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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 16. Dezember 2011
An die deutschen Leser: Über Inhalt, Charakter, Krieg, etc. will ich mich garnicht großartig auslassen. Die Geschichte hat natürlich die typische patriotische Färbung, es ist aber keine übertriebene Heldengeschichte. Nach dem ich mehrere Bücher gelesen habe (Firebirds, six silent men, low level Hell) würde ich sagen, dass den Autoren während ihres Schliffs in der Army einfach die Fähigkeit zur objektiven Einschätzung von gut/böse, richtig/falsch, Cowboy/Indianer abtrainert wurde. Den Deutschen wurde dieses ja gerade zu eingehämmert. Daher muss man schon ab und zu mal schmunzelnt den Kopf schütteln, wenn der Autor sich, den Feind oder den Krieg reflektiert. Aber das ist einfach so und wie gesagt, es ist keine blutdurchdrängte Heldengeschichte sondern ein Tatsachenbericht aus der Sicht eines 20jährigen Amerikaners zu Zeiten des Kalten Krieges.

Eigentlich wollte ich nur schreiben: Es sind keine großen Englischkenntnisse notwendig um dieses Buch zu lesen. Es ist kurzweilig, relativ Hintergründig, sowohl was die Technik angeht als auch die Charakterzüge der Personen. Nutzulose Informationen enthält es eigentlich keine (muss jeder selbst entscheiden) und solche, wie vorallem die Namen der Landstriche und Örtlichkeiten sind auf ein Minimum beschränkt (es weiss eh keiner wo der Nebenarm des Saigon River namen HoHoHi wirklich liegt). Ich kann das Buch empfehlen.
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am 24. September 1999
I was directed to the _Six Silent Men_ series by my father-in-law, who served with the 101st Airborne Recondo school and was in a position to know fact from fiction. As usual, 1SG Mayo's recommendation was a good one.
This book covers the early period of operations of the 101st Airborne's LRRPs, as tough and capable a group of light infantrymen as ever humped a ruck. It talks in detail about the mechanics and realities of patrolling in Vietnam: weapons, loads, personalities, good leaders, bad leaders, base life, technology, and morale. When you finish it you come away with as good an understanding of the LRRP experience as you can get from a book. It's impressive that Martinez (and Miller and Linderer, authors of the second and third books, which are also highly recommended) has succeeded as well in authorship as he did in warfare. If you are at all interested in the topic, or had a friend or loved one who was 'there', unass this review and order all three, and you'll understand that person much better.
To those who served, and happen to read this, your country did indeed betray you, and those of us who thought that was stupid and ungrateful haven't forgotten you--we respect what you did and why you did it whether we agree with the politicians or not.
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am 13. Juli 1998
This book I found quite interesting. It did appear a little too tedious when it came to naming darn near everyone he met there by name and rank. These were the real heroes during that time and for that I am thankful for the insight of their battles both there and at home.
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am 25. Dezember 1998
I was born eight years after the Vietnam War ended, but every book I have read and story I have heard fills me with an overwhelming sense of admiration for those men who went to battle and returned, and those that did not return. Mr. Martinez is my personal hero, as are all the LRRPs, and I plan on enlisting in the United States Army upon my eighteenth birthday, to one day become a member of the 101st Airborne division, all because of this book. I thank Mr. Martinez for writing this book, and hope that whoever might read this, will buy this entrancing, hypnotizing piece of history.
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am 20. März 1999
Mr. Martinez I have read all three books and I wanted to say Thank You for putting a personal touch in a book that could teach so much. I will thank Mr. Miller and Mr. Linderer also. Being 30 all most of us know about Vietnam is from our fathers (U.S Army 66-70 M.P.) and from high quality books like yours. Thank You and all those who served. I would enjoy reading more of your work. I will be first in line if you publish again. Please never make a moive of this, moives destroy a good book. Thank You again for a real book.
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am 17. Januar 1997
Martinez's book is outstanding! Anyone interested in the Vietnam War will be astonished at the effort Martinez has placed in creating it. Unlike many narratives, his is filled with many many personal accounts. It's not a "blood and guts" account. He doesn't go out of his way to shock the reader. He and his subjects narrate and reflect on the humor and terror that they lived everyday. It's like a brigade history; with a personality. If this is Book One of three, then I'm waiting for the other two, NOW
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am 24. Juni 2000
I am the author of SIX SILENT MEN Book Two, and though I am proud of Book Two and of Gary Linderer's SIX SILENT MEN Book Three, I think Gary would join me in saying that we are particularly proud of the job Rey Martinez did in SIX SILENT MEN Book One. Rey had the hardest job of research, and at least as difficult a task of rendering the results of his research into a readable and accurate narrative. He did a truly professional job. I think that SIX SILENT MEN Book One is the best of the three---and one of the best narratives to come out of America's war in Vietnam. ... SIX SILENT MEN Book One is Rey's first attempt at serious writing. It was written in Rey's second language, and it is a splendid book. Rey is a man of enviable talents, but that's no excuse for spiteful and ignorant jealousy. This book is the best of the lot!
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am 2. März 1999
An amazingly detailed book packed with lots of amazing, interesting, and humorous stories following the 1st Brigade LRRPs. It really has some story-telling punch, and I have to commend the author on his patience of gathering and organizing so much information so that the Lurps story and work can be brought out to readers to appreciate. This is my second book of the series (I read Kenn Miller's book#2 first) and I'm now on to Book Three...
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am 18. Juli 1998
Mr. Martinez has written an awesome book.It is the first book I ever read on the Vietnam War.He takes into the lives and the firefights of the men.There are some good times and bad times of these brave rangers.I suggest reading it twice!
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