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am 11. Mai 2015
Ayn Rands "Atlas Shrugged sollte man gelesen haben. Unbedingt.
Grade deswegen empfehle ich aber eine Gebundene Ausgabe - oder eine Taschenbuchvariante mit größerer Schrift.
Nach den 1000 Seiten auf dieser Schriftgröße mit sehr dünnem und damit fast durchdruckendem Seitenpapier habe ich jetzt bestimmt eine ganze sehstärke weniger (gefühlt). Inhaltlich allerdings so wertvoll, dass es mir das wert ist.

Zum Inhalt:
Sehr schwarz Weiß und an einigen Stellen sich wiederholend. Die Denkweise und das absolut gegen den (auch vor allem aktuellen) Gedankenmainstream gehende Konzept macht es aber spannend - und lässt einen mal über einen noch unbekannten Tellerrand schauen.

Selten hat mic hein Buch in meinem alltäglichen denken so beeinflusst. Insofern definitiv lesenswert.
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am 16. September 2017
Tolles Buch, aber es ist mir ein vollkommenes Rätsel, wenn ich das Taschenbuch oder auch das Hardcover sehe, wie so etwas überhaupt auf den Markt kommen kann. Der gesamte Verlag muss vollkommen irrsinnig und gleichzeitig blind sein und die Druckerei ebenso. Wirklich Leute - das ich echt keinem jemals aufgefallen??? Alle haben gedacht: "Hey super, das Buch geht so in den Druck"????????
Das Buch ist immens lang und mit einer unglaublich kleinen Schrift gedruckt - zudem auf durchscheinendem Papier. Echte Genies bei der Arbeit! Das macht das komplette Buch UNBRAUCHBAR. DAS BUCH BITTE NUR ALS KINDLE BESTELLEN, NIEMALS ALS DRUCK. Ich habe noch keine brauchbare Druckversion gesehen, deshalb FINGER WEG, sonst verschwendet ihre eure Zeit mit zurücksenden.
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am 2. April 2017
This book will blow your mind. The compelling plot, the perfectly developed characters and the flawless, smooth writing make it hard to put it down. I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone who loves a good read with a lot of meaning behind it. A good fit for all the lovers of politics and philosophy.
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am 12. April 2017
Book had excellent quality for a good price.
Of course the content of the Book is debatable as it is with everything, but for anyone wanting a cheap copy this is worth it.
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am 10. März 2017
This book changed me in all ways. This book along with the Fountainhead make you a totally different person. The book is long but it's really worth reading it as it will have a huge impact on you. Don't think, just buy and read.
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am 5. Juli 2013
There seems to be no indifference about "Atlas shrugged": even those who disagree with its *ideology* apparently finished the 1000+ pages! Credit should be given to the author's skill just for that (the reviewer hardly ever managed to make his way through a similar volume). And my determination was not only fostered by the wikipedia-quote that the book was the 2nd most significant for young americans (behind - well - the bible).
There is no need to go into detail when it comes to plot and protagonists (wikipedia provides enough information about these) - but some remarks cannnot be withheld:
re: the characters. The "good guys" are: well-shaped, smart, motivated, creative (a bit one-dimensional, I'd reckon) - all kinds of "Übermensch" - in fact, it seems that the author has read too much of Nietzsche. Very inventive, indeed: the antagonist Robin Hood who robs the poor and gives the rich.
re: the embedded love-stories - remarkably progressive, yes, revolutionary (and not only for the era it was written in)! A female makes her way through: love with feel-no-guilt-sex-before-marriage, then: adultery (and *teaching* a nerd how-to), including publicly admitting it ... finally finds the-love-she-had-always-been-looking-for (though not rich, yet - but, who cares, SHE already is). Plus: all 3 competitors still manage to be in good terms!
re: the plot (the pillars of society are on strike) - could be summarized in 5% of the pages needed (including an abstract of the philosophy/ideology); on the other hand: it contains many brilliant descriptions of the consequences of ignorance, mismanagement, demotivation, incompetence - which should ring a bell with everyone who has ever been confronted with (a mix of) these. The last 200 pages are the weakest: some estimated 90% redundancy in Galt's speech; then: too much of *action* (and I couldn't get over the suspicion that the author lost motivation towards the end, or was it just too much pressure from the editor?).
re: the *ideology* - it is not overly subtle, and probably doesn't need to be. The credo of the *geniuses*, that they do not want to live at the cost of anybody nor should anybody live at theirs, is definitely a goal one should strive for (at least for the first part). My advice: It is more rewarding to read the book as a kind-of-kafkaesque science fiction. To depict altruism as a mislead interpretation of some ridiculous post-Aristotle-philosophers is inventive at best. And readers who fancy all this, should be ready to live in a world where:
- to be either a genius or subordinate to a genius (otherwise you are a looter!). Well understood: the genius doesn't give a damn about those who don't make this choice - be they: sick, handicapped, too old, too young ... .
- the homo oeconomicus is everywhere (even in private relationships). In a way: the author seemed to have her own doubts - she kind-of-excluded *true love* from it (dumped an aristocrat and a steel tycoon for a (comparativly) modest super-brain
What Laissez-Faire Capitalism could mean (especially when it starts from scratch after a system collapsed - as described in the book) can be observed in several eastern European states since 1990. For (western-)European readers who had (and still have) to carry the consequences of privatization of e.g. their national railway systems, it appears ludicrous to read about the consequences of the contrary. Then: in "Atlas shrugged" protagonists drive on roads which are presumably not owned by private corporations - raising the unanswered question, who would construct these roads on whose behalf, if there was not such deadly thing like an income tax. Also, as far as art is concerned: those who reckon, that private beats public (re: quality, creativity etc) should have a close look at the media landscape in e.g. Italy or Germany before and after *liberalization*. On the other hand: the author cannot be blamed for this, as she couldn't know - but knew well the consequences of collectivism in the Soviet Union (a country, which, unlike tsarist Russia, allowed her - as a female - to go to University).
I do not want to speculate about the toxic potential of the book. Could be anything between healthy and unhealthy egoism, motivation to do one's own stuff, or some radicalism (kind of Una-Bomber or McVeigh).
Personal conclusion: very interesting read, food for thought and gives some idea about why-americans-are-so-obsessed about anything which is not a private business.
The rating is not easy: 5 stars for Rand's ability to keep me reading till the end - without boring me (ok, apart from Galt's Radio speech - but that's just 5% of the book). 4 stars for the progressive love story (deducted 1 star for the sometimes kitschy description of feelings). 2 stars for the ideology as a whole; good 3 stars for the characters (the *bad guys* are described much better than the *good guys*). Overall: 3 - and do not want to take sides (neither the fans' nor their opponents).
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am 4. Juli 2013
very interesting book. once you read it , you can see the obvious parallels with the modern world, how the economics are run by politics.
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am 9. Juli 1999
Suffice to say that I loved this book - the only reason it gets not the last star is that in a couple of parts - Ayn beats the reader over the head with her ideology and I found that a bit insulting.
I am writing this however, to comment on the reviews written by other readers (and I know that this may be a breach of protocol here - bear with me). People either love this book or they hate it. People either agree with Ayn Rand or they disagree with her... and strongly. There is little middle ground. Her work has provoked a lot of thinking and conversing between these two camps of intelligent people. However, whether or not one agrees with her seems to matter not in this case. Simply that she has made people think about their lives and their beliefs to me is the most important hallmark of her work. She (I believe) would have been more interested in the amount of thought and discussion that she has provoked, than in the number of people who end up buying in to her philosophy. To stimulate such a great number of people to think so much about things of this importance is an incredible achievement don't you think?
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am 30. Januar 2000
. . . let's not forget it's also a mystery and a romance. Who is John Galt? And what is he doing (if he's doing anything at all?). Why does it seem as if the entire world's economy is grinding slowly to a halt? Ms. Rand's view of a bleak dystopian future where government intervention in the economy causes further economic misery causes further government intervention, ad infinitum, seems chillingly real. Lord knows it's all too often the case in this world, even in the good ol' USA on occasion (remember the 1970s and "whip inflation now" as though inflation were the individual citizen's fault?).
Pick up the book and you'll either get hooked on the strong characters and plotting or you'll be bored. If you're bored, don't sweat it: after all, ATLAS SHRUGGED is nearly four times as long as the average bestseller. But if you like the book and the ideas it contains, you're in good company--Alan Greenspan is an admirer (not a slavish follower, but an admirer) of Ms. Rand's ideas.
I ought to mention that in Dagny Taggart, Ms. Rand created an explary feminist heroine, a railroad executive with brains and beauty and metaphorically speaking more *stones* than the guys who serve under her. And this was in 1957!
There are many, many reasons ATLAS SHRUGGED is a great book.
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am 16. Dezember 2015
Artkel passt, Lieferung schnell und akkurat, insgesamt sehr angenehm und zufriedenstellend, gern wieder ein Geschäft, wenn es eines zu verrichten gibt.
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