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am 8. Juni 2011
Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst is a book that is a strong blend of mystical and housecleaning type of advice on creating a more organized environment in your home. I enjoy this book because Tess gives persuasive and fun reasons how organizing and doing different things in the arena of housecleaning around your home can be beneficial for other areas of your life as well. Her book can be used regardless of if you live in an apartment or house. The following is some of the enjoyable information contained in Tess's guide:

Clutter Clearing: She explains how physical clutter, emotional clutter, and certain areas of life are connected. She lists some of the types of clutter, and some creative ways to decide on whether or not to keep certain items. Tess also gives a great idea on a process that one can do to also forgive. I still allow myself to buy some of the things I want when it feels right and is appropriate. However,the reading of this chapter has helped make me more aware of only keeping what I am going to actually use, and when it is best to give away the high-quality excess items that someone else can use. I also am more alert to the most efficient ways of resourcefully making room for other items when I do further purchases. I must say that less than three days after first conducting the organization process an idea spontaneously came to me for a solution about something that was on my mind. Many may say that this is just coincidence, but I see it differently because of the circumstances surrounding the fruition of the solution that came less than three days after I first started the organization process.

Harmonious Positions: Tess gives a catchy blueprint of the different power centers of a home, and strategic ways on how to go about placing certain things for certain areas (such as the Creativity & Playfulness centers and the Synchronicity and Miracles center). What I also like is that she lists some steps on how to draw the plan for yourself. Tess also gives some informative bedroom tips for suggestions on where to put certain items (for instance, she gently suggests taking a balanced approach to only have a minimal number of books and decorations in the bedroom area of the home).

The Three Secrets of Empowerment: Tess gives some information on how to enhance your intentions with magical housecleaning around your home.

Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst is a great guide to get if you care about having a home that increases the well-being of your spirit.
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