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3,1 von 5 Sternen
3,1 von 5 Sternen
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:19,23 €

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am 21. Dezember 1999
The idea of the series "for dummies" is to present complicated concepts in a simple way, so that people without any background in that particular area of knowledge could easily follow and understand. This is not an easy task, and many authors use analogies from the everyday life to explain complicated technical issues. In this book, the usage of analogies exceeds all reasonable and necessary proportions, and some of these analogies are tasteless and excessive, from my point of view. I really wonder what level of "dumminess" did the authors anticipated in their readers to choose such a level of explanations. Furthermore, the subdivision of the text into 2-3 subsection per page with weird titles like "Let network be Santa, and it just might work", along with the above mentioned examples (which are pretty much in the style of the subtutle, quoted above) distract from the topic of the book rather than help. To be fair, I should admit that the book does contain all the basics of the TCP/IP networking, and could be a good starting book, if it were better written. However, if it is NOT your first book on networking, it will not teach you a lot, and it is certainly not deep enough to be used as a reference.
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am 26. August 2015
Learning about networking basics can be quite a daunting task for a beginner. It gets more worse if he tries to understand them using online resources; YouTube videos, Blogs etc. Either way too little information, or way too much! It just leads to more confusion, questions and doubts. After having tried almost everything as a beginner, I finally came across this book! And, I am just so impressed how this book is able to get you such a strong understanding of the basics and that too in such a simple manner. Yes, sometimes it gets little too much with all that cake analogy, but this book still manges to deliver what it claims to deliver. I would recommend this book as the first book for every beginner in the field of networking. Buy this book, build a strong foundation reading this and then move on to other resources to get into depths of this wonderful subject.
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am 23. Oktober 1999
I was mislead by the title. This book doesn't teach us the innards of TCP/IP or its programming or adminstration. Instead, it is a shallow survey of internet applications. All the good info is pointed at (rather than included) in the form of urls. I spent $20 for a bookmarks folder. It should have been called Internet for Chefs. The food analogies were the worst the authors could have chosen to illustrate the concepts. They were distracting, annoying and downright harmful to the text flow. The humor was tasteless, and the constant ridiculing of the "nerdy jargon" gives the feeling of authors who hate the subject matter rather than love it.
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am 25. Juli 1999
Being someone that knows Linux/Unix/Win environment and knows bits and pieces of the techno-babel that TCP/IP poses, I wanted to fill in all my questions with solid information and get prepared for delving into advanced topics of TCP/IP. This is EXACTLY what this books prepares you for. For any beginner that knows nothing or something and wants to fill in every hole about networking (atleast every question I had). The detail was wonderful getting into Unix files and NT settings and clients settings and so forth.
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am 16. August 1999
Overall, I learnt a lot from this book about a host of things I didn't know before but still not absolutely sure how a protocol works. The analogies are a little hard to bear at times and are annoying more than anything. The books assumes zero knowledge of the reader from the start and does much to educate in other areas.
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am 26. Dezember 1998
A Good place to start if u have no idea what tcp/ip is but the secrurity section is a joke. I was expecting more for 20 bucks, u know. Well all in all it gave me a pretty good understanding of the subject.
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am 20. August 2016
Das Buch ist selbst für Anfänger zu dumm, sorry, nicht empfehlenswert, kaufe besser etwas vernüfntiges, Die versuchen uns für dumm zu verkaufen
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