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Cor De Rosa E Carvao
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am 16. August 2008
Ich bin ein deutscher Ingenieur und Manager, der das Glueck hat am Rande der groessten und schoensten Wueste der arabischen Emirate im Emirat Abu Dhabi zu leben und zu arbeiten!

Ich wohne etwa 170 km suedwestlich von Abu Dhabi City. Ich geniesse es, mit meinem Auto durch die Rub Al Khali Wueste zu fahren! Ausserdem fahre ich gerne in Richtung Oman, nach Kuwait, Quatar, Bahrain, ...

Ich studierte in den 1980er Jahren Betriebswirtschaft und Maschinebauing an der TU Darmstadt, und hatte das Glueck fuer einige Zeit als Gaststudent nach Rio de Janeiro dort an eine Management University zu gehen. Diese Zeit in Brasilien war phantastisch! Ich lebte in RIO, bereiste ganz Brasilien, besuchte SALVADOR de BAHIA, RECIFE, MANAUS, SAO PAULO, etc. ...,

Ich traf eine Vielzahl von sehr netten und freundlichen Brasilianern/-innen, und verliebte mich unsterblich in die atemberaubend schoenen brasilianischen jungen Frauen; und ich verliebte mich in brasilianische Musik und Lebensart: ... Marisa Monte's Musik erinnert mich
an diese wunderbare Zeit in meinem Leben und an ganz phantastische und wunderbare Menschen in Brasilien!

....Ich empfehle Ihnen diese Information ueber die Musikerin MARISA MONTE:

If there is an inherent weakness in the so called 'new generation of MPB', then it would be its tendency towards the ostentatious - the will to turn every single initiative into a manifest, an event or a cultural landmark. These pretensions could really affect the listening experience of Tribalistas, a project conceived in secrecy and released (as well as received) with splendour and salutes. There were many that in the trio Marisa/Arnaldo/Brown saw a modern edition of Tropicália, a 2002 version of the Doces Bárbaros, or simply 'the best record ever of last weak'. (Though it has to be said; all this spectacle is a result more of media hysteria than because of the artists themselves. Although they too are somewhat to blame). If we could only enjoy the album, without expectations or preconceived opinions. The story would be so different. What we in that case would look at, would be only; a female singer that combines songwriting talent with a good dose of personality (something that is becoming increasingly more rare among female artists these days); one former pop-rock artist that now works with authentic and unconventional experimentalism (although always the subject of ups and downs); and one mysterious Bahian, Carlinhos Brown, that alternates demonstrations of melodic brilliance with rubbish unworthy of a serious artist. The three have had and still have much to offer when working together. If we could only concentrate on the music, and nothing else' Interestingly, and contradictorily the music of Tribalistas has little if anything to do with the myths and spectacle created around the trio. It is a simple record, with somewhat sparse instrumentation (even the 'polypercussion' of Brown is toned down), and it is almost entirely acoustic. If you would sum up the percentage of each artist's influence on the final result, you could say that the album is 65% Marisa (around Cor de Rosa e Carvão), 25% Brown and 10% Arnaldo. Direct, catchy melodies ' pop, in short ' characterise the whole album, and most clearly when Marisa is in the forefront (as for example on the delicate Você and Carnalismo), or when playing on the strangeness of Arnaldo's interpretations ' the best examples of that being O Amor É Feio, with lyrics that reminds you of the Tudo Ao Mesmo Tempo Agora-phase of Titãs and Passe em Casa. Everything invoke a sense of gentleness, even the naturally bouncy Carnavália and Já Sei Namorar (mischievous and pop, sounding something like a Bahian version of Pato Fu). Wrapped up in an aura of 'peace on earth and goodwill', even the least pretentious songs ' like the simple and silly Mary Cristo and Anjo da Guarda ' sound extremely attractive.

Marisa de Azevedo Monte (born July 1, 1967 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian popular singer.

While classically trained in opera singing, she grew up surrounded by the sounds of the Portela samba school, and combines diverse influences into her music. After failing to break through 1980s Brazilian Pop Rock she went to semi-exile in Italy where she met the famous producer Nelson Motta (soon her boyfriend). Thereafter she became a hybrid of MPB diva and Pop Rock performer. While most of her music is in the style of modern MPB, she has also recorded traditional samba and folk tunes, as well and songs by Marvin Gaye and Lou Reed. Much of her work has been in collaboration with musicians/songwriters Carlinhos Brown, Arnaldo Antunes, and Nando Reis, and producer Arto Lindsay. She has also worked with foreign artists such as Laurie Anderson, David Byrne and Ryuichi Sakamoto.
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am 17. April 2014
Eines der besten Alben von Marisa Monte! Auch die Aufnahmequalitat ist hervorragend - Die Mitmusiker stellen sich in den Dienst der Interpretationen dieser großartigen Sängerin.
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am 1. März 2000
Abseits des Welt-Musik-allerlei und der 1000-und-xten Interpretation von Bossa-Nova-Klassikern, die in Deutschland noch gelegentlich Furore machen, hat Brasilien in den 90er Jahren zahlreiche innovative, wunderbare Musiker hervorgebracht. Unter ihnen Carlinhos Brown, Chico Cesar, Daude und eben Marisa Monte. Rose and Charcoal gehoert, wie schon die Vorgaenger-CD Mais, zum besten der internationalen Musikszene der 90er. Es ist reife, intelligente und trotzdem wunderbar eingaengige Popmusik.
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