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am 21. November 1998
This is one of the most wonderful and powerful books I have ever read. If you are looking for answers about the nature of God, what is prayer and how does it work, who was Jesus and what was he really trying to teach us and what is the key that unlocks the deeper meaning of the bible; this is the book to read. Mr. Fox is the most profound writer in that he is able to relate the most complex ideas in an easily understood way. His love and excitememt of the stories and events of the bible are evident as he brings this medium alive to the reader. Never boring, but most of all totally relevant to living in today's world. Any book by Emmet Fox is a feast for the soul. This one will change your perception about everything you've ever known about the bible, spirituality and God! You'll never be the same!
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am 14. Januar 2003
Emmet Fox wrote in the Christian Gnostic tradition but his inspiring words will benefit people from all traditions. Compiled from pamphlets, this book includes sermons and meditations on a wide array of subjects. The author's insights are revealed by his psychological interpretation of scriptural passages, for example his exegesis of the 91st Psalm in the chapter titled "The Secret Place" in which he proves that the psalmist knew about the individual's two minds: the conscious and the subconscious.

Like the other great 20th century metaphysicians such as Florence Scovel-Shinn, Joseph Murphy and Ernest Holmes, Fox had a remarkable gift for conveying ancient spiritual truth in language that everyone can understand. He covers issues like faith, scientific prayer, cosmic law, life after death, reincarnation and the practice of the presence of God in a most absorbing and engaging manner, identifying hidden meanings of biblical passages in the light of psychology.

My favorite chapters include (a) The Yoga Of Love, in which Fox confirms that there are many roads to the great goal but that the pathway of love is the shortest and the easiest (b) The Wonder Child, about the indwelling presence of God, and (c) The Lord's Prayer. Identifying the formula of this Jewish prayer, Fox shows why it is a perfect pattern for the development of the soul. In the 4th place, I found the meditation on Psalm 23, (d) The Good Shepherd, of great value.

Some chapters are introduced by quotes from the Bible and poems by amongst others Bulwer Lytton, George Meredith and Wordsworth. The book as a whole is deeply spiritual and highly inspiring while practical at the same time. Ideally it needs to be studied, not just read once, and will certainly contribute to making the reader's life more rewarding and fulfilling. Fox understood the wellsprings of life and how the individual might achieve a richer and happier life by choosing the right thoughts.

There are many other classics by the 19th & 20th century metaphysicians that intelligently explains the power of thought from various perspectives. This author's The Sermon on the Mount is highly recommended, as well as In Tune with the Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine and The Hidden Power of the Bible by Ernest Holmes.
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am 5. August 1998
Power Through Constructive Thinking offers a thoughtful interpretation of biblical passages for Christians and non-Christians alike. Written in an easy-to-understand style, Emmet Fox seeks neither to convert nor convince, only to help the reader deal with day to day problems and to deepen their own spirituality. I felt neither coerced nor dictated to, rather like I had been given tools with which to lead my life; I use this book as the basis for daily meditations. The strongest recommendation I can make is that I carried this book in my purse for several years, re-reading passages- and secondly that both Christian and non-Christian friends have read and been moved by this book.
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am 7. Dezember 1999
I stumbled on Emmet Fox after reading one of his quotes in another book. After reading the many reviews here, I bought this book -- thank God! I am reading my fourth E.Fox book now and plan to read them all. These books have helped me to forgive my enemies, to pray in a most natural way, to understand the Bible better, and to become, day by day, a person less filled with fear and hate and more filled with love and grace. I think this is a great Fox book to start with -- worth far more than its price
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am 18. März 1999
I discovered emmet fox in 1974, and at the tender age of 22, he changed my life. Many times through the years, I've thanked God for that change. This I think is probably my favorite of his books. Prayer works, especially if you know what you're doing.
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am 14. Juni 1999
A must read for anyone who belives in or is searching for Jeasus Christ
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