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am 20. Juli 2015
ein wirklich lesenswert, inspirierend und bereichernd.Als audiobook nochmal ein Ohrenschmaus.
Kann ich nur empfehlen. Erotik und Sinnlichkeit der Sonderklasse. danke
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am 31. März 2017
For the ones who love sex and love, this is the book to enjoy and dream with. Anais Nin is a true artist!
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am 5. Mai 2000
I read a lot of Anais Nin's fiction when I was in high school, because my girlfriend did. I didn't get it. I tried to read her famous diary, but couldn't finish even the first volume. There was an intelligent and interesting woman there, but I didn't feel I was really getting to her. The diary entries I read were too cool, too discursive for my taste.
Then _Henry and June_ came out in 1986. It covered the exact same period (Paris, 1931) as "Volume I" of Nin's diaries -- first published, but in highly edited form one could now see, in 1969. Here she begins to cheat on her husband Hugo with the young Henry Miller, meets and flirts with his flighty wife June, and opens to life and eventually other men in an explosive fashion. HERE was the flesh-and-blood woman I had sensed behind the original published diaries. She panted, she sweated, she lied, she used filthy language as well as high poetry, and she adored love and sex. I thought she was a wonder. Nin and Miller collide like titans; sparks fly when they talk and when they make love.
Unfortunately, I have read several of the subsequent, increasingly-appalling unexpurgated diaries, as well as the biographies by Noel Riley Fitch and Deirdre Bair. The bloom is definitely off the rose. Ms. Nin turns out to have been a consummate deceiver (though of herself as much as anyone else), an artist manque who thought herself -- wished herself -- far more talented than she turned out to be. She works better in fantasy than reality; I still might have liked to meet her in her prime, but it would have been dicey to get involved with her.
It is in this book that she shows to her best as a character (never mind whether it's all true or another kind of fiction). Here one sees a woman's passion in all its riotous fire and self-contradiction. Just read this one and leave all the rest (save, perhaps for the curious erotica and a decent collection of essays entitled "In Favor of the Sensitive Man"), unless you have a penchant for the odd and pretentious.
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am 17. Juni 2000
Before Henry and June, I had never read a book by Anais Nin. In fact, the only knowledge of her writing I had was from a poem I had to read in junior English a couple of years ago. Oddly enough I went to a bookstore that was going out of business and decided to pick up this book because it was offered for 5 bucks. I started reading the book and was instantly swept away by it. Her writing is so intense and blunt, she holds nothing back from the reader. I have learned so much about myself just from this one book alone. I agree strongly with her views on men and women. With this one book she had become my favorite writer. Even above D.H Lawrence (who ironically is mentioned many times throughout the novel!) As soon as I get paid I am going to make it a point of myself to read as many of her books as possible.
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am 6. März 1998
The reader will have a sense that they are inside Nin's head after reading this fascinating excerpt from her 1931-32 diary. I found myself completely drawn into Nin's descriptions of her joys and losses stemming from multiple relationships with the men in her life. The diary allows the reader to witness the unfolding of Nin's sexuality and makes for, at times, a very stimulating read. It is also interesting to observe Nin's sense of feminism (at the risk of placing this term in an era where it didn't exist) as she struggles to decide whether a woman can love more than one man at once, and whether she deserves the luxury (and pain)that these relationships bring her. If you like this one, try "Fire," Delta of Venus, and Little Birds (erotic fiction), as well as Nin's other unexpurgated diaries.
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am 17. Mai 2000
Whilst Nin certainly has a talent for stringing together passionate words into readable text I can think of nothing else to admire in this book. It is, allegedly, the "true" recollection of Anais Nin's affair with Henry Miller and obsession with his wife June. Excerpts from her journal, we are supposed to believe. As I began reading this book I initially felt, despite my knowledge of Nin as a person, that I could be in for an interesting and sordid ride as Anais tore apart her life, her husband's, and everyone else's around her as she undertook some sort of sexual odyssey which females today are supposed to admire. She has enjoyed a reputation for one of the world's first notable feminists. This could have been an interesting read. But what I soon found in this book were the lying words of a woman who hid her insecurity by repeatedly attempting to convince herself and anyone who would listen how wonderful and beautiful she is. About half way through, it becomes blatantly apparent that she is at the very least grossly exaggerating the more positive aspects of her relationships with the other characters: the amounts of times we are meant to believe, for instance, that Henry tells her she is beautiful, brilliant, ten times the human being he is, the only thing that matters, perfect, without fault, glowing, the brightest woman to ever exist, his entire world, the one that has changed his world, etc etc - well, NO ONE is that fantastic. And according to Anais, everyone seems to think of her that way. Any fault prescribed to herself is a mistake, or something said to upset her driven by the other's jealousy at her beauty or something similar. Of course it has come out now that Nin has lied abominably in many of her diaries. Gore Vidal (Palipsest) says that lying in the end became her first, not second, nature. Perhaps this foreknowledge made me pick out her lies more easily than if i had not known. People may read this review and mark it unfavourably due to my negativity, but the fact remains: this book is the words of an immature, lying woman, and if you look past the flowery language, it is easy to perceive.
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am 15. Februar 2005
That is exactly what this book is. The story is not an exiting one, since it"s about a life of a woman who primarly is a wife (and a love) and secondarly a writer not taken too seriously by anyone. Still, this book is rich of feelings, desires, sex, doubts and thinking. Also, last but not least it's the passages on Henry Miller that make this book interesting. I recommend it to any woman that's still reflecting and hasn't given up her desires and dreams yet.
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am 5. November 1998
This book totally absorbed me. It is amazing! Its like she created a whole new language in her diary. Anais Nin has this amazing ability to take you into her strange wonderful world where every moment is ultra-intense. I've never read anything even remotely like it.
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am 7. April 2000
I have never read a book quite like this one. After I read "Henry and June", I read "Fire" and I plan to read many more of Anais' books. This is a must read for any young woman -- Anais is not afraid of her sexuality -- this diary describes her promiscuous behavior that is traditionally only acceptable for men. It is a truly liberating book. She emphasizes the importance of experience, and living life fully in terms of sexuality, creation and emotion. She was a woman ahead of her time. I highly recommend this book -- I could not put it down -- it describes emotions and desires all women have, but try to repress because of society's rules. If anyone lived their life to it's limits, it was Anais Nin.
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am 24. April 2014
I cannot believe that I discovered her books that late in my life! So I would suggest, you give them at least a try...
I really enjoyed the openness in her writing... Most people do not get to know themselves as good as she might have known herself in the end of her life. And even her early diaries paint the picture of a person who actually dares to look, who dares to struggle, but does not run away from her own experiences, nor wishes.
It's easy to pretent something, - it's much harder to get to know ourselves, and even harder to share our inner self with somebody else. It's actually rare to experience true nakedness with each other... I like to believe that she was on a good way.
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