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4,7 von 5 Sternen
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 11. Mai 2000
There is nothing quite as embarrassing as suddenly breaking into fits of laughter in a public place -- which is exactly what might happen if you try reading this book. Dave Barry is his usual, hilarious self, twisting ordinary facts into fresh jokes. Sometimes he even makes up those facts. Either way, it's still one of the cleverest lampoons of information technology that you'll ever read -- and probably a lot more fun than those Dummies books, too!
Unfortunately, this book on computers -- like computer technology itself -- is subject to obsolescence. Many of the websites in the "Selected Websites" section have already moved or shut down. However, Barry's reviews of these sites continue to be funny long after the site is gone.
There's also the question of that looooooong chapter on the MsPtato-RayAdverb story, which, although having its moments, is a little more mellow than Barry's usual style. It must have been a disappointment to his regular readers; at first I thought it was a waste of paper too. But after a while I came to appreciate the mini-story, which seems to be a new development of Dave Barry's writing -- a development that led to his first novel, Big Trouble.
"Dave Barry in Cyberspace" is few years out of date now, but it's still a hilarious book to read. Recommended for all Dave Barry fans, but if you're just starting to get into his books, buy this one later.
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am 4. April 2000
If you choose to buy this book be warned: it could endanger your health. If you are a person not comfortable heaving out bursts of uncontrollable, wild, debilitating laughter within earshot of others, this (or any of Dave's books) is not for you. Attempts to supress the amount of laughter you will experience may cause lung and abdominal damage and possibly a brain aneurism. There are some experts advancing the theory that Barry is secretly trying to weaken the masses into a lot chortling bed-ridden lunatics so that he can assume power over the free world. If you think you are strong enough, then you may proceed to checkout (or go to your local book store where they won't charge you $8 for next-day shipping that takes the better part of a week).
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am 15. Februar 1999
Dave Barry Is From Mars And Venus is probably his best work yet (even displacing the hilarious Dave Barry Does Japan). All the essays touch some hidden button that makes the audience gasp while holding its sides with laughter, "Yes! I know exactly what he's talking about!" Also notable are the small handful of essays where he sheds the slapstick facade for a few seconds for a rare look at the bitterness and anger he feels towards certain institutions of America. Definitely a must-buy for any Dave Barry fan.
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am 15. Januar 2000
Some of my favorite Dave Barry books are his collections of columns, particularly because I never seem to be able to keep up with his weekly column in the Sunday paper. This is one of those collections of columns, and one of the things I like about it is that he put in a lot of columns along with the columns he wrote about the responses he got from those columns. And believe me, this guy gets some very interesting people writing him nasty letters and sending him newspaper articles. Read this book, you'll love it!
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am 7. Dezember 1999
Wer sich bei diesem Buch nicht schlapp lacht, sollte schnell mal seinen Puls fühlen - Dave Barry hat hier seine größten Hits zusammengetragen. Schelmisch und wortgewandt gibt er seine Meinung zu allen möglichen Themen des täglichen Lebens zum Besten. Das herrliche an Dave Barry ist, dass er einen jeden Moment wieder neu überrascht - hinter jeder Ecke lauert eine neue Idee, und selten kommt man da an, wo man meinte. Dave Barry zu lesen bedeutet, sich auf eine wilde Jagd von Gedankensprüngen einzulassen - ein köstliches Vergnügen. Und doch, hinter all dem Klamauk steht eine Menge Lebensphilosophie, und einige Texte sind plötzlich vollkommen ernst und sehr einfühlsam geschrieben. (Dies ist eine Amazon.de an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 19. November 1997
For starters, this could easily be the best Dave Barry's collection of columns ever.
His account on the Very First Thanksgiving, his solution to the Drug Problem (thru the use of modern packaging) and his depiction of the fears that bees inflict upon him, are just some of the bits that really make this one of his best books.
Dave Barry is the master of humor synthesis. And in "...from Venus and Mars" he demonstrates it again and again. He also goes back to the typical use of hyperboles (the closing of an article re-taking a priorly referred subject) and also is great again on his "mind" and "I.Q." level comparisons.
His keen (real keen) sense of observation it's poured easily and with grace on these pages. You cannot avoid laughter. But it's a laughter with a sense of "familiarity": I'm laughing at this, yes. But, oh, my gosh, this is also SO TRUE!.
If you don't know the works of Dave Barry you are just missing the works of (as the New York Times once put it) "the funniest man alive". Read this book. It's a great start for a great addiction. And, in the end, you'll be experiencing the same consequence than me: mainly, the need to have, read. and re-read ALL of his books.
By the way, a piece of advice on the picture that appears on page 143. The person shown on the left IS Stephen King, and it's not a fake picture. The caption in this picture is funny, as the rest of the captions in the other black and white Dave's pictures that appear randomly thru the book. It's great to see a younger Dave Barry (and to see even a photograph of his Catholic Confirmation certificate) to feel closer to the life and circumstances of one of the finest humor brains ever: the brain of the author of "...from venus AND Mars", Mr. Dave Barry.
Believe me. It's impossible (absolutely IMPOSSIBLE) not to laugh reading him! Get this book and ...enjoy!
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am 29. Juni 1998
I found this thing hillarious and right on the nose about the internet and computing in general. I listened to the Books on Tape version and found Shadoe Stevens (Who read it) quite annoying and hard to understand at times. For some reason he would almost whisper some parts and start screaming soon thereafter. I drove everyone in the car nuts turning the volume up and down the whole time. I found the little story about the woman contemplating an affair on the internet a little too much, the book was going along funny as hell and suddenly (flump flump flump) it got a flat tire on the way to serious and somewhat depressing story of this woman getting ready to throw her marriage away over some internet romance. This whole section really didnt fit with the rest of the book and was quite distracting. The material in some parts may be too explicit for children.
My Favorite part: (Loosely quoted) Your child has a book report on space due tomorrow and hasnt even started on it, it is sunday night and all the libraries and bookstores are closed, but thanks to the global resources of the internet, you child can get online and use a simple search engine to get near INSTANT access to pornography.
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am 25. Oktober 2013
As Homer Simpson says in one episode: "It's funny because it's true!" That's exactly what puts it straight when talking about Dave Barry's book. As a computer expert and software engineer I've first read it in the German translation around 1998 and I laughed my head off back then. Now, in the wonderful year 2013 I remembered that book and somehow felt like I should buy the English original. And what can I say? It's fantastic! It's even miles and miles better than the German translation - which, do doubt, is good, but for whatever reason leaves out some hilarious parts and paragraphs. And amazingly Dave Barry's book is still up to date. The computer world may have changed, but the weird problems and crazy trouble with those "not so magical" machines is the same now and then.

Recommendable to everyone who has at least a tiny bit of experience with computers. Trust me, you'll laugh yourself to tears!
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am 22. April 2000
I've read a lot of Dave Barry books, and they are all very funny, but this one is the best. Story after story, this book will amaze you with Barry's humor and criticism of the modern world. It's one of those books that you can read over and over again and get the same laughs
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am 19. Januar 2000
I'm a computer science major and have developed a slight and snobbish resentment to anything the non-professionals have to say about computing technology. I'm used to the precision and conciseness of technical and academic literatures. But still, I've gotta to give Barry some credit. This guy does know his computers, from the first generation Radio Shack computer to the supercool, state-of-art Pentium 100 Windows 95 PC(Hey, the book was written in 1996, that's like the stone age in the computer time). The funky dude even knows a thing or two about basic programming. Besides, this has to be one of the funniest books on the subject of computer. Rock on, Dave! One complaint, too much Gates bashings. I know it was probably a hip thing to do back in the nineties, but it ain't that funny anymore.
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