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am 21. November 2017
I truly love this book series. You can compare it a little bit with Game of Thrones but there is more magic involved and the author goes much more into details.
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am 23. Juli 2000
I loved "The Eye of the World," and I continued to read The Wheel of Time series with "The Great Hunt." I was scepticle at first, it would be hard to follow up The Eye of World, but I still read it, and I was surprised by how pleased I was. The book starts out with the Amrylin Seat riding in to Fal Dara, and Rand tries to excape her. The story is quite interesting despite my opinions before I read it. Yes, Jordan can blab on and on about things, and when other authors do that than the turns out to have little plot and uninteresting. But when Jordan goes on and on, you really enjoy what he's saying bacause the world that he created in the Wheel of Time series, is an excellent world, and the people and characters are fascinating.
There aren't many new characters popping up in this book. Rather Jordan tries to develop most of the previous known characters. The character development doesn't really change the way you think about a character, or it doesn't change their moods, it simply molds all of the characters, fleshes them out. Loial, the Ogier, is getting a lot neater in this book, he's very fun to read about. You can always relate to what Rand is thinking, he is probably my favorite. Mat, is very pleasing, because of his funny character. Also, the evil Aes Sedia, Liandrin, was quite fun to read about.
The ending was probably the best part of the book. The action is very well-written (everything is well written in The Wheel of Time series). The duel with The Dark One and Rand was the best duel from the first two books. I strongly suggest anyone who likes fantasy to try The Wheel of Time series, but start with the first book, The Eye of The World. I hope you'll enjoy them!
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am 14. Mai 2012
Mein Projekt alle Bände zu lesen bevor der letzte Teil erscheint geht nun mit dem zweiten Teil weiter.

Ich erfreue mich immer noch an der wirklich detailierten Welt die Robert Jordan hier erschaffen hat. Die weit in die Vergangenheit zurückreichende Geschichte die immer noch in die Welt unsere jetzigen Helden nachhallt ist faszinierend. Mit jeder Erwähnung einer bestimmten Kultur oder Begebenheit wird eine Schicht freigelegt und dem Leser wird klar wie viel da noch im Verborgenen liegt.

Leider gefällt mir die Methode mit der er dieses Wissen vermittelt nicht immer. Meistens lässt er einfach Loial oder Moirane eine halbe Seite lang erklären was es mit dieser oder jener Sache so auf sich hat, verschwendet dann aber wieder Seiten mit Beschreibungen der Umgebung. Manchmal wünschte man sich das Verhältnis wäre ein wenig ausgeglichener.

Das größte Problem habe ich weiterhin mit dem Verhalten der Charaktere. Einerseits werden alle als pflichtbewusste Menschen dargestellt, die natürlich nicht wollen dass der Dark One am Ende die letzte Schlacht gewinnt. Sie sind sich auch meistens darüber bewusst, dass irgendjemand diesen Kampf dann wohl wird führen müssen. Sie würden zur Not sicherlich auch helfen wollen, bestehen dann aber weiterhin trotz allem was bisher passiert ist darauf dass es mit ihnen jawohl nichts zu tun haben kann!

Es ist aussderm unglaublich ermüdend ständig erzählt zu bekommen, dass die Jungs aus Emond's Field sich von Klein auf kennen und die besten Freunde sind. Klar wären meine besten Freunde aus Kindertagen die allerletzten mit denen ich über mein Probleme oder fürchterliche Geheimnisse reden würde...Was soll das? Hätte ihm nicht ein besserer Grund einfallen können warum sich alle während des gesamten Buches nicht die Wahrheit sagen können? Stattdessen wird Angst vor der Reaktion der anderen vorgeschoben oder man will die anderen beschützen. Nur, dadurch fehlen dann wichtige Informationen, andere geraten in Lebensgefahr, etc...

Ein anderer Makel ist leider auch immer noch die Einstellung der Frauen zu den Männern. Nach dem hundertsten Referat darüber das die Frauen in der Gruppe es eigentlich immer besser wissen als diese sturköpfigen Männer ist man es leid. Vor allem kann man die Jungs teilweise verstehen, ich hätte auch keine Lust auf jemanden zu hören der mir nur die hälfte der Zeit die ganze Wahrheit sagt...

Nach all dem muss ich am Ende aber doch zugeben, dass mich das große Finale sehr mitgenommen hat. Plötzlich merkt man dann warum diese Serie so viele fanatische Fans hat. Der Weg dahin ist stellenweise steinig, aber lohnt sich für die Beschreibung der Schlacht und der darauf folgenden Ereignisse doch.

Ich habe schon mit dem dritten Band angefangen und versuche nun einfach dem Weg zu folgen den Robert Jordan vorgibt, auch wenn seine Helden mich manchmal nerven.
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am 15. Oktober 2009
Nachdem mit dem ersten Band gewissermaßen die Einleitung abgeschlossen ist, geht es jetzt richtig ans Eingemachte. Das Buch enthält erheblich mehr Magie und es kommen diverse Elemente hinzu, die die Reihe so spannend und interessant machen.
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am 3. Dezember 1999
The Wheel of Time books were introduced to me by a friend, and once I started, it was wildfire. I admit that Jordan likes to rant, he likes to put 50+ main characters in his books, he likes to stray. But unlike many of the other authors who do this, you don't really notice and most of all, you actually ENJOY it! I was enthralled by the fact you were enlighted on the training procedures of the Aes Sedai, the military strategy and downfall of the Seanchan, the prejudicial workings of the Children of the Light. I love this stuff. It makes the characters real, it gives them more structures and basis for being where they are, thinking how they do, and reacting to situations differently than the rest of them. Each page fills you with more insight than the first. I cannot wait to finish The Dragon Reborn (the next book), and will eagerly await and read anything that Jordon publishes in the future. If there is an end, I don't see it in sight any time soon. Long live these books!
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am 24. Juli 2000
I consider the Eye of the World to be more of a prelude to the Wheel of Time series and indeed can serve as a standalone novel. With The Great Hunt, the story becomes more complex as the true multiple threads begin, the Forsaken become more active, and the Seanchan arrive. Also, Rand's true ancestry is strongly hinted at for the first time, which adds new dimensions to the breadth of the storyline.
The novel maintains the fast pace of the first book, although the story isn't quite as linear anymore! It's hard to put the book down, especially as some characters' loyalties become questionable (i.e. Lord Barthanes in Cairhien and the Shienaran warrior behind the escape of Padan Fain). The ending brings the story to a satisfying close with plenty of loose ends to be tied in the next book. A great read!
I give this book a 4 not 5 because the childish behavior of some of the characters annoys more than in the first book. Aren't these people supposed to be in their 20's? Why do they act like they're 13 years old? Jordan could have portrayed the characters as innocent adults instead of stubborn kids!
And the length of time Jordan spends on some of these immature confrontations is over the top. For example, an entire two chapters or so is devoted to the three girls (Nynaeve, Elayne, Egwene) frustrating themselves in not being able to "sweet-talk" Mat into delivering a letter to Morgase, with Elayne batting her big brown eyes at Mat and Mat complaining to himself that when women are nice they want something. The failed effort at moving a "mulish man" enrages the girls and puts them in a rotten mood, from which they grudgingly decide to give Mat one of Siuan's notes of authority.
Anyway, the book is good, read it! Start with the first one, of course...
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am 29. Februar 2000
The Great Hunt (TGH) is the second book in the Wheel of Time (WOT) saga and it is in this book that the series begins to roll. The Eye of the World, (Book 1) was frequently annoying because of the author's need to build up the story line and characters, particularly since he is obdurate about not providing a decent introduction or prologue for the world he has created. But now, the launch pad is ready. The Two Rivers group has slowly but surely lost its innocence and are beginning to realize that there is no way back; the bridges have been burned behind them. They must finish what they started or a worse fate will befall them. Rand, Mat and Perrin are launched none too subtly after the fabled Horn of Valere, an endeavor that will not only lead ultimately to the finding of the Horn but equally importantly harden each of them to his destiny. And at long last, the gender promise held out in the first book is lived up to as the girls, Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve begin to take a hand. In many ways, TGH can claim to be the best of the series. Jordan has clearly hit his stride after the first book proved successful and his writing is more lively and attractive. The descriptions of the Seanchan, the humor and gallantry as the Horn is sounded towards the end are all a treat to read. The alternative futures of the Portal Stones journey and Nynaeve being tested for Acceptance with her own fears and hopes are spellbinding. But the structural annoyances remain from the first book; even here where terrain and geography are so critical, the single map of the world (that too, partial) that Jordan grudgingly gives is pathetic. Worse, with the Seanchan playing so important a role, Jordan provides no indication of where across the Aryth Ocean the Seanchan lands lie or their geography. Hence, only 4 stars.
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am 21. Juli 1998
He blew it. He could have written something principally mind-blowing in this second book, but took most of his chances to develop the world. That in itself is not bad, just that other than Tel'aran'rhiod, there is no more depth to be dwelved into his Wheel of Time idea. However, Aes Sedai are fleshed out with better depth to their overall system of management and given more personality to their belief systems. It serves to almost put them in another culture.
Now I read The Great Hunt after reading The Dragon Reborn, so obviously my opinion is somewhat skewed since very little suspense could have been afforded in this scenario. Nonetheless, having read The Dragon Reborn, the characters in this installment seem to be suspiciously acting like sitcom characters, that is they never develop more and only react the same way until you get tired of their lack of emotional depth. Speaking of that, where is it? In the first book, Jordan expressed human concern, sacrifice, despa! ir, discovery and hope, in this it seems the characters are quite removed in their feelings toward their actions. And their actions never tell more about their personality.
The dialogue is rich and entertaining, characters like Loial and Elayne are extremely charming and even though I knew something of it from The Dragon Reborn, one plot twist took me completely by surprise and snatched me into an inevitably exciting climax which must rank as one of the most satisfying ever. Whew! It took my breath away, much like the anti-climax of The Lord of the Rings wherein Tolkien quietly ended the most exciting part of the saga with mellow reserve. Bravo! However, there is one revelation which seems contrived and made only to wrench sorrow from the reader, with no great effect.
New characters like Selene and the imminent arrival of Jordan's greatest fantastic creation, the Seanchan, keep this book readable and good, but I still can't forgive his lack of "show, not tell" wr! iting and obsession with detail when simply a well-written ! paragraph could serve to impact a chapter just as well. In addition, there are hints of the later books' deplorable sexism coming to light here. Nevertheless, this average tale has a much more creative start than the first, even if it does seem like an after school special between junior high students stuck in a fantasy world.
I give it a 7 out of 10 stars, while the original garnered an 8.
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am 18. Mai 2000
I have to confess, I was already a "Jordan Junkie" long before I found this site. I bought books 1-2-3 at the same time, and read them straight through. Since then I've spent several long years being slowly tortured as I wait for each painfully drawn out release date.
Now to the book:
I have read many of the reviews where people complain that Jordan seems to stretch out the story or wander a lot. I can only say that I believe it makes the story better. Every extra sentence allows Mr. Jordan to add yet more detail and clarity to his stories, and allows us-the readers-to relish this great story for that much longer. Life itself would be much less interesting if we were to remove "a sentence here or there" and as for wandering, can anyone tell me what their mind does on nearly a non-stop basis anyway? Especially for those of us drawn to the Fantasy genre. Mr. Jordan creates a world that you can almost see, feel, smell, and hear. you find yourself drawn to the characters like friends, and can identify with the feeling and emotions they have. In some ways they seem very real, Jordan gives them the same thoughts and feeling we all have-be they good or bad.
As each new book is released, I go back and reread the entire series first to last. Given the fact that I have read the entire series now at least 4-5 times, and still look forward to the next time, you could say that I feel it is a very good set of books, and well worth the time to read. You will be a better person for it.
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am 18. Februar 2000
A few years ago I was in a book club. I didn't care much for fantasy books then, but then I stumbled upon "The Eye of the world" in the book club magazine by accident, and because there were no other books in the magazine that seemed good, I decided to order it. Now I'm glad I did. The Wheel of Time-series is the best books I've ever read! They capture you from the first page to the last, and it doesn't matter that they're very long, it only keeps you in the wondeful world of Rand, Mat, Perrin and the others for a little longer. And this book, "The Great Hunt", is the best book of the series - so far (I've just started on "The Fires of Heaven"). It is everything a good book should be: exciting, interesting... I'm amazed that Jordan can keep track of all his characters! I won't say anything about the plot; it's useless, because you have to read "The Eye of the World" before you read this, otherwise you won't understand a thing. But I highly recommend this book and the others in the series. My last words will have to be: please excuse my poor English, I'm from Sweden...
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