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3,9 von 5 Sternen
3,9 von 5 Sternen
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am 8. November 1999
Military fiction novelist Dale brown has finally published,after a long wait mind you, his newest novel called "Battle Born". I personnaly received the book on last Thursday from the publisher. I hasten to say that this is the best Dale Brown novel to date. It only took two days to read this 390+ page novel. I just could not put the book down. Patrick McLanahan, Dave Luger and the rest of the Megafortress crew rejoin in this novel performing operations at the relatively new Elliot Air Force Base. And yes the rumors are true, this is new "Megafortress-2". It is a bigger and badder HAWC creation. I wont ruin anything from the book, but war erupts over Korea again and here comes the new EB-1C. As always, Elliot Air Force Base runs the risk of being shut down. Like I said earlier, this is my favorite military fiction novel of all time. I guess I can I am kinda bent toward this novel because I am currently a memeber of the 28th Bomb Wing of Ellsworth A.F.B., South Dakota. Dale came here last spring to get source material for this book. He kindly gives some hearty kudos in the book to the people here at Ellsworth. I will close this review with three words, "BUY THIS BOOK".
Take care all and read books!
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am 7. Juni 2000
Dale Browns first book was Flight of the Old Dog. This book is an old dog. There are numerous dead spots in this. Mr. Brown really needs to find himself a new editor. The pacing is terrible. The conversations go on forever and the action is too drawn out. The concept of a multirole fighter bomber is very unique and interesting. The problem is the characters that fly this plane are very troubled people. You almost hope they get shot down by the North Koreans. Reading this book is alot worse than watching an episode of Jag. There are plenty of better military type books available.
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am 1. Januar 2000
After the comic-strip exploits of THE TIN MAN, Dale Brown returns to airborne action with BATTLE BORN. And man, is there plenty of it or what? In this entertaining story, North Korea is developing nuclear, chemical and bio warfare while its population, and small military units, are in the grip of famine. During a joint Japan-South Korea-US war game in the Pacific, South Korean forces break away and invade the North. This causes a renegade North Korean Army officer to launch a low level nuke-chem-bio strike on the South. As the dust settles, and the North Korean military mutinies against its leaders, China shows an interest, feeling threatened by the new United Korea. Meanwhile, in the US, General Patrick McLanahan, our ongoing hero, is training a motley crew of B-1B Lancer pilots hard as their airbase is threatened with closure. This gives Dale some opportunity to bring in some new characters, and also re-introduce old ones such as Rebecca Catherine Furness, the heroine of CHAINS OF COMMAND, who is romancing Rinc Seaver, a washed out bombardier who lost his crew at the start during an exercise. And when tensions mount in Korea and China, McLanahan has to speed up training his wannabe Top Guns on the new EB-1 Megafortress-2, with awesome new technologies such as laser 3-d radar(LADAR)and the LANCELOT plasma anti-satellite weapon. Plus an assortment of cruise missiles among others! Will his new Megafortress crews prevent the Third World War? Once again, Dale Brown goes for action all the way. He has done extremely well to continue using his old faces such as McLanahan, Dave Luger, Hal Briggs and so on from previous novels and bring in a host of new ones on top. The Korean side of the action is also well crafted, and considering events in recent months in North Korea, this scenario could well happen, crazy as it sounds. The futuristic weaponry is feasible - submarine action author Michael diMercurio has also utitlised the plasma weapon, albeit in torpedo form in PIRANHA FIRING POINT, Brown shows its possible airborne capabilities in such a way that he could design it himself! And make it work! As he has done with BATTLE BORN. Well done Dale Brown.
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am 14. Dezember 1999
�gMissile one away�c launcher rotating�c missile two away�c missile three away!�h As the aircraft released the missiles, suddenly, the enemy missile disappeared, not even having an explosion. The name of this book, �gBattle Born�h really fits the plot of this story. The aircraft on the cover also shows the aircraft that is being used in the story, allowing us to imagine what is going on. This story starts at Korea, where the World War II is about to start. An unidentified aircraft runs into South Korea carrying a nuclear weapon. This incident threatened all the countries throughout the world. In the United States, General Samson had developed the Lancelot program, which will later become the strongest antiballistic weapon. To develop and lead the B-1 Lancers, Patrick McLanahan entered the secret base in Nevada. While the U.S. developed the Lancelot program, other countries were moving too... As reading this story, I had felt as if I was actually living in this story, watching all this happen. I think this is a great book and I recommend it.
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am 26. Dezember 1999
Unlike some, I wasn't too disappointed with Dale Brown's last book, "The Tin Man", I kind of enjoyed it in a Robocop kind of way. Besides, Dale showed guts in trying something different.
But now "Battle Born". This is what I've been waiting for. Fast paced, fast flying, missiles firing action of the sort that Brown does best. While I'm not going to say if this is his best book yet (I'll have to re-read the previous 11 books and decide), it will grip you, haul you in and refuse to let you put it down until you finish the last page. The politics are not too far-fetched, the technology may well exist already and his characterisations are as good as ever. This book could be seen as a true sequel to Flight of The Old Dog, finally retiring the EB-52 with the introduction of the... nah, you'll have to read it to find out. When's the next one coming out? If it's better than "Battle Born", Amazon better change its top rating to TEN stars.
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am 25. Dezember 1999
If you like your Political Correctness hot and heavy,you'll love Battle Born. Have a blast counting the modern archtypyes so comman in todays Hollywood Films.Lieutentant Colonel Rebecca Furness;who out flies and out swears her PC squad. See Rebecca and Rinc (aka deadmeat) in the most stilted forced relationship on paper.You'll love Vice President Ellen and her tough as nails Secert Service Agent Corrie Law. If you can get by the characters,the plot has promise.However like Rinc flying skill ,it just doesn't deliver the goods on target. The climax is well... misplaced,it seems like it would belong in the middle of the book,a minor battle. It only the Koreans that made it remotely interesting,thus the two stars. This book reads as if Dale Brown is looking for a postion in the Clinton White House. I'll be dropping my copy off to local book drive,so beware out there.
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am 14. Juli 2000
This was my first Dale Brown book but I guarantee it won't be my last.Without giving away the plot ,this book is right out of today's current events.I could not put this book down.If you like lots of action and detail about modern airwar then this book is for you.
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am 16. Januar 2000
No pun intended on the heading, but this book has it's moments and it has it's dead spots. The technojargon is easy to pass over (a la Clancy)and sometimes he seems to be doing it for its own sake. Some of the chapters are riveting and you hope for the next one to follow, sometimes to be dissapointed. The interpersonal relationships, especially of the US flight crews, are well done. I also have read all of the Brown books. This called for more of a suspension of belief than most. However,if what he writes about going on in N.Korea has anything to do with reality, and I suspect it does, our current leadership is not going to come out anywhere near as well as President Martindale did, and neither will the country. Worth reading, but maybe you should wait for paperback.
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am 8. Dezember 1999
Battle Born is great! I think reviews are most effective when you compare the book in question to others that most of us have read, so prospective readers have something to measure it against. Battle Born could be best described as a military thriller novel of action, suspense, and intrigue--with the relentless pace and stunning power of war novels like The Triumph and the Glory and The Bridges of Toko-ri, the plot twists of Grisham at his best, a theme worthy of Clancy's Clear and Present Danger, and an authoritative style that reflects Dale Brown's expertise in this genre.
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am 13. Januar 2000
I hate to be a majority of one, with all those 5 star reviews, but this is another Hammerhead, Tinman weak book. He overwhelms the reader with nonsense technology, impossible flying and unbelieveable characters. The book has no real plot just a lot of incidents that, in some cases combine and in most don't. Things just don't happen this way in real life. I have read every one of Dale Brown's books, The Flight of the Old Dog, got me. This is my last. It's too bad he has never lived up to that start . You just keep waiting for this book to make sense and it does not.
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