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am 11. September 2016
Also ich habe das Buch noch nicht komplette gelesen, mir bloß die Fitnessübungen angeschaut (da gibt es nämlich Bilder zu ;) ), daher weiß ich nicht, inwieweit es sich vom anderen Buch "The vegan nutrition gute to optimal performance in sports and life" unterscheidet.
Allerdings, wer sich das Buch für das Training holen möchte, kann es sich auch sparen. Da sind ganz normale Kraftübungen drinnen, die wir auch alle aus dem Fitnessstudio kennen (zu mindestens diejenigen unter uns, die im Fitness Bereich auch ein wenig fortgeschrittener sind - für Anfänger ist es durchaus lesenswert, weil eben auch erklärt wird, wie die Übungen vernünftig ausgeführt werden usw. Aber das wusste ich für meinen Teil auch schon vorher, von daher gab es diesbezüglich leider keine neuen Erkenntnisse für mich. ;) ).
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am 13. Juni 2011
In highschool I noticed my love for endurance sports. On a 10-months trip through Canada in 2010 I took the decission to go vegetarian and later vegan. I noticed some weight gain eventhough I was working out like never before, which was very strange to me since I had eliminated all "unhealthy" nutritions from meat and dairy. In Edmonton I learned about Brendan's philosophy and it turned around my life.

With "thrive diet" and "thrive fitniss" you get a holistic approach to the field of nutrition and workout. Brendan's knowledge to the dynamics and physics of the body is unreached in non-scientific literature. The explanations are easy understandable. Basically everyone, athlet or not, can benefit from these books. I'm not trying to convince anyone to go vegan or raw or anything the like who isn't interested in it. Just incorporating a few principles of Brendan's diet and workout program will improve lifequality noticable. You'll feel improved concentration and sleep quality, while at the same time the cravings for junkfood will decrease.

My performance has improved ever since. I have beaten my records in running and biking and what's most important; it's so much more fun now. Working out for an Ironman now, I feel like having a competitive advantage towards my competitors, diet and workout program is something I worry little about these days.
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am 12. Oktober 2013
I bought the kindle version and later the german hardcover version. The information about the food he uses is very interesting and inspired me to try some of the grains and vegetables.
I just want to warn you that you should not buy the kindle version if you want to follow the meal plan because it requires browsing between the plan and the recipies and that is a lot easier with a real book. Besides the kindle version does not contain pictures.
It is in general usually not advisable to buy a cook book as an ebook.
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