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3,8 von 5 Sternen
Jupiter's Travels
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:9,49 €

am 7. Dezember 2014
Nowadays everybody can easily travel the world on a bike. But when Ted did his trip the world was a different place. This book tells an amazing story of his adventure. And an adventure it was. No gps, internet or satellitephones existet. Ted just startet to ride motorcycles and the political stability in many countries he visited was frail. In many places there were no highways or even paved roads. His bike got banged up time after time and Ted had to find ways to fix it. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere.

This book is not comparable to reading today's travelblogs or watching LWR or LWD. Ted's writing is focused on places and people and he tells the story of his unrepeatable journey modest and calm. His book is truly refreshing compared to the selfcentered posing and bragging of many that followed his footsteps.

There is only two downsides to his book.
First: It does not include a lot of photos.
Second: After you read it, you will have no excuse for not getting on a crappy bike and travel the world.
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am 28. Juli 2017
Sehr gut und lustig geschrieben! Aber leider ist der Druck sehr schlecht!!!! Ist nur bei sehr gutem Licht zu lesen. Wo bleibt bei Amazon die Qualitätskomtrolle???
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am 19. März 2015
Inspiring Book, well written. A must read for anyone who is interested in motorcycle travelling. But only 3 stars for the lack of any photos.
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am 30. September 2012
ein wunderbares Motorradreisebuch, dem es auf einzigartige Weise gelingt, den Zauber des Reisens per Motorrad erlebbar zu machen. Sehr zu empfehlen.
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am 9. Juni 1999
JupiterÕs Travels stays with you long after you close the book. it is a classic travel narrative which belongs with the finest: ThesigerÕs Arabian Sands, NaipaulÕs An Area of Darkness, ChatwinÕs In Patagonia. Ted SimonÕs motto should be Carpe Diem. One day he decided to stop what he was doing to travel around the world on a Triumph motorcycle. The trip took him four years to complete. Ted shares with us his thoughts and feelings during the journey and his insights into many different cultures. What impresses me most, however, is TedÕs openness towards the people he meets and their different modes of life, and his honesty with himself and with us, his readers. Best of all, before our eyes, he grows and becomes a wiser person. He changes and so do we!
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am 3. April 1998
Ted Simon was a writer first and a motorcycle rider somewhere after that. Do not confuse this book with a mere description of places visited and how to keep a bike running. Jupiter's Travels includes some of the most insightful writing about carrying on through one's life; now hurtling, now crawling, but always with his senses fully operating and his mind delightfully able to capture and describe penetrating glimpses. Mr Simon reflects on the many ways of dealing with the variable textures of humanity, the testing of one's mettle while admitting to shortcomings, and in doing so this the book involves a greater metaphorical value, something that few so-called travel writers ever attain. Mr Simon's resourcefulness, his strategies, and his often intuitive approach to living on the road for four years will provide any reader, and particularly a prospective long-term traveler, with a book that will be remembered and perhaps even consulted in retrospect. When the boat is late and the sky is dark, when the customs people are being intransigent and the alleys seem full of bandits, when the dust becomes so thick that you can chew it -- you will find yourself wondering: how would Ted Simon deal with a time like this?
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I have to put in my plug if you are only considering this book. If you love adventure stories about people who REALLY do "stuff" get this. I love stories from the heart about normal people who just one day decide to do a remarkable something with their life. You will remember his "journal-type" story forever. I read this over 10 years ago. I flash back all the time on Jupiters' journey, as it was physical but went deeply into into his purpose and sense of self. Gosh, I think he meant to take us all willing to go too, WITH him by writing this like a gift. I don't think he wrote this thinking "oh I better not talk about God becasue there might be non-belivers out there who won't like me anymore". I think he wrote this as it was nessary for someone like ME to KNOW someONE was talking RISKS somewhere out in the huge world even if I wasn't. Sit back and enjoy this ride! If you like this kind of thing and it not a motorbike fixtation only,- try; In Praise Of Older Women" too. It has no Motorbikes at all, (ha!) but is a deep real entertaining and sexy story of the remarkable life of one Man reaching his own vision of life, by bumbling thu a bunch of women. Now thats a journey too. And Its just cool. If I haven't lost you yet another to look at is Iron and Silk. And I think theres even a motorbike in that one, and a few Chinese proverbs to ponder.
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am 13. März 2000
I was thrilled by this book. All the way up until about the last 50 pages, anyway. This book is certainly not just a travel log of the author's exploits across the globe. Mr. Simon tries to give the reader an idea of what he was thinking all the way through his journey. I guess his thoughts were getting pretty weird as he neared the end of his journey. At one point in the book, he actually tells the reader that he thought he was God. I didn't buy this book to read about Mr. Simon's thought on God and all things divine. I wanted to hear about all of his adventures, the people he encounters, the challenges, his attempts to avoid highway robbers, or prison, or both. This book provides all those things with aplomb. Unfortunately for me anyway, it also includes what I think was unnecessary, unrelated, philosophy. A book like this should have a happy ending, and leave the reader bursting with desire to hit the road and get lost in the world. When I finished this book I felt sorry for the author and wished him good luck with all his problems. In short, the book was really good, but it would have been much better if the last 50 pages had been left out altogether.
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am 1. Februar 1999
It still boggles the mind to think of the magnitude of what he accomplished, especially considering how far the technology of both bikes and accessories has come since Ted set out on his epic two-wheeled journey around the world. Nowadays you see folks riding big expensive dual-sport twins and triples from the likes of BMW and Triumph, sporting their exteme Kevlar/Gortex riding suits. But IMHO they dont seem to have the time or imagination to ride further than the nearest Mel's Drive-in. Seems to drive home the message that we, especially in the US have become so technology-obsessed that we are no longer capable of implementing a grand vision such as Ted did back in the 'stone-ages' of the '70s.
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am 17. Juli 2000
Looks like a book about a guy riding a motorcycle around the world, doesn't it? Well, Jupiter's Travels is that and a whole lot more. It's an inspiring object lesson in turning a dream into reality. It's also a reminder that there are more good people than bad people in the world. Ted Simon's experience shows what wonderful things can happen when you finally realize you can't have a contingency plan for everything and that if you embrace risk and the unknown, you'll be the richer for it. I've ridden more than 200,000 miles on motorcycles, but I am in absolute awe of Mr. Simon. He's currently roving the U.S. on a yellow Triumph Tiger, writing his impressions for MOTORCYCLIST magazine and promoting his books. If he comes to your town, by all means, go to his lecture.
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