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am 1. August 2014
Dieses Buch ist für English Anfänger sehr einfach zu lesen.
Zudem macht es riesigen spaß weil die Geschichte einen einfach mitnimmt und man richtig mitfühlt was geschieht!
Tolles Buch das ich jedem nur empfehlen kann :)
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am 26. Mai 1999
The story of The Witches takes place in the nineteen forties.The book is about witches with wild imaginations with vicious success and unsuccessful stories. Even though there is only one unsuccessful story. The book has many different settings in England. One is at the boy's house, another one is at the hotel.
One of the main characters is the boy. He and his grandmother go and find witches, but try to stay away from them at the same time. Grandmother is another character who's the boy's real grandmother. She tells the stories about the witches. Another main character is the lead witch. She is the main witch with her long gloves and bald head she hunts down every child she can find for food
I loved this book because the characters are strong and with a good plot. It also has very queer stories that you and I would of never thought of. All the attitudes and viciousness is magnificent.
This book is in a class of its own. I would say I didn't read any book like it. even though all of the books by Roald Dahl are with sarcasm and unreal imaginative things. This is one of the more different ones. This book doesn't have only sarcasm and unreal things it has style. I think this book is magnificent like I said before. Roald Dahl has humor and sarcasm in the The Witches.
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am 18. März 2003
Wer einmal ein Buch von Roald Dahl gelesen hat, kennt seinen Sinn für Humor. In diesem Reclamheft geht es um einen 10-jährigen Jungen (der nie einen Namen bekommt), dessen Großmutter schon mit Hexen zu tun hatte. Sie warnt ihn vor den harmlos aussehenden Damen, die Handschuhe und Perücken tragen und doch passiert es: Er landet mitten in der Hauptversammlung aller Hexen und... das möchte ich dann doch nicht verraten. Ich lese diese nicht nur Kindergeschichte mit einer Englischgruppe von Erwachsenen im Orginal und die Begeisterung kennt keine Grenzen. Spannend, lustig und gruselig mit einem unerwarteten Ende. Ein Genuss - nicht nur für Kinder
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am 27. April 2000
This has to be one of the greatest novels i read as a child. The wonderful Roald Dahl (we miss you!) exhibits his fantastical imagination and we never for a second believe that any of it is make believe. Roald Dahl ropes us in to his story and we are spellbounded every step of the way. Roald Dahl nearly always creates a central character that his readers instantly loathe such as Mrs T in Matilda and the head witch here.This increases the suspense as the reader waits for the eventual demise of this "evil" character. He also incorporates irony and satire magnificently that adult readers can appreciate. Dahl is undoubtedly the greatest children's writer that ever was. His books leave lasting memories and are a legacy that will last for centuries. We honour your memory
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am 19. April 2011
Ich habe das Buch für unseren Sohn gekauft, damit er seine Englischkenntnisse (2 Jahre USA) erhält. Das Buch hat er an einem Tag gelesen, das sagt doch schon viel aus. Unterhaltend, nicht kitschig, ein nettes Buch für Kinder. Auch für ältere Kinder (6./7. Klasse), die noch nicht so viel Englischkenntnisse besitzen ideal, um erste Leseerfahrung mit einer englischen Lektüre zu sammeln.
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am 25. Dezember 2016
here are only three important things we have to know:

Witches exist.
They look like ordinary women.
They really hate children.
So, when a boy is turned into a mouse, together with his grandma he sets out to fight the witches’ evil plans to turn all childen into mice.

Personal comment:
What is really good about this book is that a fairytale story is put into a more realistic setting. The reader has to grin quietly throughout the story and can really enjoy the colourful language. There are many nonsense words and riddles and rhymes. Varied adjectives and strong expressions are definitely a strong point. Personally, I am not a fan of never ending dialogues. For me the long dialogues were a bit tedious but the rich vocabulary made up for that.

Teacher's Perspective:
The witches provides young readers with the perfect amount of humour and fantasy embedded in a realistic setting. One could use this book as part of a project where students could work on more modern approaches to fairytales or use them if you would like to work more with Roald Dahl's works itself.

Personally, I would use them for age groups 11 to 12 because the story might be a bit too childish for older learners. On the one hand, one should keep in mind that in order to understand this book, students should have a rather good language level already due to the very rich expressions. I believe working with this book in the 2nd or 3rd level of lower school or junior high might be the best choice in order to make the best possible use of it. On the other hand, this book would also be a good choice if you want to work on improving and expanding vocabulary of students. It might be a good idea to provide a broader range of children's books in order to also meet the tastes and skills of both weak and strong students who learn English as a second language. (eg. focusing on Roald Dahl's books)

It would also be interesting to chose specific abstracts or chapters and use these as writing prompts for students. They could come up with their own stories about witches. I am sure that many students will create very interesting and also very different stories. You could continue this writing activity with peer feedback to incorporate reading and speaking skills. In addition it would give the kids a chance to improve their stories before handing them in to the teacher. You might also want to publish the best stories in some way. At the end, you could tell them how the story really ends and discuss how this compares to what they have written. Using The Witches or parts of it as writing prompts would give children the opportunity to prodcue more fun stuff and more exciting texts then just letters, emails or tiny articles, which are the most common text sorts in that level, I believe
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am 7. November 2010
Dare to read about the true nature of witches and enjoy a fantastic tale with superb illustrations. But be warned - It might frighten you.

Roald Dahl (1916-1960) is a well known writter of stories not only for adults. He began to write children stories as an entertainment for his own children and today kids all over the world like to read them. Like the story of "The Witches", which might be the most frightening children story ever written.
The retired witchophile grandmother tells her grandson everything she knows about witches. They look and act like ordinary women and they really hate children. "Vvye have yu not rrrubbed them all out, these filthy smelly children", shouts the grand high witch and makes a plan to wipe out the children of England. Only the boy and his grandmother can stop them.
The first illustration in the book shows a woman and a witch. But who is who? Look very carefully and read the chapter "How to recognise a witch", and you will find out. These fine drawn illustrations by Quentin Blake support the great story and make you sometime laugh and othertime cry in fear. Like the story itself. You will hear how children have been turned into a slug, mouse, flea white chicken or a stone statue. "Those huge eyes were the saddest things i had ever seen." So this book might be not suitable for little children. An adult heard this story when she was young, but she still geets the creeeps, when she thinks of it. But everyone else, who is not so easy to frightend or thinks he isn' t, will like the story and the characters displayed. Like the heavy smoking grandmother, who has no fear at all or the always eating boy Bruno. "Where are those chocolate bars you promised me?"
Dahl has some advice for his readers. "When mice grow up, they don't have to go to war and fight against each other." He was a Royal Air Force pilot in World War II. "It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like so long as somebody loves you." It is a book you don' t want to stop reading till the end.
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am 16. September 2015
Ein Junge verliert beide Elternteile und lebt nun mit seiner Oma in seinem Zuhause in England. Als es seiner Oma gesundheitlich schlecht geht fahren beide für einen Urlaub ans Meer. Dort trifft der Junge auf die gesamte Hexengemeinde in England und wird in eine Maus verwandelt. Beide machen sich dann auf den Hexen den gar auszumachen. 

Das Cover ist genauso gestaltet wie viele andere Roald Dahl Cover. 
Einfarbiger Hintergrund mit Illustration. 

Ich kenne die Geschichte seit meiner Kindheit und habe den Film immer gerne gesehen. Die Details und den genauen Verlauf hatte ich nicht mehr im Kopf und darum war es super die Erinnerungslücken zu füllen.

Die Story wird aus dem Blickwinkel des Jungen als Hauptcharakter erzählt. Typisch Dahl ist alles fließend und problemlos zu lesen und zu verstehen. Die Illustrationen untermalen einige Stellen der Story undhaucht der Story mehr Leben ein.

Die Story hat mir nicht genug Spielraum für die verschiedenen Charaktere gegeben. Ich hätte es super gefunden mehr über Bruno Jenkins und seine Familie zu lesen, aber auf den wenigen Seiten nicht möglich.

Trotzdem ein schönes Buch, das Spass macht und ein Muss für Roald Dahl Fans ist
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am 14. November 2013
Ich hatte das Buch für meine Nachhilfeschülerin bestellt und es gemeinsam mit ihr angefangen zu lesen. Ich persönlich mag ja Bücher mit Bildern, auch wenn man sich die beschriebenen Personen u.ä. anderes vorstellt.
Roald Dahl eine eine schöne Art, kindgerecht zu erzählen, wie ich finde. Die Geschichte ist spannend (fand meine Nachhilfeschülerin).
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am 2. Juni 1999
The book, "Witches" is about a boy's parents who get killed in a car accident. The boy, Luke, goes to live with his grandma, and they take a trip to Norway. On the way they stop at a hotel, it's not a great time to stop there right now. The place is surrounded with Witches! Luke's Grandma, knows all about Witches and she starts to realize that these people aren't your everyday normal people, but before she can get to Luke , something happens to him. Before they left, to go to Norway, the grandma gave him a present, the present was 2 mice. He brings the mice on his trip. He goes into a meeting room, and goes behind a wooden object to play with the mice. While he is playing, the witches come in for a meeting. The witches hate kids and they can smell them. I don't want to tell you the rest of the story because it will give it away. After all I rate this **** stars. So you should read this book, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
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