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4,5 von 5 Sternen

am 16. Juni 2017
I distract one star because they leave me a little bit confused. In chapter one they are describing the game design. Each game consists of three stages, an opening, exploring, and closing stage. But later on they introduce a list of opening games - but opening is just one stage of a game. How can a game only be an opening game when each game consists of opening, exploring, and closing? They should have named their "games" activities and talk about opening activities, exploring activities, and closing activities, one activity of each stage building up a game. At least this is my understanding :)

Besides that, this is a comprehensive collection of activities for workshops. The activities are extremly useful for all persons who have to facilitate workshops. In addition to the immense list of activities, they also offer an explanation on how a workshop (or game) should be designed, through the use of the three stages opening, exploring, and closing.
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am 21. Dezember 2013
"Gamestorming" ist ein sehr hilfreiches Nachschlagewerk für Leute, die kreative bzw. innovative Prozesse und Methoden zur Ideensammlung und -findung nutzen möchten. Es werden zahlreiche Methoden (über 80!) kurz und bündig erklärt und mit Grafiken unterstützt. Das Buch ist für jeden leicht lesbar und sehr verständlich geschrieben und kann bei richtiger Anwendung auch zu guten Ergebnissen führen. Durchaus eine Kaufempfehlung.
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am 16. August 2015
Wer schon 'alles kennt' und schon jahrelang Workshops macht, mag hier nichts neues finden, aber für jemanden, der erst anfängt Trainings und Kurse zu organisieren, ist dieses Buch geradezu eine Schatztruhe.
Auch auf deutsch erhältlich.
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am 17. Dezember 2016
This book changed the way I think about creativity. It gives a huge range of workshop and tools that we can use in our design process. I totally recommend​ it.
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am 26. Juli 2011
If you want to came up with something you usually have two options. Either you go with some kind of process (this way is usually good one if you want to have your back covered) or you go with unconventional methods (if you have enough money to cover your expenses in case of failure). The second approach is what Gamestorming is all about. First of all, you get the explanation of what playing game is all about. This is very important part, because it will give you arguments when it comes to convince other people to play a little bit instead of just 'inventing' things through regular process of 'thinking'. It might be hard work to convince your co-workers to use this way of solving issues. Many people find 'playing games' a perfect example of wasting the time. That's why it is very good idea to show how playing games makes your brain work different way. After explaining the concept of gamestorming authors go through various examples of games that might help you solve your problems. The collection of games is really impressive. There are almost 100 different games presented within the book. Games are divided into sections that help you solve particular issues. Opening games help you produce ideas quickly, exploring games help you go through the ideas you came up with, closing games help you to get into the end of the innovation process. Reading the book really is fun, however, mind one thing. Not everybody likes to play. If your colleagues do not like to play RPGs, they don't know what RTS is, and board games are just a mean of wasting time, gamestorming is probably not good for you. I agree that pushing people into 'another worlds', with different rules might be good way of finding what hasn't been found yet, however ' not everybody is ready for that. Not everybody likes to play. People simply feel very uncomfortable in this kind of situations. I think that book should be read by people who either have their own company or have team of really open minded co-workers ' people who like to explore alternative ways of finding solutions. I find this book very inspiring, but, you know, I have graduated from philosophy (among the others) and studying philosophy is by itself similar to playing with ideas and exploring new worlds
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am 11. Juni 2011
"A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul," -- Proverbs 13:9 (NKJV)

When I meet entrepreneurs, I find that most of them lack an understanding of creative processes and tools that they might use to create superior solutions. Almost all of them are too reluctant to involve other people, denying themselves access to deep reservoirs of knowledge, experience, and inspiration.

I think that Gamestorming will be an invaluable resource to those who want to accomplish more . . . but are unsure how to organize their efforts. While the book claims to be aimed at both advanced game practitioners and newbies, I think the book fits the newbie group much better than those with deep game experience and skill.

While the book deals with a lot of different conceptual issues, it's surprisingly weak on drawing on very large communities for insights . . . of the sort that various Web 2.0 technologies seek to engage. That's okay. An innovator can find information about such methods elsewhere.

I intend to tell my entrepreneurial students about this book. I'm sure it will help them.
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am 27. September 2013
Ein hilfreiches Buch für alle die professionelle Workshops etwas spannender und innovativer gestalten möchten! Sehr gut zu lesen. Gutes Nachschlagewerk
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