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am 16. Dezember 1997
Having read many of the reviews, you can tell which reviewers of "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" are coven-based Witches. Having seen a recent survey on the Witches Voice web site, I can say with certainty that the great majority of practicing witches in the U.S. today are NOT in Covens, but solitary practitioners who have no teachers, and no guidance as they begin. This sort of "this-is-such-a-schmucky-book-because-it's-not-written-by-Raymond-Buckland-and-doesn't-revolve-around-a-coven" talk should really be left to the more mainstream religions. In the Craft, all paths are paths to the Goddess. It's also not realistic; most of us can't find people willing to teach us, and may not feel comfortable even if we could. Buckland's books are great, but they don't speak to Witches who are outside the coven group. (I also didn't know there were such things as "real" rituals...are my rituals less real because they're written by me and not by Buckland or Gerald Garner? That sounds remarkably Medieval Roman Catholic Church-like to me....) For those of us who are not lucky enough or choose not to be in a Coven, this book is a strong foundation, provided it's used correctly. If you simply read through it quickly, it will be informative, but it won't function as a basic course in Witchcraft. If you choose this as your main text (and there are other books that will be equally good depending on who you are), then you should really follow it closely to get the full effects: buy your notebook, take your time, do your exercises, and most importantly...READ the supplementary texts suggested at the end of most chapters. Read them between your chapters in "Broomstick". They will give you more insight and enhance your study, and will also give you ideas of the directions you want to take as you grow.

If you do this, you will find yourself better prepared to tackle the mountain of information available on the Craft. I know I sure did.
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am 18. Oktober 1997
In many ways, this book was very useful to me when I was just starting out. RavenWolf's practical, no-nonsense style is refreshing, especially to someone bewildered by the huge number of books on this subject that are currently available, some of which are worth less than the paper they're printed on.
As an introduction, this book has quite a few things to recommend it, including the recommended-reading lists at the end of each chapter, advice and caution on networking with other practitioners (especially valuable to a solitary), suggestions for formulating your own rituals and some very useful visualization techniques.
However, in some ways this very simplicity is a drawback; a lot of what I hoped to learn RavenWolf didn't address at all or addressed in a brief manner that left a great deal unexplained. In a way, this may have been a good thing, as it encouraged me to explore other sources and do some additional research, definitely a necessity in a religion that has as many forms as there are adherents.
In short, I would not recommend that anyone base his/her practice on this book alone; a great deal is left out. However, it does make a halfway decent starting point for the beginner, and if you're a solitary who is unable or hesitant to begin networking or seeking a coven just yet, you could do worse than read this book and apply some of the contents to your own practice.
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am 14. Januar 1999
Im only begining studies in the craft. To Ride A Silver Broomstick has clairified and demistified Witchcraft, Neopaganism and other religions/practices I knew nothing about before I read this book. I have read that some people believe that Silver RavenWolf does not go into enough depth when discussing the history of the Craft. I believe that if she went into more detail, it would discourage people such as myself, from learning more about the Craft. There was only one thing that I wish authors of books such as To Ride a Silver Broomstick would do. If you noticed, all Craft oriented books are from a womans point of view. I, being a male, am confused in what role I take. I'm not sure if ceartain deities are restricted from me, if I call myself a witch or if some rituals are not available to me because of my gender. I don't think of myself being sexist, but I haven't come across a book that is written from a males point of view. In general, I think this is a great book. As a result, I am joing classes and looking for more practitioners of the Craft. I am also learning more about the history of the craft. Thankyou for reading my review for How to Ride a Silver Broomstick
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am 31. März 1999
I have been practising for many years now, and picked up her book one day out of interest. I found it gentle and straight forward. She has no fluff. People like the Farrar couple and Buckland, that have interesting stuff, are into nakedness and bondage as well as scurging. Silver is a mother of 4, Iam a mom too and there is no way I would recommend those books, since they border on sick and demented. An it harm none, do what thou wilt...those other "witches" sure don't follow that rule now do they? I recommend Silver's books entirely...ALL OF THEM. She doesn't scare you away from the spirituality of the religion, and allows you to be able to enjoy it with some fun too. This religion should not be somber or weird, and Silver makes sure of that. Spells, not that many according to others...I've seen more than this in books, and I have alot of books. Her spells are easy to follow if you chose to do it exactly (which you should'nt do anyway, and even Silver says so). My husband is reading it now as a beginner book, and I have just bought the "Teen Witch" book for my daughter that Silver wrote as well. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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am 10. Dezember 1996
Silver Ravenwolf's *To Ride A Silver Broomstick* is one of the best beginner's Wicca/Witchcraft books on the market today. Interjecting humor, how-to and practical information, and balancing it with serious discussion is a specialty for RavenWolf. Mixing personal experiences in with facts and history, she creates a hands-on book that even the most impatient learner is apt to finish and enjoy. The rituals are practical, the information breaks misconceptions of Wicca and Paganism that society is filled with. The origins of myths are explained; Wicca's holidays (Sabbats) and work days (Esbats) are detailed, and after no time at all a serious reader can be practicing with ease.

This work is one of Ravenwolf's best. All ages can understand and appreciate it. Even if you are not planning on practicing Wicca, or are simply researching, this is a great introduction and explanation of most of Wicca's concepts. Highly recommended. If I (a 15 year old with hardly *any* time to read books outside school) can devote much time to this book, I think that probably everyone can.
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am 13. August 1998
It because of books like this that there are so many wannabes running around. RavenWolf takes us on a magickal journey, and that's it. 90% of this book is magick. What little there is concerning spirituality is fuzzy and staggering. There are only a few, yes, a few, paragraphs concerning craft history. And what there is, isn't quite accurate. My conclusion here is that RavenWolf has no true understanding of what her religion is all about. Nor is does she even give the impression that she's even a pagan. The problem that plaugues so many beginners is that they are convinced that there is a correct way to stand, to sit, to talk, to walk, etc. And if you don't follow these rules, your spells won't work, and the goddess won't love you anymore. RavenWolf indulges in these things and actually makes the point of the rules concerning "proper" ritual behavior, thus creating an army of little craft zombies. This is especialy true in the follow up to this book, which is 100% devoid of any religious references whatsoever. This book is HORRIBLE!!!
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am 11. Januar 1999
This book is possibly the WORST book on the market concerning Witchcraft. (As a matter of fact, I would never advise anyone to purchase ANY of Ravenwolf's books, as she clearly doesn't understand REAL Witchcraft in the least)! A simple example is the fact that she tries to explain the Wiccan Rede (ie: An it harm none, do what thou wilt), and then goes into detail about casting spells for successful deer huntng! This clearly proves that she doesn't live by the Rede, as hunting IS killing, and in doing so she condones violence and actually breaks the Rede twice! Once for the act of killing the deer, and second for the fact that by killing the animal it brings negative Karma back on herself which brings the Wiccan Law of 3 into the picture. The Rede states very clearly, HARM NONE! No one, no animal, not even yourself. Even when we litter and harm our Earth we break the Rede. This is information that the Novice should be taught. It is sad that in todays world anyone with a PC can get published, wether they understand what they write about or not.
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am 23. Juli 1999
I found this book to be full of information in all areas of study. General enough as to not scare off those who might choose to practice a specific Tradition, and specific enough to lend guidance to those who are new to the area of study. I believe it a must for any New Generation Witch. A guide to further expansion of your own system, to be used in conjunction with other reference material. Silver RavenWolf has proven to be open-minded and knowledgeable, and makes the learning process enjoyable. A must even if you are not interested in becoming involved with the Craft, as it proves that every point of view can add to the whole we make in our own minds of what to believe and what to disregard. My reason for only giving it 4 stars is that I haven't read enough books in this category to make an accurate assessment, however I have enjoyed this the most, so far... I keep it as a permanent addition to my "tools". Thank you Silver RavenWolf
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am 10. März 1999
Those of us solitaries in this country who do not have the benefit of learning wicca from a local coven love Silver Raven Wolf with all our hearts. She is a beautiful individual with a good heart. "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" allows the solitary novice to broach the subject of witchcraft in a completely nonthreatening environment. She encourages readers to do exercises very important to the process of discovering the witch inside. She responsibly includes extra reading sources at the end of each chapter, and encourages students to learn from as many sources as possible. She also goes the extra mile in her efforts to support her readers. She responded to a letter I wrote to her at a time when I was very concerned about about the anti-witchcraft attitudes in my community. She sent words of encouragement and information about an organization she developed to protect witches from discrimination and persecution.
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am 25. Januar 1999
During the first pages, I loved that book and I said to myself: Thats IT !! The youthfull and down to earth style (so I thought) seduced me and "sucked me in". But after a while I got tired of it. Silver is pretty restrictive, considering that WICCA is an relatively open path. Her way of tarot is right ( I do it for years and I wouldnt change my layout), and also in other things she seems pretty close-minded (like the Farrar-Couple). The "hammer" is her story with the deer: how can you try to influence a hunt? Thats pretty against my personal view of WICCA. Silver influences a lot of teenagers (those who love "Charmed" and stuff like that), espescially with her new books. Thats okay, but PLEASE if you read only this book/author TRY some books of SCOTT CUNNINGHAM. At least he wrote from his heart.
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