade skeptics. There are disclaimers, and putting more of them would make for unreadable prose, so it's good there aren't more.
Likewise, if you only accept a particular kind of Paganism, and if this falls outside it, you won't like it. This book has one of the best discussions of how Pagan practice differs among individuals. No surprise that some people like meditating with slinkies, and some find it silly to use tools that weren't designed as religious articles. Since this book deals with integrating magic into everyday life, it's no surprise to find everyday objects.
Someone interested in this book might also want to read Marion Weinstein's _Positive_Magic,_ and Isaac Bonewitz's _Real_Magic_, and (most important as a supplement) Robin Wood's _When,_Why_..._If_, which give slightly different points of view on related topics - not only how you CAN do but also what you SHOULD do.
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am 21. Juli 1999
For the benefit of those new to witchcraft reading these reviews: this book, and the others in the series, present powerful and serious ways to assert your will on reality.
Silver Ravenwolf has, for many years, given us in her books ways to come in line with Spirit and stay there while making manifest our own wishes. She has the Gift, to be sure.
As you follow the text she writes, make sure you fully understand the consequences of your actions. These magickal exercises will produce results- maybe more than you bargained for. Pay special attention to binding the baser aspect of your spells. It may sound silly now, but ask your friends versed in magick (if you have them). Your invocations will yield results; maybe they will be much more than you expect. Ravenwolf doesn't stress this enough: you are influencing Divine Will, which is much more powerful than you can hope to be.
The best metaphor is the Western witch's credo: Three times three times three, what you send out comes thrice to thee.
If there is doubt, consult an oracle such as tarot or I Ching. Then take responsibility for your own action.
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am 6. Juli 1999
This book is a wonderful addition to any Witch's bookshelf.
I realize this is not a message board, and would not be writing this if the people who had made comments had been honest enough to have their e-mail addresses with their messages. Any religion can be taken out of context, torn apart and made to seem something that it is not including a "cure-all" for life's problems. Inferring that this book and others like it are responsible for what happened at Columbine High School (a school that my cousin was attending at the time of the shootings) and other similar incidents is naive and irresponsible.
Silver has once again done a marvelous job with this book as with her other books. Her writing is knowledgeable and easy to understand. This book is not directed to the novice and should be used hand in hand with her other books, specifically "To Ride a Silver Broomstick".
Thank you Silver.
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am 16. September 1999
This third installment to Mama Silver's New Generation Witchcraft series does not disappoint. Not so much about the Magick of the Craft and more about bringing personal healing into your life, at times this one reads more like a New Age self-help book than Craft text...but that's okay...RavenWolf is once again playing mother hen and reminding us that Magick is far more successful when we know who we are and where we want to be. Lady Silver reminds us that Magick is EVERYWHERE, not just in ritual, but that there can be Magick in everything from daydreaming to cleaning your house! That we can use techniques like self-fascination (which I've been doing since childhood, I just never realized it had a name), and self-hypnosis to attain specific goals in our lives. This one is all about healing, making your life better, and looking for Magick in the mundane! What a wonderful way to look at everyday life!
Thank you Silver!
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am 29. Juni 1999
This book was the biggest disappoint ot me out of the To... series. Some of Ravenwolf's first words are "I am a lineaged witch." What happened to the Ravenwolf that found a religion that worked for her, and wanted to share it with everyone? Or the woman who said that with dedication and a willingness to study, anyone could achieve what she had?
Her initiation into the Gardnerian Tradition is obvious in this book, as her stressing the importance of formal and informal rituals, palnetary hours, and the five fold kiss. In To Stir and To ride she doesn't stress the importance of formality.
All in all, this was a sad book in the To... series. She might have some good information, but it's not presented in the way she originally did. It seems like she is the all knowledgable person, and we are lucky to get scraps of information from her.
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am 4. Mai 2000
The main extent of my RavenWolf exposure--up until this book--was Silver's fluff-bunny teen Witch nonesense. This book has made me have a greater respect for her. It is a thorough and practical book discussing a more mental side of WitchCraft than most books. It deals with personal power and potential, which is a definite plus. Silver's style is also very warm and she has a better sense of humour than most WitchCraft authors. Still, I find her sometimes getting a little condescending. There is no one right right way to practise WitchCraft, and RavenWolf tends to write as if her way is the only way sometimes. I recommend this book, but keep in mind that not everything she (or anyone else) says is the final Truth.
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am 24. März 1999
Silver has added to her series of advanced books, and I for one could not be more proud of her! It is refreshing to me to see someone finally go beyond the "basics", and teach a more advanced level of the Craft. My students have expressed to me their desire for something less simplistic... And even if her tone is a bit demeaning, Her love of the Craft shines through. We plan to add it to our required reading list. As a fellow Elder in the SerpentStone family (and a sister by initiation through the same "Father"), I heartily recommend this book to everyone seeking something beyond the basics! Good one, Silver!
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am 25. Januar 1999
I am a solitary Wiccan, and I was looking for books out there that focused more on security, spirituality, and environmental harmony than spells and rituals. I can make my own spells and rituals; I don't need to recycle them from other people. Here, Silver gives a wonderful step by step process which you can use to enhance your own spirituality and connection to the Divine. This book's focus is inner peace. There aren't many books out there that take this exact focus (except for my favorite Scott Cunningham, etc.). I enjoyed her other books, but this is by far, my favorite, with the Angel book running up in a close second.
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