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am 5. Januar 2016
Sehr bemüht. Habe für 320 Seiten auf Englisch eine Woche gebraucht, sonst schaffe ich sowas in drei Abenden. Story sehr spannend. Lasst am Ende aber leider sehr nach .
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am 26. März 2017
Some think, that Bub is some strange kind of prehistoric missing link; others think Bub is a true demon and spawn of hell. Others call him the Devil. Bub was found in 1906 in Panama while building the Panama-Canal. He was buried sleeping in a capsule deep in the ground. President Roosevelt decided to bring the sarcophagus to the United States and today Bub (Beelzebub) is imprisoned deep in the ground under the dessert of New Mexico. Today – 100 Years later – Bub is awaken now und a bunch of scientists is searching for his secrets. But not only scientists are here, there is also Father Thrist and Rabbi Shotzen…

Andrew Dennison is brought to the Dessert. He is a linguist and now awake, Bub speaks sometimes in a unknown strange language. Andy is here to try to translate. What suddenly becomes no more necessary because Bub begins to talk English. While Andy now is working on the hieroglyphs on the sarcophagus the Bub begins to manipulate the people and scientist around him. Every one of them seems to have a dark secret or some strong wishes for live and Bub suddenly will fulfill wishes if the let him out…

But what if he is really the Master of Lies?
The Devil in persona?
Where will this all end up?

A nice book with a nice idea.
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am 17. Juli 2015
100 years ago, something is found in Panama, and the US President at that time decides to keep it, hidden, somewhere in the desert. Now, 100 years later, the scientists researching that thing have to realise it is waking up...
A handful of scientists in the underground research station, all with nothing to lose because of their past, will have to deal with this ... thing, now awake, and playing games with them...
This book has everything a good supernatural horror story needs, likeable and not so likeable characters, a plausible plot, and a good narration style that makes you hesitate to put the book down.
And the best? The end seemed to be open-ended, so I am looking forward, I hope, to more of this.
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am 1. Juli 2013
I was not sure what to expect of this novel, to my surprise I REALLY, REALLY ENJOYED IT!!! I don't think that in 50 years this book will categorized as a "classic" or recognized as a literature masterpiece, but in my opinion Konrath knows how to grab his readers till the last page. If you are looking for the genre horror (or "technothriller" which I never heard of), this is the perfect novel to read!
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am 29. September 2015
Until half book is awesome...then it becomes a little boring. And I was actually never afraid. But I would recommend this book anyways.
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