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am 5. September 2012
The story is a classic "Who's the murder" detective story with a nice insight in 1930's London upper class society.
If you want to know more about the story, listen to the very very recommendable Podcast by Kate MacDonald "Why I Really Like This Book" (on itunes or her website).

But the best of this audio-version is the reader: It's the now pretty famous Benedict Cumberbatch, who played the gorgeous BBC Sherlock and will be seen and heard as The Dragon in The Hobbit.
Well, there are enough websites that celebrate B.C.

But what's really outstanding in this actor is his VOICE: Dark, deep, but still very soft. Or rather poetically: A voice like dark velvet.
Even my husband is absolutely fascinated by it. No wonder B.C. was cast as Smaug.

And here there's nearly three hours of this voice!

Just listen and enjoy!!!

Und selbst wer kein Englisch kann:

Der Roman wird gelesen von Benedict Cumberbatch, der ja inzwischen durchaus bekannt sein dürfte.
Wer die Sherlock-Folgen im Fernsehen gesehen hat: Der Synchron-Sprecher macht seine Sache schon ok, aber es ist kein Vergleich mit B.C.s Originalstimme: Dunkel, tief, und trotzdem ganz weich. Eine Stimme wie Samt. Findet sogar mein Mann!

Und hier gibts sein tolle Original-Stimme in astreinem British English ca 3 Stunden am Stück!

Leute, lernt Englisch mit B.C.!
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am 7. Juli 1998
This is perhaps Ngaio Marsh's best example of an upper-crust English murder mystery. The characters are so finely drawn that it makes you wish they would show up in her other novels. Rory Alleyn is at his youthful best, with a convincing amount of restrained-British angst just to make him more loveable. This is a compelling whodunit, with more than enough great writing and humour along the way to make it look great as a novel, too.
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am 13. April 2014
I have enjoyed all of her writing- for the character sand observations, the various milieus shown and a sense of the presence of a fine and compassionate mind behind the story.
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